What Supply Chain Efficiency Will Mean in 2020

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Supply chain efficiency is top of mind for companies in all sectors – efficiency means reduced costs and increased output.

RELEX Solutions’ EU Horizon 2020 project supports continued innovation

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RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, has taken part in The European Commission’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 in which it was granted a €1.4 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726825. The post RELEX Solutions’ EU Horizon 2020 project supports continued innovation appeared first on RELEX Solutions. Read PDF.

Forget the Supply Chain of 2020. Here are 3 Things That Supply Chains Need Today.


While it is nice to envision supply chains in 2020 or 2030 the truth is; for many manufacturing businesses, discussions about future supply chain innovations, often leads to a “yeah.right,” smirk by supply chain executives – this with good reason.

A Walk on the Beach? A Run for Supply Chain 2020?

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It might even propel your organization to win the race for Supply Chain 2020. So, how do we Run the Race for Supply Chain 2020? Just as the Strandbeest walks the beach, organizations need alignment to run the Race for Supply Chain 2020. I like art, and love unusual sculpture.

Mindmap for the Supply Chain Director 2020

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Supply Chain Media and BLMC Recruitment & Interim Management have therefore developed this mindmap for the Supply Chain Director 2020 outlining the route, with road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap Supply Chain Director 2020.

Logistics in 2020: The Future of Air & Sea Freight


In a recent white paper , Kewill has looked at the issues facing the global supply chain , especially logistics services providers and freight forwarders , and how it may look in 2020, including the future picture for air and sea freight. Download Kewill’s white paper Logistics in 2020: The Future is Closer than you Think to read Kewill’s analysis of the key current and future issues affecting the global logistics industry, and predictions for key future trends.

Global Supply Chain News on Swedish Chemicals Company Yara Plans to have Autonomous Container Ship Running by 2020

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Ship will Also be Battery Powered, Take 40,000 Truck Deliveries off the Road

Global Supply Chain News on Rolls Royce Says Crewless, Remote Controlled Cargo and Container Ships will be Sailing by 2020

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Technology Moving Rapidly Ahead, though there are Concerns about Hacking

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Daimler Demonstration of the Driverless Truck

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Supply Chain Execution Transportation and Logistics blogs- independent analysis and opinion on supply chains Daimler driverless truck Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2020 Supply chain Matters blog supply_chain_matters Today’s logistics and transportation headlines frequently highlight the ongoing challenges for recruitment and retention of truck drivers. The perception of low pay, long hours and a constrained career path continue to inhibit the recruitment of added drivers.

Supply Chain Future: Anticipating the unknown

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In the USA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched the Supply Chain 2020 project back in 2004. In the Netherlands, the government initiative ‘Top Team Logistics’ has issued advice aimed at helping the Dutch logistics sector to regain its position of excellence by 2020.

Global Supply Chain News on As Order Book Shifts, Drewry Estimates New Container Ship Deliveries will be Below Demand Growth in 2018

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ULCVs will comprise almost 40 Percent of Total TEU Deliveries in 2018 and Nearly 70 Percent by 2020

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Looks Like a Multi Modal Data Collection Future in the DC

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In a Change, Most DCs will be Using Both Bar Code Scanning and Voice by 2020, New Zebra Research Finds

Green Supply Chain News on Nike Promises Revolution in its Approach to Manufacturing

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2016 Sustainability Report Sets New Goals for 2020, as It Seeks to Work with Fewer, More Sustainable Contract Manufacturers

Internet of Things Will Deliver $1.9 Trillion Boost to Supply Chain & Logistics Operations


The Trend Report estimates that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 compared to 15 billion today. Today DHL and Cisco published a paper ( linked here ) indicating the Internet of Things will deliver $1.9 Trillion Boost to Supply Chain & Logistics Operations. The areas benefiting the most will be in warehousing, and freight transportation

Global Supply Chain News on China Orders Lower Domestic Logistics Costs

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Six Year Plan Hope to Cut Logistics Costs as a Percent of GDP to Still High 16 Percent by 2020

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Without the Internet of Things there is no Industry 4.0

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“By 2020,” Bob Violino (@BobViolino) reports, “more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element … Continued.

5 Ways Your 3PL Can Help You Meet E-commerce Challenges

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and expected to reach $632 billion by 2020, according to Business Insider. Ecommerce sales are growing at double-digit rates in the U.S. That growth poses unique supply chain challenges. Sound all too familiar?

