International Shipping: Requirements of Documents

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In both these activities, many documents change hands forming a long chain of exchange. Documents start from the parties responsible for import and export, companies that are handling shipping and movement will look at another set of documents to move the consignment in international waters.

e-Freight Solutions for Air Cargo


More than ever, organizations not only need to exchange data between disparate systems in an efficient manner, but also require full visibility into each and every shipment and corresponding document. IATA has been leading the industry e-freight program aimed at taking paper out of the air cargo supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency for all participants.

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4 Common Reasons Cargo Claims Are Rejected: Part 2

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4 Common Reasons Cargo Claims Are Rejected. You have a plan for processing cargo claims before they happen. In my previous article, I explained what is generally expected when filing a cargo claim, and what kind of documentation you may need in support. As part of this case, the claimant must prove the cargo shipped in good condition and arrived in a damaged condition. The amount must be specific, and documentation must be provided to prove it.

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Before a Cargo Claim Happens, Prepare a Plan: Part 1

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Before a Cargo Claim Happens, Prepare a Plan: Part 1. Want more effective and efficient resolution of cargo claims? The first thing to know is that when freight is damaged or lost in transit, the initial burden is on the claimant to file a cargo claim with the carrier. Additionally, the claimant must provide documentation to support their claim, which will vary from claim to claim. Over the Road Supply Chain Consulting Cargo Claims Freight Supply Chain

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Keep Your Cargo Out of Danger: Best Practices for Transportation Risk Management

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With the main focus on maximizing time and cost efficiencies, cargo risk management is often skipped over despite being a critical step in protecting your company. . The risk of delays and lost cargo are real. What risk does your cargo face? When importing or exporting, you must understand the various types of risks your cargo could face and how you can help protect the value of the goods shipped globally. How should you estimate your cargo risks?

Air Cargo Industry Flying Toward Change

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Switch to Cargo-XML messaging standard to streamline processes, cut costs. Like it or not, the industry is jettisoning the groovy, born-in-the-70s Cargo-IMP protocol and moving to the more robust Cargo-XML standard, which has already been rolled out for key air cargo documents such as air waybills, flight manifests, and house air waybills. Well, the old Cargo-IMP standard, although frozen with the last edition, is still around and working.

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Cargo Insurance: What is it, What are the Types, & Do I Need it for My Shipment?


Following up our announcement that we have negotiated lower cargo insurance costs and now offer a zero deductible for that cargo insurance, we thought we’d take a deeper look at freight insurance (also known as cargo insurance). Specifically, what is cargo insurance, and should shippers even request it. What Is Cargo Insurance? Therefore, shippers can request cargo insurance to protect their goods from loss, damage, or theft while in transit.

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How to Thwart the Growing Menace of Cargo Theft

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While piracy on the high seas regularly makes headlines, the inland version – cargo theft – has quietly been on the rise for years. One needs to look no further than the FBI, which began tracking cargo theft statistics a few years ago after recognizing its impact on the economy – and realizing it also posed a threat to national security. Only 29 states submitted data, and 12 of those reported no incidents of cargo theft.

Cargo ticks up on West Coast as Chinese factory output starts arriving


Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach said that “Following three consecutive months of declines, we expect cargo volumes in April to be stronger due to the recovery of China’s manufacturing sector. Air cargo shipments into and out of Ontario International Airport (ONT) have also risen, with the airport reporting one of their largest single-month gains ever. Name="Document Map"/>.

How to Mitigate Risk of Full Truckload Shipping: Freight/Cargo Insurance!


The Problem: Full Truckload Carries Less Risk, So Shippers Forgo Cargo Insurance Risk exists in all transportation modes, and failure to consider risk in full truckload shipping is a poor strategy that will result in loses. Therefore, shippers should review existing policy or contract liability and opt for additional cargo insurance to reduce risk, depending on freight fragility. This includes purchasing freight or cargo insurance.

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5 Reasons to Look Forward to ACE Cargo Release

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While the executive order does not go into effect until next December 2016, ACE Cargo Release (ACR) is already partially functional to align with CBP’s goal of requiring all filings to be submitted via ACR by November 1, 2015. Robinson is currently participating in both the ACE Entry Summary and ACE Cargo Release programs. With ACE Cargo Release, split shipments automatically release upon arrival—assuming the entry has been transmitted by the broker and released by CBP.

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Pricing Power in a Cargo Bazaar: Does Revenue Management Add Value?

