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How Gartner Sees the Future of Supply Chain Planning


Source: Algorithmic Supply Chain Planning: The Future of SCP , Amber Salley, May 2016. Gartner has taken a look at the future and sees lots of algorithms.

Evolution of B2B Networks

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Today Thoma Bravo, a private equity investment firm, announced a definitive agreement to purchase Elemica, a provider of Supply Chain Operating Networks for the chemical industry. In 2014 Thoma Bravo acquired GHX, a Supply Chain Operating Network for healthcare.

Time to rethink: How much further can your business go?


What does the future hold for your business? And what can you do to ensure a leading position in the market 10 years from now? I was talking to a postal company the other day that didn’t have the answer to either question.

Current State of Today’s Supply Chain in 2016


The MAPI Foundation recently released predictions for how the supply chain will grow and evolve from 2016 to 2018. While the supply chain fell short of previous expectations for growth in 2015, it continued to have a strong fourth quarter in 2015. However, the supply chain of 2016 is looking different from what economists had expected, and the supply chain is battling many problems.

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How does your demand forecasting compare to your peers?

Demand forecasts are becoming increasingly more difficult to predict and less accurate. How are supply chain professionals dealing with this? What kind of technology are they using to deal with this shift? How is their approach to forecasting evolving? Take this assessment to find out how your demand forecasting process stacks up against others. It’s also a handy resource to identify improvement areas for your team. It only takes a few minutes and you get instant feedback.

Maximize Your TMS Investment with Excellent Customer Support

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Deciding to buy a transportation management system (TMS) is a big decision and there are a lot of factors to consider. One area of consideration that, at times, can be overlooked is the type of customer support the company will provide after implementation.

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The shape of a supply chain distribution network


by Iman Niroomand Today, I’d like to discuss distribution networks shapes. A distribution network is a channel that a company uses to get its products from the manufacturer to the end customer.

Current State of the Logistics and Freight Economy


From cloud-based systems to transportation management, the state of the logistics industry is evolving to expand an increasing number of services. Meanwhile, the overall capacity of shipments is climbing higher, reports Jeff Berman of Logistics Management, and the driver shortage is becoming more essential as full truckload shipments decrease.

This Week in Logistics News (June 6-10, 2016)

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My Little League team lost its first playoff game this past Monday. We were down 9-0 after two innings, rallied back to take a 12-9 lead, then the other team came back to tie the game in the bottom of the 6th inning, sending the game to extra innings where we ultimately lost.

Should Companies Have a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)?

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Supply chain management has certainly become far more strategic in recent years. But does that mean that companies should have a chief supply chain officer (CSCO)? In their new article, titled The Appointment of Chief Supply Chain Officers to Top Management Teams , Roh, Krause & Swink (2016) aim to answer this question.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

We all hate to lose, but accomplishing a mission requires sacrifice and losses along the way


At Directworks , our mission is to help our manufacturing customers develop, launch and deliver more profitable products. We fulfill this mission by helping their product stakeholders and direct materials suppliers work together more effectively at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Lessons from the Foodservice Supply Chain

The Network Effect

Challenges and Opportunities in the Foodservice Supply Chain Is there any supply chain more important than the foodservice supply chain? It supplies us with the very material that makes up and fuels our bodies. So how healthy is the food supply chain?

Follow the Money: Investments Rise in Supply Chain Operating Networks

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This past Tuesday Elemica announced that it was being acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo. Here are some quotes from the press release: “Elemica represents the ideal archetype for what we look for in an investment at Thoma Bravo,” said A.J. Rohde, Partner at Thoma Bravo.

Machine Learning for Supply Chain Efficiencies

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A few weeks ago I attended the ToolsGroup Supply Chain Transformation conference in Boston. One of the more interesting sessions I attended was “Predictive Commerce and Machine Learning” featuring ToolsGroup CEO Yossi Shamir. While Yossi obviously touted the benefits of the ToolsGroup product suite, the session focused more on the big concept of why supply chain needs automation now. In particular, he looked at how machine learning can help create better demand forecasts.

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The 2018 Supply Chain Software Buyer's Guide

Learn which supply chain applications are the best for your organization.

