Doing Business in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is a modern and highly industrialized country located in Western Europe. The Netherlands was one of the founding countries of both the EU and NATO, showing that it is a nation of progressive and forward-thinking people. The Netherlands is the seventh largest economy in the EU. Manufacturing in the Netherlands. Because of its strategic location and strong infrastructure, the Netherlands plays a key role in the global logistics industry.

SOAR Summit 2019 | 12-13 February – Venlo, Netherlands

BluJay Solutions

BluJay invites you to join us for SOAR Summit Europe 2019 in Venlo, Netherlands, 12-13 February. SOAR Summit 2019 will take place 12-13 February at the Van der Valk Hotel Venlo , Netherlands. Diligently analyse market challenges and innovative supply chain strategies. The post SOAR Summit 2019 | 12-13 February – Venlo, Netherlands appeared first on BluJay Solutions.


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BluJay is Named a “Ready for Brexit” Software Provider for Portbase in the Netherlands

BluJay Solutions

Notification Import and Export Documentation is a crucial part of the Dutch chain solution to enable faster transport of goods to and from the United Kingdom after Brexit. Applications are successfully tested for the required exchange of messages for export and import documents with Portbase.

KPMG and ChainPoint partnership sustainable supply chains


KPMG in the Netherlands and software provider ChainPoint announced a formalization of their collaboration to provide increased transparency of organizational supply chains. Transparency Supply ChainsPress release.

3 Supply Chain Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020


What’s on the horizon for supply chain professionals? Many are relying on advanced analytics to optimize their supply chain for sustainability. Many are relying on advanced analytics to optimize their supply chain for sustainability – Tweet this. We would love to hear about the sustainability objectives you have set for your supply chain and explore how we can help. .

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International SAP Conferences on Extended Supply Chain and IoT - November 3-4, The Hague, Netherlands.

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Join us at the International SAP Conferences on Extended Supply Chain and IoT, the first event of its kind, bringing together SAP’s entire Extended Supply Chain solution portfolio across six events in one location6 Events, 1 Venue, 600 Attendees.

Supply Chain Predictions 2020: Uncertainty Demands Resilience


It’s been an interesting decade for supply chain: just when you think things can’t get any crazier, a new extreme weather event, political drama or tech start-up pops up, disrupting entire industries. Global supply chains are particularly vulnerable to the changes triggered by these events, including increased regulation, new tariffs and radical shifts in demand patterns. . Algorithmic supply chain planning will go mainstream. Turkey and the Netherlands).

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Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 10/23/2020 – 10/29/2020

All Things Supply Chain

How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Shaman

In the last six months, in my travels, I have presented to supply chain teams in China, Belgium, France, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. I strongly feel that if I am going to cover the global supply chain that I need to experience it. Connectivity enabled the growth of the global supply chain opening up markets driving opportunity. Supply chain process development is slower.

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How Peapod drives supply chain innovation and efficiency with analytics


I spoke with Daniël van Gool, Director of Supply Chain Development at Peapod, a leading U.S. online grocer who serves the East Coast and Mid-West, to hear about how he views the role of analytics and technology in driving supply chain innovation at his company. I’m the Director of Supply Chain Development. Our goal with this is to improve our overall supply chain intelligence and our output. AIMMS Supply chain optimization

How Peapod drives supply chain innovation and efficiency with analytics


I spoke with Daniël van Gool, Director of Supply Chain Development at Peapod, a leading U.S. online grocer who serves the East Coast and Mid-West, to hear about how he views the role of analytics and technology in driving supply chain innovation at his company. I’m the Director of Supply Chain Development. Our goal with this is to improve our overall supply chain intelligence and our output. AIMMS Supply chain optimization

Do shorter supply chains really cost more?

Supply Chain Movement

Shortening global supply chains will lead to significant extra costs, claimed Steven Brakman, a lecturer in international economics at the University of Groningen, in the Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad recently. However, all Brakman’s comments reveal that he doesn’t really understand global supply chains. It’s time that CBS and economists finally understood how global supply chains actually work. appeared first on Supply Chain Movement.

Patient-centric networks at the heart of pharmaceutical supply chain management: Lessons from LogiPharma Europe 2018


Here are some key takeaways from a content-rich, fun and exciting pharma supply chain conference. Patient-centric networks are reshaping pharma supply chains. Francois talked about how cell and gene therapies are personalizing medicine, putting individual patients at the center of the supply network. In this instance, the supply chain begins and ends with a specific patient, providing an extreme example of personalized medicine.