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Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) were the center of the cargo transportation universe and the shippers were fully reliant on them for all their logistics needs. A true cargo pricing bazaar was the result. They partner with LSPs for organizing specific services around their transportation choices; services such as procuring the transportation, generating documentation, managing bills and invoices, monitoring shipment progress, customs clearance and settlement services.

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Transparency and integrity for your supply chain

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Clarify liability issues Especially with liability issues the source related documentation is crucial. The recipient of a shipment can for example demonstrate when and where in the distribution chain, the cargo has been damaged. Operating a global supply chain without really knowing where and in which conditions the cargo is, who has custody of it, or when a major event occurs, is experiencing the supply chain, not managing it.

5 Reasons Why Carriers Are Customer-Obsessed


In their words: “freight made personal” waves proudly on Air France KLM Martinair Cargo ’s banner. “We Today’s air cargo customers want a quick and fully-digitized sales experience with extensive, agile self-service options”, United Cargo ’s President upon signing up with WebCargo. They began sponsoring innovation, like Lufthansa Cargo’s engagement with accelerator, Plug and Play.

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How Blockchain Could Create the 'Autonomous Container'

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It knows where it’s located, that it has all shipping documents attached in virtual form on the blockchain, and when it runs into trouble can call for help.” All Technology EDI Communication (XML/EDI) Supply Chain Visibility Product Lifecycle Management Sourcing/Procurement/SRM SC Planning & Optimization Transportation Management Air Cargo All Logistics Transportation & Distribution

Ground services for air freight: Opportunities & obstacles in e-commerce

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Cargo: The hidden passenger. While a number of dedicated freighters is slowly increasing, every new passenger plane also brings cargo capacities below the deck. So, every time you take a commercial flight, you are sharing the flight with tonnes of commercial cargo. All activities involved packaging that cargo, documenting it, palletizing it, loading it onto a plane, and securing it in the bellyhold happened thanks to people working in broadly defined ground services.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Air Freight Shipments

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Do you want your cargo to be delivered as soon as possible? However, international air cargo rates are incredibly high. There are technologies that help you generate and process all paperwork and documentation electronically including the creation of shipment labels. Verify the Documentation. Documentation is crucial to shipping. Missing, incomplete or incorrect documentation can result in your cargo being held at the customs, which is a loss for your business.

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COVID and the Case for Digital Standards

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The pandemic has exposed the shipping industry’s continuing dependence on printed documentation. Cargo has been stuck in ports waiting for physical paperwork to be delivered by flights that have been delayed. The path forward for global container shipping.

5 Things to Know About U.S.-Mexico Logistics

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At a minimum, companies will need to be familiar with these most common documents: Bill of Lading (BOL) – A bill of lading is an essential document for any freight shipment. Completed by the exporter, the bill of lading provides a list of the contents of the shipment, establishes the value of the cargo, and acts as a legally binding document through the shipping process. In Mexico, the basic Mexican import document is the pedimento de importacion.

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How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

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Even within the FCL option, optimization maybe achieved using the right type of container for the right type of cargo – like 20’ container for weight based cargo and 40’container for volume based cargo. Triangulation refers to the use of the same container for export and import purpose meaning you export cargo from A to B and also bring back imports from B to A using same container and same carrier. Optimize your cargo packing. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Guest Blog: 13 things you need to know about freight forwarding


International export and import documentation. Your freight forwarder is in charge of your precious cargo, so it’s important that you establish a good working relationship with them. You want to ensure that you choose a company that you can trust and rely on, as well as one with impeccable customer service to ensure that your cargo shipments arrive safely and on time. These extra services include warehouse storage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking and dangerous goods handling.

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Air Freight Explained: Calculating Costs and Price Trends


Air cargo is used by global importers and exporters when they need to get goods somewhere rapidly and reliably. While 90% of everything is shipped by ocean, air connects the world faster, cutting China-US freight shipping time from 20-30 days by ocean to only 3 days by air cargo. As a matter of fact, the largest cargo airplane , the Anatov 225 – can hold an entire train. Why Ship Cargo by Air? Why Not to Ship Cargo by Air? Documents and Samples.

Do More Shipping with Less Work


Additionally, global trade scales are vulnerable to an impending digital documentation revolution, as noted by Kyunghee Park of Since documentation and paperwork make up a considerable portion of time lost in transport, shipping on the blockchain will revolutionize the industry and allow you to do more with less. Shippers who take advantage of blockchain can review the status of documents and charges incurred in real time.