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IoT in Supply Chain: Is the Hype Real?

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million new devices will be connected every day in 2016, and the world will have over 20 billion connected devices by 2020! I think we all know the answer to this one.YES, the hype is real.

Summer Reading 2018: Top 6 Blogs on Supply Chain Analytics


million positions may go unfilled by 2020. Want to avoid summer stagnation? To help you stay informed during the summer months and close the year with impact, we prepared a list of our most popular content for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on US Traffic Congestion Rising Again, Impacting Commuters and Freight Movement

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Congestion Back to PreRecession Levels, and Hours Spent in Traffic Expected to Rise 20 Percent in 2020 versus 2014 Conditions

Global Shipping Fleet Braces for Chaos of $60 Billion Fuel Shock

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The price is how much more seaborne vessels may be forced to spend each year on higher-quality fuel to comply with new emission rules that start in 2020, read more. Bloomberg.

IoT Technology: The Road of Businesses to Success


billion Internet-connected devices will be used by 2020 and over half of new businesses will be incorporating some element of the IoT technology. The Internet of Things is predicted to become the driver of productivity for the next decade. According to Gartner, 20.8

US Online Shoppers Turning To International Retailers

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Global cross-border e-commerce is projected to grow at an average of 22% from 2015 to 2020 compared to 15% for U.S. e-commerce during the same time period. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Moving R&D Budgets to Software Products Produces More Revenue

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The average allocation of R&D spending for software and services increased from 54% to 59% between 2010 and 2015 and is expected to grow to 63% by 2020. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Supply Chain Trends to have on your RADAR


Supply Chain 2020 will continue collapsing cycles, challenging Supply Chain professionals and taking advantage of exponential technology shifts. What’s on your RADAR for the Supply Chain of 2020? 2020 Process. Supply Chain 2020 will see a continued collapse of cycles as processes continue to get faster and smarter. 2020 Technology. What will you be tracking and collecting in 2020? 2020 People. Beyond the 2020 Horizon.

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Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on 3PL Industry Consolidation Continues at a Rapid Pace

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Gartner Says Top 10 Global 3PLs will Control 80 Percent of Market by 2020, While PWC Says Amazing 28 Deals of 1 Billion Dollars or More in 2015

Fast Facts on the FAST Act

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With bipartisan support, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) will help to maintain and develop roads, railways, bridges, public transportation, highways, and motor vehicle safety until 2020.

Let's Get Digital: Supply Chains Are Going to Get Smarter in 2018

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By the end of 2020, one-third of all manufacturing supply chains will be using analytics-driven cognitive capabilities, thus increasing cost efficiency by 10% and service performance by 5%.

Supply Chain Automation: The Only Answer to E-Commerce Challenges

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The number of online shoppers is estimated to reach 270 million by 2020. In 2015, online sales totaled $335 billion, and a recent report from Forrester predicts that online sales will grow by an average annual rate of 9.32% over the next 5 years. Demanding e-commerce shoppers are challenging the way businesses approach fulfillment. Among many different solutions employed across a number of industries, automation in the supply chain has been the most successful. Automation in the Warehouse.

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The supply chain implications of rising healthcare costs…

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per cent by 2020. In China healthcare spending might almost triple between 2010 and 2020 to USD 1 trillion per year by 2020 (Bloomberg 2012). The pressure to contain or drive down health system costs continues to be of big focus.

Our Journey

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Top Trends in the Race for Supply Chain 2020. As a part of the summit, we asked attendees to rate the trends that were the most important to them in defining their supply chain strategy in the Race for Supply Chain 2020.

The Contribution of Supply Chain Networks To Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

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Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (US), or Horizon 2020 (EU)) all aim […]. In my keynote, I stressed that Smart Manufacturing initiative around the world, are all inspired by research that indicates that manufacturing growth, competitiveness and resilience are directly correlated with high technology intensity and manufacturing complexity as well as quality. These three key factors can be improved and maintained by investment in product, process and productivity innovation.

5 Reasons Why The Use of the IIoT by Manufacturers Is Unavoidable


Manufacturers are expected to invest more than $70 billion into the IIoT by 2020, reports John Greenough of Business insider. In addition, overall spending to increase cybersecurity among the IIoT will increase in speed after 2020, reports Gartner.