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Five Insights on Effective S&OP

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An effective S&OP plan is the goal of many, but there is no clear industry definition of an effectiveness. While there are many maturity models, most are not research based.

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The Future of Freight and How Brokers Fit In


Cerasis is by legal definition a freight broker.

How Safety Stock Absorbs Demand Volatility


Demand volatility is cited by Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms as the number one obstacle identified by corporate executives to achieving their supply chain goals. But companies can overcome this obstacle by positioning the right inventory across the supply chain to absorb such volatility.

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How to Recruit and Organize Supply Chain Talent to Unlock Your Supply Chain’s Potential

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Recently it seems that more and more organizations are recognizing that their supply chains are a key component to the organization’s success. From the increasing adoption of a chief supply chain officer at major organizations to discussions of legislative changes , the influence of the supply chain on competitive advantage is more recognized than ever.

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Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

Recruitment AI technology uncovers the most qualified candidates. This technology automates recruiting routines and facilitates natural conversations, resulting in higher productivity and a better candidate experience. Download the eBook to learn more!

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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Platitude: a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound. Source: During the year, I go to a lot of conferences. In the process, I get to hear the views of many thought leaders.

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Is Collaborative Commerce Part of Your Business’ Future?


Is c-commerce already a part of your business? It should be because it provides you with innovative ways to work with your business partners together. It makes your communication efforts faster and easier.

The Best Way to Drive Consistency in Freight Transportation

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The supply chain is always moving and prone to disruptions, which can make consistent delivery difficult. You want customers to trust that you’ll meet their expectations , but disruptions are often out of a company’s control.

FMCG: S&OP morphing into Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?

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I speak to many FMCG companies who tell me they do not need Sales & Operational Planning in their businesses. As a formal process they may not be operating to S&OP norms but if they are getting their products onto shelves then some form of S&OP must be in place.

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5 Areas & 3 Tactics to Create an Effective End to End Supply Chain Presence


The ability to optimally integrate all areas of the supply chain is key to meeting customer and shareholder needs. A strategy that encompasses all allows decision-makers the visibility to see concerns early on and respond promptly. This builds a leaner, faster process while also increasing profit. Do you find the idea a bit unwieldy and difficult to implement?

How to Achieve Six-Figure Benefits from Digitizing Paper-Based Supply Chain Operations

The traditional paper-based approach to supply chain operations presents serious challenges and perils. Digitization, in turn, offers a bounty of benefits – up to and including six-figure cost savings and significant efficiency and revenue gains. Here’s how.

Taking Advantage of Collaborative Commerce through a Collaboration Network


The world has become so competitive that businesses have become dependent on their suppliers, customers, and other external partners. This increases the need for you to embrace Collaborative Commerce rather than escape the trend.

Do I Need Logistics Help for Mining, Oil & Gas Operations?

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The mining, oil and gas industries have the most complex supply chain challenges. Exploration tends to be in remote locations with no transportation infrastructure, and typically requires bulk equipment and an extensive safety policy.

High-steaks business planning: Are you meating your forecast?


There’s nothing better and more delicious than a cold beer and plate of sizzling meat, don’t you agree? With Oktoberfest having started on Saturday and Christmas around the corner, the rising demand for meat will mean one of the busiest times for the industry.

This Week in Logistics News (September 21-25, 2015)

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The Pope addressed the U.S.

How ClearMetal Customers Stay a Day Ahead of the Competition

Every shipper in the world receives alerts that their shipment arrived at port 1.5 days after it actually happened. ClearMetal customers get alerted 31 hours earlier. Learn how ClearMetal is giving their customers a competitive advantage nobody else can.

Are Universities Training Students for Obsolete Jobs? And Where Does Supply Chain Fit in?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater This guest post comes to us from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting , a boutique recruitment firm specializing in Supply Chain Management. For a few years, economists and technology analysts have been closely watching the increasing automation of the workforce.

Supply Chains are Adversely Affected by Global Complexity

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“A study of cross-industry supply chain executives by Barloworld Supply Chain Software (Barloworld SCS), found 83 per cent of respondents … Continued. The post Supply Chains are Adversely Affected by Global Complexity appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

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Boosting Supply Chain Productivity (What CEOs should be striving for)

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Nguyen Hung Vu/Flickr. Traditionally, when a CEO paid attention to their supply chain, it meant something had gone wrong. Strategically, compared to other areas of the business, the supply chain was a relative backwater.

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How Much Can We Learn from the Last Super El Niño?


This year’s El Niño might be the biggest one yet. Here’s what can we learn from the most extreme to date, which impacted supply chains from 1997 to 1998. During El Niño, warm water travels further east and disrupts trade winds. Photo courtesy Wikipedia. El Niño Explained.

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Optimize Supply Chain Network Capacity Utilization for Manufacturing Competitiveness

Download a complimentary copy of this Gartner report and get best practices to sustain agility and set the stage for growth. More and more companies are using advanced analytics as an enabler to handle demand variability, reign in network complexity, and improve decision making around capacity planning. Will you be among them? Insights you will gain from this report: How you can best structure decision-making around capacity planning. How to design your network to deal with rising complexity and overflows. How to leverage prescriptive analytics to make decisions around desired trade-offs. How to deal with change management and governance.

Is Your Supply Chain a Growth Engine?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater We recently had the chance to sit down with Gary Hanifan, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, to discuss all things supply chain. And one of the biggest topics coming out of that discussion was how you can determine if your supply chain is a growth engine.

Mapping the Road to the Digital Enterprise

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“A digital enterprise,” according to one widely accepted definition, “is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in … Continued. The post Mapping the Road to the Digital Enterprise appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Final Delivery Q&A

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erikleenaars/Flickr. Many people regard choices as a good thing. However, one must realize that few choices can beget discomfort or unhappiness and too many choices leads to confusion, regret of alternatives not taken, and second guessing.

What Could Stop Lithium from Revolutionizing Transportation?


The answer is… transportation. The lithium boom signals a shift in manufacturing and energy in the United States—but the popular mineral is facing some obstacles when it comes to heavy air and rail regulation. The energy industry loves the lithium boom.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. This eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

The Implications of FedEx’s Proposed 2016 Rate Hikes

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Last week, FedEx formally reported its financial results that essentially missed Wall Street expectations. However, what is of more importance for supply chain teams anchored in online commerce is FedEx’s intention to raise rates on oversized packages related to B2B/B2C online commerce. For the August-ending quarter, FedEx posted an operating profit of $692 million compared […].

Carpe Datem: Big Data Analytics are No Longer Optional

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“Carpe diem … seize the day,” writes Roger Schenck, Manager of Content Promotions at Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). “This Latin … Continued. The post Carpe Datem: Big Data Analytics are No Longer Optional appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Empowering Responsible Value Chains

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The Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 has opened the eyes of many supply chain managers: Implementing a socially responsible supply chain has, indeed, become an imperative for global corporations and the supply chain management discipline might be in the middle of a paradigm shift.

Learn from the Supply Chain Masters – Q&A with Ken Poe

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater For our final interview in our ‘Learn from the Masters’ series, we sat down with business consultant Ken Poe. Coming up on his two year anniversary with Kinaxis, Ken provides some great insight into the supply chain management field. How did you come to find yourself in a supply chain software business consultant role – what was your path to here? I studied advanced planning and scheduling in University, back when it was a new and cutting edge concept.

Your Data Has Value. Learn How Technology Can Unlock It.

Supply chain data is flawed, we all know this. Hear ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain, talk about how the right technology and strategies will give you better visibility and create value within your supply chain. The ability to move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning is closer than you think.