Ranking Master’s Programs in Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

The full list can be found on the webpage of Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking in Supply Chain and Logistics. Teaching Ranking Supply Chain Management Finding the right Master’s program can be a difficult exercise. In spite of their sometimes oversimplifying nature, rankings can provide a first indication to make this exercise a bit easier.

Turning supply chain events into an experience

Supply Chain Movement

For example, Siemens has opened a ‘house of inspiration’ in the Netherlands where potential customers can try out kitchen appliances before they buy. So why are most supply chain conferences still so terribly dull? A couple of months later, I attended Gartner’s supply chain conference in London. I concluded that there’s something missing in the supply chain event offering. Martijn Lofvers, Chief Trendwatcher Supply Chain Media.

The Hackers Inside Your Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

Two recent reports highlight the growing threat of cyber-terrorism on supply chains. Last month, for example, Dutch and Belgian authorities arrested a dozen suspects accused of smuggling drugs through the harbor of Antwerp to The Netherlands by using hackers to access the computer systems of harbor companies and container terminals. As I’ve written many times before, when it comes to supply chain risk management, many companies are falling short.

3 Uses of IoT Tech Spurring Sustainability in Supply Chains


IoT Tech is Driving Sustainability in the Supply Chain. But perhaps the most far-reaching changes will center around the use of large data systems to drive sustainability in logistics and supply chains. As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart also pushes for its suppliers clean up energy-related waste all along the industrial supply chain. Internet of Things Supply Chain Technology IoT Tech

The Importance of Transparency in Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

They are demanding more supply chain transparency. Alexis Bateman ( @hickmana ), Director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains, and Leonardo Bonanni ( @amerigo ), founder and CEO of Sourcemap, write, “The concept of supply chain transparency was virtually unknown 15 years ago, yet today it commands the attention of mid- and senior-level managers across a broad spectrum of companies and industries.”[1] What is supply chain transparency?

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Effective marketing communication for supply chain professionals

Supply Chain Movement

Supply chain professionals are generally more focused on the practical side of their discipline and less focused on promoting that discipline or networking. Companies that want to communicate effectively about their supply chains, whether with suppliers, investors, customers or internally with their own employees, often lack the necessary tools. Furthermore, Supply Chain Media can advise supply chain professionals and help them to create relevant, high-quality content.

Learn from the Supply Chain Masters – Q&A with Hans Velthuizen


by Alexa Cheater A look at the roster of Kinaxis employees reveals an incredible depth of supply chain talent, knowledge and experience. We thought we’d tap into that wisdom pool by sitting down to gather industry insight from members of an elite group who are entrenched in the pitfalls and successes of supply chain management on a daily basis – our very talented business consultants. What’s the biggest lesson about supply chain management you’ve learned?

Optimizing Liberty Global’s Supply Chain: An Interview with Willem Vesters


We had the pleasure to speak with Willem Vesters, Liberty Global’s VP Global Supply Chain Planning, to learn more about their optimization journey. I am originally from Breda, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands. I worked at ING for a short period, then moved to Philips and subsequently I became the Supply Chain Planning Director for Office Depot in Europe. These days, I head up the Supply Chain Planning division at Liberty Global.

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Supply Chain Risk Management Forum 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Supply Chain Risk Management Forum. Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands. URL: Optimizing Supply Chain Operations while Minimizing Vulnerability and Achieving Resilience through Supply Chain Visibility. Supply Risk Chain Management Forum gathers leading Supply Chain Management professionals & Procurement leaders involved in Risk Management.

Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain Movement

These developments impact Original Equipment Manufacturers, both at strategic level and at operational level within their supply chains. Together with service provider Arvato, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap outlining the route for high-tech supply chains, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0. Netherlands. Netherlands Antilles.

Our supply-chain future: fair sharing

Supply Chain Movement

Over the next ten years, the leading principle for supply chains will change from the organization of superabundance to the coordination of scarcity. After the third and the fourth revolutions in chains, will we soon see a fifth revolution that will fundamentally change supply chains? What will that wave mean for supply chain managers? Around the world, the “Internet of Things” has turned supply chains upside-down: from push to pull.

