Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

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What is Inventory Management? For Manufacturing it’s about carrying zero or minimum inventory. For Logistics the focus is on high inventory turns. Inventory Management is about having a right balance of expectations from different functions of the supply chain.

Inventory Management


Inventory management, network infrastructure, and labor deployment are all critical components necessary to meet this intense customer demand. Inventory Management Strategy. This leaves us with one option: pushing the boundaries of current inventory management practices.

Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions


Below I will outline how a vendor managed inventory model, in conjunction with reverse marketing, value analysis, and collaboration will achieve supply chain cost reductions. Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions. The distributor maintains the inventory plan.

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


We conclude our ongoing series in talking about effective KPI management by giving you a real live Logistics KPIs management case study from Whirlpool's engagement with a logistics service level provider. Whirlpool has not always considered logistics a competitive advantage.

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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Google did not acquire a third-party logistics (3PL) company or a logistics software vendor. And more companies are treating Supply Chain Design as a continuous business process instead of a standalone project or a once-a-year exercise (see Supply Chain Design: Growing Scope, Community, and Collaboration ). Making supply chain and logistics predictions is like throwing darts at a moving target. The Case for Competing on Logistics Talent.

Is Your Company on top of its Inventory Planning Game?

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Good inventory management, like everything else, starts with good planning. But planning isn’t just the start; it’s the very foundation of effective inventory control. Inventory planning also happens to be an area that many companies fail to prioritise sufficiently.

7 Key Factors that Underpin the Success of your Inventory Optimization Initiative

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From the most basic to the most advanced organization, Inventory Optimization is a critical goal and one which underpins the effectiveness of the supply chain operation. Inventory Optimization requires an organization to sustain and maintain the right mix of cost versus service. In this article we will examine inventory optimization processes as part of a structured sequential journey and examine seven of the key factors in delivering the optimal mix of stock.

Reverse logistics blues should not be “business as usual”

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For all of you “in the know”, we are talking about reverse logistics – the “dark side” mix of art and science of the supply chain operations strategy. This will allow you to reuse your existing supply chain network and use existing logistics resources. Transport & Logistics

This Week in Logistics News (March 30 – April 3, 2015)

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Until then, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: LLamasoft Acquires IBM’s LogicTools Supply Chain Applications Business Unit. Menlo Logistics Expanding Automotive Presence in India. Note: LLamasoft is a Talking Logistics sponsor.

Reverse Logistics: Who Does it Well?

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It would be tempting to think of reverse logistics as forward logistics done backwards. Reverse logistic isn’t simply a reverse gear. Reverse logistics can also have a dramatic effect on steering a company’s fortunes. Reverse logistics is therefore worth doing, and worth doing properly. Looking to real-life examples for inspiration, we can ask, ‘Who does reverse logistics well?’ This also qualifies as reverse logistics.

I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017

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This is not only true for financial investments, but also for supply chain and logistics predictions. I’ve been wrong with many of my predictions in the past (still waiting for a major third-party logistics provider to buy a major software company or vice versa), and I will be wrong again.

Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

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its inventory management and where and how well it deploys inventory to optimize customer service levels and profitability. Inventory management. Likewise, operational considerations like optimized inventory management have never been more important.

Distribution Network Optimization: Modeling Tools Won’t Give You the Answer

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Warehouse optimization modeling exercises examine the upside of being closer to customers versus the downside of carrying more inventory in more locations. Supply Chain Challenges Logistics Systems Warehouse Operations 3PL Outsourcing Freight Transportation

Collaboration at the Logistics Sharp End – Can It Work?

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And by comparison and with apparently so much to gain, why do some logistics service providers and their clients fail to team up effectively? Making collaboration work at the logistics sharp end is possible , but there are conditions. Shared logistical expertise. Logistics

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Supply Chain Design: Growing Scope, Community, and Collaboration

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One of my predictions for 2015 was that more companies will start treating Supply Chain Design as a continuous business process instead of a standalone project or a once-a-year exercise.

Insights from Kenco Customer Summit 2015

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I attend and speak at many supply chain and logistics conferences throughout the year, but among my favorites are those that bring a relatively small group of executives together to discuss timely and important industry topics. Trends in Logistics Labor Market.

Collaboration at the Logistics Sharp End – Can It Work?

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And by comparison and with apparently so much to gain, why do some logistics service providers and their clients fail to team up effectively? Making collaboration work at the logistics sharp end is possible, but there are conditions. Shared logistical expertise.

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The Future of Supply Chain Management is in AI


This optimizes not only decision-making, but also the supply, manufacturing, logistics and ultimate delivery of goods while tactfully balancing dynamic supply and demand in real-time. Revolutionizing logistics through AI and Robotics.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Supply Chain Planning: 4 Essential Year End Questions to Ask Yourself


Editor's Note: This guest contribution the Cerasis blog comes from our friends over at Fronetics an inbound and content marketing company who specializes in marketing for companies with a keen value adding business model for those in the supply chain and logistics industries.

