Strong Freight Forecast Expected Thru 2026, What It Means for Shippers & 5 Things to Get Prepared


Freight Transportation Forecast to 2026. percent by 2026. This means the increased revenue by 2026 would amount to more than five percent of the total current US National Debt. million by 2026. With unprecedented increases in freight and significant costs and changes to the industry, the logistics world of 2026 must be a paragon of efficiency, reliability, and consistency. On July 27, 2015, the American Trucking Association s released the U.S.

Why the Great Driver Shortage Is Now Top of Mind for Shippers & a Driver of a Capacity Crunch


In fact, the truck driver shortage is expected to double to 100,000 in the next five years, but other industry experts, reports Iris Kuo of , suggest actual worsening could be as high as 200,000 unfilled positions by 2026.

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3 ways retail warehousing impacts profitability

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With online retail penetration projected to reach 25% by 2026, that means 75,000 stores could be forced out of business by that same year.

Looking Back at Previous Capacity Crunches & How Shippers Responded


Also, the driver short has continually grown worse for the last eight years, and it is expected to continue through 2026, asserts Iris Kuo of Some of the tightest of the previous capacity crunches have occurred within the last two decades.