Supply chain software remains hugely popular

Supply Chain Movement

Demand for supply chain software in Europe is notably strong in the otherwise slowly recovering economy. A growing number of companies are implementing software for sales & operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain visibility. Those are the key conclusions from Supply Chain Movement’s annual market study to produce the globally appreciated IT Subway Map Europe. Supply chain execution.

The Impact of Demand Volatility and a Changing Technology Landscape on European Supply Chains


A recent report by the ACE European Group identifies supply chains as of the biggest sources of concern for European businesses today. This post will explore these and other challenges as well as the key innovations defining European supply chains. On the supply side, situations are getting more complex, customer service requirements are getting higher and costs are rising as well. EMEA Innovation Optimization Supply chain optimization

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Sharing Dutch supply chain knowledge in Turkey

Supply Chain Movement

The third International Supply Chain Summit Istanbul revolved around the theme of supply chain collaboration and building bridges between Europe and Asia. The two-day conference was organised by Supply Chain Media together with the original initiators Slimstock, DSV and Ortec plus, new this year, Smart Logistics Centre Venlo.

Jeroen van Weesep (Lego) is the Supply Chain Professional 2014

Supply Chain Movement

– The Netherlands, 5 June 2014 – Jeroen van Weesep from Lego is the new figurehead of Dutch supply chain management. The Vice President Supply and Inventory Management Europe/Asia was chosen as Supply Chain Professional of the Year 2014 on Wednesday 4 June 2014, narrowly beating Marcel van Rossum from Johnson & Johnson and Bart van Schaik from Arla Foods. About the Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award.

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years. Talent development can make an important contribution to the execution of their supply chain strategies, but not all leaders pay the same amount of attention to this topic. Life’s as a chief supply chain officer (CSCO) is not always easy. Netherlands. Netherlands Antilles. Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’.

Supply Chain Movement 19 – Software & Leaders

Supply Chain Movement

Contents Supply Chain Movement 19 – 2015 Q4. Sharing Dutch supply chain knowledge in Turkey. Acquisition of GT Nexus Underlines Infor’s Focus on Supply Chain. Supply chains in Europe are facing a wide variety of changes. To arrive at optimal European supply chains it is crucial to consider shifts in economic growth, currency fluctuations and tax reductions in addition to production and distribution costs.

Job opening: Global Supply Chain Director at Océ

Supply Chain Movement

Great career opportunity for a Supply Chain Director with a proven track record in new product introductions and successfully delivering complex supply chain projects within a high tech environment! Global Supply Chain Director. Managing supply and demand for high value low volume production print products worldwide ensuring in time product delivery. Your role as Global Supply Chain Director.

Supply Chain Movement Q3: Control Tower

Supply Chain Movement

10 | Profile Scott Kuhn, Global Head of Supply at Syngenta. Speaking from Seed Valley in the Netherlands, Global Head of Supply across Syngenta, Scott Kuhn, describes some of the challenges in evolving to a more customer-focused operating model. They are increasingly also used as a Cross Chain Control Centre (4C) in order to combine several different companies’ flows of goods. 41 | Supply Chain Agenda of Tarik Toprak. Theme: Control Tower.

10 questions about supply chain optimisation

Supply Chain Movement

It is becoming ever-more difficult for supply chain professionals to make the right decisions. Supply Chain Media, software vendor Aimms and consultancy firm Districon have put together this checklist for supply chain optimisation. >>Please Checklist supply chain optimisation. Netherlands. Netherlands Antilles. Visuals Aimms checklist decision making Districon optimisation supply chain Supply Chain Media

Business growth through supply chain management

Supply Chain Movement

Reimagining how the supply chain can drive business growth. That was the theme of consultancy company Gartner’s annual Supply Chain Executive Conference held in London, UK, in late September. The sprawling metropolis was the host city for the first International Supply Chain Summit, which we organised together with our Dutch partners Slimstock, DSV Solutions, Ortec, MP Objects, Involvation and Finavista.

Job opportunity: Associate Director Demand & Supply at Astellas

Supply Chain Movement

Do you have a genuine interest in Sales and Operations Planning, combined with sound experience in the Supply Chain area and do you have a background in food, pharma or chemistry? Senior Manager/Associate Director Demand & Supply. Fulltime, 40 hours, Leiden, The Netherlands. Your job as a Senior Manager/Associate Director Demand & Supply. You secure proper company-wide communication of Demand and Supply Plan.