Getting started with AI in Logistics

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The reality of 2019 is that AI in logistics is neither widespread nor science fiction. This article is meant to provide three concrete suggestions for logistics leaders to get started with AI. The downside is that none of these are made for logistics specifically.

Ripped from the Headlines: Supply Chain Trends in the News

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In recent weeks, I’ve come across several news articles highlighting a few supply chain and logistics trends that I’ve written about over the past couple of years — namely, companies bringing logistics operations back in-house; suppliers getting “bullied” by large customers; and why learning to perform tasks manually, without software or technology, is an important learning exercise. an arm of XPO Logistics Inc.—into Navy Woolworths XPO Logistics

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Next-Gen Supply Chain Management

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Major transformational change in supply chain and logistics is not a frequent occurrence, but it has happened with regularity throughout history: The advent of the steam engine and the related rise of railway and steamship lines. First, being able to manage inventory much more efficiently because it all can be seen, down to the individual SKU-level. The post Next-Gen Supply Chain Management appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

BANZ to oversee Dragon City warehouse & logistics

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The company will conduct regular inventory management exercises, which include distribution, warehousing, inventory control, delivery and transportation

The 5 Point Last Minute Black Friday Supply Chain Checklist!

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Is Your Inventory In Place? You can’t complete customer orders unless you have your inventory on hand. You may also want to do some last-minute Inventory counting, especially on your high value, or high volume, goods. Are Your Logistics Partners Ready?

Where Does Supply Chain Design End and Planning Begin? (Takeaways from LLamasoft’s SummerCon 2017 Conference)

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The first one arrived a few years ago when a growing number of companies started treating supply chain design as a continuous business process instead of a standalone project or a once-a-year exercise. When it comes to supply chain design, we’re at another inflection point in the industry.

Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

Supply Chain Movement

The Vice President Supply and Inventory Management Europe/Asia was chosen as Supply Chain Professional of the Year 2014 on Wednesday 4 June 2014, narrowly beating Marcel van Rossum from Johnson & Johnson and Bart van Schaik from Arla Foods.

What is SCM and Why is it Important?

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It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance.

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Don’t Let Your RFT be a 3PL Solution Designer’s Nightmare

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At their best, third party logistics (3PL) companies provide new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness. Let’s take inventory management as an example. Setting up a logistics outsourcing partnership is not a project to be taken lightly.

3PL 52

Friends with Fitbits: Fitness tracking and taking supply chain planning to the next level

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We exercised, we had fun, we supported each other. We focus on reducing miles driven, making a delivery in hours instead of days, minimizing inventories, or increasing the utilization of our workforce. This post was first published on Talking Logistics. .

What is 4PL and 5PL? – Everything a Wholesaler Should Know


As a wholesaler or distributor, you might have come across 4PL and 5PL logistics service providers. But how do these new providers differ from the industry’s standard 3PLs, the third-party logistics players? 1PL means first-party logistics. Introduction.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Rise of Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing


this exercise helps retain mobility in the damaged joints". However, we are not referencing this kind of mobility when we are talking about mobility in manufacturing and logistics. Enterprise Mobility In Manufacturing Improving Logistics and Supply Chain.

Don’t Fear Optimization (It’s Just a Word)

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Author’s Note: The following is the forward I wrote for a new textbook published by MercuryGate (a Talking Logistics sponsor) on “ Modern Technology for Transportation Optimization ,” which is available for purchase on

Drawing the Current State of Your Supply Chain


Inventory levels. Cross-functional participation is required to drive lean in the supply chain and logistics disciplines. The goal will be to develop a team of people that will in fact stay intact as a functioning team during and after the mapping exercise.

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Risk Management: Is 2018 the Year of Living Dangerously?

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Monahan and Gott note, “It takes a broad suite of tools to effectively manage a supply chain today, including everything from software and systems specializing in logistics, data analytics and inventory management to tools enabling demand forecasting, freight management and ensuring security and beyond.” to a more resilient ‘trade-game-theory’ and ‘scenario planning’ exercise to prepare for increasingly prominent political risks.”

Three Questions People are Afraid to Ask….

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The supply chain planning cannot be effective if implemented by a supply chain function that is focused only on customer service, logistics and distribution. Attendees will get to participate in the launch of this new simulated exercise.

Who Loves Ya? Demand Planning or Supply Planning? (Part 3)

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It’s all about managing the Customer Forecast (Demand Planning) and the Inventory Supply (Supply Planning). For the final pieces of the puzzle, we must identify the tools available to manage Inventory Supply and deliver superior Supply Planning. Sven Aunapu.

Preparing the Supply Chain for the Hurricane Season

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It’s essential that businesses optimize their inventory ahead of hurricanes to mitigate the effects of these factors. ” Exercising plans helps decision makers hone their critical thinking skills so they are better fit to make decisions in ambiguous and deteriorating situations. Leverage mapping tools : “DHL advises organizations to make use of mapping and survey tools to boost visibility throughout their logistics networks.

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