New to International Shipping? Here’s how to make it simple!

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Spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to rate the simplest ocean cargo shipment and you’ll begin to understand why. For one, ocean cargo and global air freight operate in a completely different way than truckload. When it comes to shipping documentation, there are no free passes and ignorance is no excuse. Domestic and international shipping are very different.

Top 4 Challenges You Need to Master for International Shipping

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When shipping FDA approved goods, there are separate regulations and documentation that is required, and leaning on a logistics specialist for assistant is often the best bet. Understanding where your cargo is at any given time gives you the ability to prepare for the next step – if you’re aware that a shipment will be arriving in a few days, then you can start the clearance process. Handle arrangements for loading or take control of the cargo at the agreed upon point.

International Transportation Services Are Changing – Are You Keeping Up?

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When you have multiple parties involved, the common denominator is being able to report on three key parallels of the global supply chain – the physical movement of cargo, the data associated with the movement of goods, and the actual documentation associated with the movement of goods – moving in sync. Live Episode: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 12:00 ET. International logistics services have changed over the last few years and are continuing to evolve.

Common Reasons For Shipping Setbacks: Shipper or Importer Delays

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Documentation Issues Can Mean Cargo Delays Source Shipping delays are not only an inconvenience to both the shipper and recipient, but they can mean hefty fees if there are errors […] The post Common Reasons For Shipping Setbacks: Shipper or Importer Delays appeared first on Promptus, LLC.

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July SOLAS Mandates: What You Need to Know

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These new mandates will bring about some challenges for shippers as they make the necessary operational changes to comply and properly report the weight of their ocean cargo. Similar to airplane cargo, proper stowage and balance of freight on ocean container vessels is critical. Just like when flying commercial airlines, reporting the true weight of seafaring cargo often comes with extra fees and restrictions, and some ocean shippers haven’t been fully complying.

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11 Best Practices to Ship Parcel Like a Pro


Things go wrong, but freight or cargo insurance , often reserved for less-than-truckload and full truckload shipments, is available for parcels as well. Document the restrictions for all destinations and origins, and review this list before scheduling a shipment pick-up or drop-off. Prepare and Retain Customs Documentation for Items Moving Across International Borders. Shippers face an uphill battle against Amazon and the big box retailers.

Incoterms 2010 the Right Way - SupplyChainOpz

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Then, incorporating the knowledge of cargo insurance into Incoterms will ensure that risk can be mitigated and trading partners can do business with confidence. Then, please check out 6 things you should consider about cargo insurance as below, 1) Indicate clearly that you want “Warehouse to warehouse” insurance so that the loss or damage happened via the land transportation can be included. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies. Graphics. All Posts. About. Copyright. Privacy.

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Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard: Preparing for July 2016 SOLAS Shipper Mandates

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Shippers, beneficial cargo owners or non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) are responsible for verifying weights. Shippers are required to communicate verified weights in a shipping document. The primary challenge is figuring out how to locate and gather the right data, and then delivering it along with existing order documentation.

How to Improve Freight Labeling for Transport and Logistics Management


Goods in’ depots are unlikely to receive mislabelled freight, while incorrect shipping details could result in cargo ending up at the wrong delivery address. To combat the problem of missing labels and other documentation, haulers have resorted to duplicating the necessary paperwork and storing it inside the freight itself. However, if the information on labels or paperwork is incorrect, putting them inside the cargo makes no difference.

From Exports to Delivery: Simplifying PPE Shipping

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Policy 53 increases CIQ inspection on all PPE products, labels, packaging, and documentation. However, when the demand for passenger travel plummeted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a dramatic reduction in cargo capacity followed. Lastly, we understand your need to continue moving your PPE cargo as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management

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The revised Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) container weight verification requirement is a significant change in the ocean cargo supply chain. In regard to rolling out the regulation in practice, multiple considerations remain depending on the type of cargo and other factors. A typical ocean cargo dataflow includes the shipper, carrier, terminal and the vessel. They are also ensuring that a VGM is received from forwarders/NVOCCs and shippers as part of a shipping document.

Impact of Food Safety Modernization Act on Transportation

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Motor carriers will also have to provide shippers information about three (3) previous cargoes hauled in bulk vehicles and the intervening cleaning of those vehicles [Note: may agree in writing to vary this if same cargo]. Must have competent supervisory personnel ensuring compliance and must have training with documentation. The big question Bierman and Johnston addressed was the impact of STHAF on cargo claims.

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