Leveraging Technology to Enable People


by Alexa Cheater People are the heart of your company and one of your company’s most valuable assets. That’s why practically every company strives to provide great compensation, benefits, offer new age work spaces, and cultivate engaging and fun cultures.

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Why Dedicated Fleets Are Beneficial In The Long Run

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Deciding whether to insource or outsource your transportation is a decision that many shippers face. In the CSCMP 2015 State of Logistics report, it was reported that the total cost of U.S. logistics was estimated at $1.449 trillion for 2014 with transportation costs being about 62.6% of that total.

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Simplicity-as-a-Service: A New Value Proposition for Software Vendors and 3PLs?

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There were plenty of highlights from the recent JDA FOCUS 2016 conference, where more than 2,000 customers, prospects and partners gathered to learn about creating “a seamless supply chain,” which was the theme of this year’s conference. As JDA CEO Bal Dail said in his opening address: Our vision at JDA is to deliver a seamless supply chain to you, our customers, so you can deliver a seamless consumer experience because that’s what they want.

Top 7 Ways Labeling Drives Automotive Supply Chain Efficiency


Today's automotive manufacturers continue to grapple with the complexities of global markets, global production facilities, and global suppliers. Additionally, too many organizations today rely on cobbled together labeling solutions composed of disparate applications and manual processes.

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Design for the Supply Chain Pt 9: Thorough Down to the Last Detail


by Jonathan Lofton Can you believe we’re rapidly approaching the end of this series ( Design for the Supply Chain ) already!?! This week we’re talking about the meticulousness of the supply chain management solution. Principle #8: Good design “Is thorough down to the last detail”.

The Internet of Things will be Rooted in Industry

Enterra Insights

There is a lot of talk today about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it will connect with individuals … Continued. The post The Internet of Things will be Rooted in Industry appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Supply Chain Excellence Requires Laser Focus on Analytics – Case in Point: Unilever

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Gartner, Inc. has released the findings from its annual Supply Chain Top 25 , a report that identifies supply chain leaders and highlights their best practices. Analysts announced the findings at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference held a few weeks back in Phoenix, AZ.

A Beginner's Guide to Global Labeling Regulations


The global marketplace is full of opportunity. Never before have firms had so many opportunities to work with partners around the world to manufacturer and sell products. But the market is also a veritable minefield of potential challenges.

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Navigating the Road to Successful Automation - A Process Driven Approach

Speaker: Jon Leposky, Director of Operations and Logistics, Z Customization

Automation can be an incredibly powerful tool to lower costs, increase capabilities, and enable scaling. However the road to implementing automation can be long and challenging even when all the proper steps are taken. Being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of common pitfalls when implementing automation can make the difference between a show stopping disaster and seamless success.

The Evolution of Retail Distribution


E-commerce is a major driver for global change in the logistics industry.

The Need for Supply Chain Excellence has never been Greater

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For professionals who deal with extended supply chains, business is a 24/7 proposition. The old adage — “there is no … Continued. The post The Need for Supply Chain Excellence has never been Greater appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

3PL Market Continues to Shrink

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The third-party logistics (3PL) market – encompassing non-asset-based transportation, warehousing, and integrated supply chain services – witnessed a decline of 8.9 percent in organic growth. Organic growth is the growth that would occur absent the effect of acquisitions. The analysis compares first quarter 2016 revenues to first quarter 2015 revenues. Supplier Q1 15 ($M) Q1 16 ($M) YoY % change Impact of acquisition Agility $953.2

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[Video] Worker Protections Drive Global Supply Chain Regulations


While there are many global regulations in place to protect consumers from faulty products, there has also been a more recent push to make the global supply chain safer for workers. Video Manufacturing

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Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Organizations need to focus on demand driven supply planning, utilizing real time information on customer orders from all marketplaces (e-commence, Amazon - or other online retailers, and point of sale data from brick and mortar). Focusing on this information once per month during the S&OP meeting is too late for all business units to align. Companies should have seamless integration between order entry, inventory management, forecasting and supply planning models and purchase order status to sense risk, pull levers to mitigate potential risk, and communicate within and outside the organization. This is especially important for new product releases, in store programs or promotions (sales, end caps, PDQ. etc) or online promotions (company run or 3rd party). Depending on total supply chain lead time, not having real time visibility and analysis of this information can significantly affect sales and the bottom line.