Digitalisation of Logistics Industry and its Impact

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during 2018-2023, reaching a value of US$ 1,374 Billion by 2023. GPS (Global Positioning System) is another tracking technology that is doing wonders for freight forwarding industry. Digital Logistics Freight Forwarding Logistics Ocean Freight Supply Chain Management Technology

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Food Industry Delivery Trends!

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Restaurant delivery has grown 20% in the last five years; while estimates differ, online food delivery sales are estimated to grow as high as $220 billion by 2023 – 40% of total restaurant sales. Customer Service E-Commerce Freight and Logistics Guest Blog Post Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Food Last Mile Delivery logistics managementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

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Capitalising on Supply Chain Digitisation with Robotic Process Automation – 10 Areas of Opportunities – LogiSYM August 2020

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Gartner estimates that by the end of 2022, 85% of enterprises will have some form of RPA implemented in their business and Forrester calculates the RPA market will exceed a 50% CAGR by 2023, going from roughly $500 million to $2.8 Freight Management.

The Clothing Supply Chain – From the High Fashion Runway to Landfill!

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Goodwill and Salvation Army) market will grow phenomenally from $24 Billion in 2018 to $51 Billion in 2023. Freight and Logistics Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Apparel Carbon Footprint ClothingSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken! Videos). Every 3-6 months my wife and I accumulate a bag full of clothing that we no longer wear.

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Applying Blockchain in Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 5 Reasons Why Supply Chain Execs Need to Know More


Intermediaries may include financial experts, data analysts, freight auditors, and more. In fact, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013 , passed by Congress, mandates pharmaceutical supply chains implement an around-the-clock, real-time, and accurate way of monitoring product location in manufacturing and transport by 2023, reports Innovation Enterprise.

Why Final Mile Logistics Matter So Much


Another extremely important sector is B2B sales, including freight deliveries, palettes, and so on. According to Statista , e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023, with no signs of slowing down. Final Mile, also commonly referred to as Last Mile, refers to the very last leg of any shipment’s journey: from the transportation hub to the end-user. A lot of times, this is a customer, and their location is a residential address.

The TMS Outlook

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I recently wrapped up my Transportation Management Systems market study which looks at the total size of the market, the forecasted growth through 2023, and the leading suppliers across a number of categories including industry, region, and customer size. A TMS helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

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It’s Time to Squeeze the Efficiency from Logistics with TMS

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First, the bad news. Transport Topics reports, “American Trucking Association predicts that freight volumes across all modes will grow by 2.8% per year on average through 2023, according to the organization’s just-released Freight Transportation Forecast, 2017-2028.” While this is a positive harbinger for business overall, it suggests tighter capacity and a rising freight rate environment as demand for transportation outstrips supply.

Disrupting Logistics: 4 Innovative Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2018


trillion in 2023. based startup with some ambitious plans to solve several key pain points in global trade - unified end-to-end track and trace across carriers, a decentralized freight brokerage platform to match shippers and carriers, and an incentivization platform to encourage good stewardship by rewarding operators for delivering on time, or by taking the most energy efficient route, safe driving etc. Source: The Daily Dot.

New Automotive Technologies Threat Your Long-Term Visibility


To go even further, the top 12 OEMs will launch 182 new electric vehicles nameplates by 2023. By simply doing nothing, you will be exposed to incurring costly premium freight, overtime, and obsolesce, at a time when competition from non-traditional competitors and innovation investments will be at an all time high. The automotive industry is evolving. New disruptive technologies are changing the way automotive companies are planning scenarios in the future.

Doing Business in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has 41 airports with paved runways, most of which can handle large freight planes. The next election will be in January 2023. After World War I, Czechoslovakia had a tumultuous history, but with the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the country was able to return to democracy. In 1993, the country split into two components, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Trends 2019: Supply Chain

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The staff at Supply Chain Network (SCN) writes, “With rising customer expectations, changing business models, cut-throat competition and the influx of technologies, it’s critical that you prepare your supply chain to address challenges such as the capacity crunch, last mile strategies, balancing of costs, digital freight market opportunities and navigating the ecommerce maze.”[1]. We live in hectic times. The U.S. is in a trade war with the world.

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Doing Business in Poland


With 87 airports that have paved runways, Poland’s air infrastructure is more than adequate for freight shipments. Senate elections were held in October 2019 and will be held next in October 2023. Poland has become a democratic, market-oriented country after many years of communism and the lingering effects of invasion during World War ll. The country joined NATO in 1999 and later became a member of the EU in 2004.

In Logistics, the Last Few Feet are as Important as the Last Mile

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The staff at Supply Chain 24/7 notes, “In response to today’s online-buying, smartphone-wielding consumer that expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, [a study published by Zebra Technologies] revealed that 78 percent of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2023 and 40 percent anticipate delivery within a two-hour window by 2028.”[2]. There are 5,280 feet in a mile.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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Adidas @adidas Adidas is expected to move nearly 20% of its production to more automated factories by 2023 , many of them potentially proprietary. Bed Bath & Beyond @BedBathBeyond Bed Bath & Beyond has discovered a way to save millions of dollars on freight over the next few years, thanks to a new 755,000 square-foot distribution facility slated to open in the fall of 2019. The world of supply chain and logistics is changing every day.

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Air freight rates head back to earth as virus-driven boom cools. Survey Reveals 33% of Supply Chain Leaders Moved Business Out of China or Plan to by 2023. Primary Event: Supply Chain Summit: Europe Précis: The need to know for the week ending 25th June 2020 Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Technology Supply Chain Freight eCommerce/Retail Logistics 3PL Article Type: Features & Opinion Publish as a report . The need to know from Reuters global network of journalists.

International Ecommerce Selling: 6 Factors to Consider Before You Get Started


In 2023, it’s estimated to reach $6.5 You’ll have to factor in additional shipping costs, such as getting your inventory from the manufacturer to the fulfillment center location by air or freight. 20 years ago, international selling seemed only possible for the largest corporations.

The Upswing of Chinese Logistics Companies


by 2023 between its different segments including roadways, waterways, railways, and airways. Cheaper than both air and ocean freight, it takes around 18 days of train travel from China to Europe. Forecast to grow by a CAGR of 7.5% by 2020 globally, the logistics industry is booming. Logistics, the complex operation involving the movements of people, facilities, and supplies, is applied in every industry from manufacturing to retail to trade.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beer Profit Margins & More


By 2023, 45% of spending in the beer industry will be attributed to out of home spend, namely in bars, pubs and restaurants. By 2023, 73% of spending will come from out of home consumption. from 2020 to 2023. by 2023.