Inside China's New Pharmaceutical Regulation


How will China's new regulations on pharmaceutical wholesalers affect manufacturer costs and drug prices? There has always been harsh competition within the growing number of pharmaceutical distributors struggling to maintain and increase customers in China.

China Flexes Its Global Logistics Muscle

Material Handling & Logistics

China aims to extend its logistics reach from the Pacific to the Atlantic through its One Belt, One Road initiative. Like the country itself, China’s ambitions are massive. The plan consists of six economic corridors: • China-Mongolia-Russia. China-Indochina peninsula.

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China-US Trade War and its Effects on US Distributors


You’ve likely heard by now about the looming trade war between the US and China. The US’s enormous trade deficit with China, where the US imported $375 bn worth of goods from China than it exported, has resulted in a cutback of US manufacturing.

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Report Points to Increase of Shippers Outsourcing Transportation Management Due to These 4 Core Benefits


This is especially true when outsourcing transportation management, as transportation can include a large part of your overall supply chain and business costs. Consider the many shippers who have outsourced transportation management and other logistics functions to third-party logistics (3PL) providers the past few years. The slowest demand for 3pl services will be in outsourcing transportation management, Armstrong stated.

This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

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Robinson Launches Rail Service, Connecting China and Europe. Kuebix Surpasses 10,000 Companies Using Its Transportation Management System (TMS). Rail, One of the Transportation Granddaddies, Still Relevant.

The State of Sustainable Procurement: What to Expect in 2019


What does this momentum tell us about the state of sustainability this year – and what does the current landscape specifically mean for procurement teams? Costly trade wars are turning the global trade landscape into an all-out battle, particularly between America and China.

330 Procurement & CSR Leaders Gather at Sustain16, Drive a New Era of Data-Driven Transparency & Collaboration


What an immense showing of commitment to sustainable procurement we witnessed Tuesday for Sustain16! Over 350 participants and speakers from almost every industry from chemicals to film production to air transportation to FMCG and everything in between.

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

Supply Chain View from the Field

Further, policies related to government procurement, state-owned enterprises, intellectual property rights, rules of origin, transparency, competition, trade remedies, and regulatory coherence are all elements of the TPP that can be detrimental to supply chains. Further, there are challenges in negotiations around tariff-free market access to components instead of only finished products, remanufactured products, and government procurement.

The History of Supply Chain Management! (Infographic)

Supply Chain Game Changer

In the mid 1950s, this concept was extended to transportation management with the development of intermodal containers together with ships, trains, and trucks to handle these containers. Check out Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet? .

How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

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This is a week-long celebration in China. The 9 th annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit is being held in Xiamen September 3-5, 2017 (the summit location rotates between its member countries). Robinson offices, procurement teams, and customers.

Day 3: Lenovo Goes About Creating the End to End Transparent Supply Chain


So procurement will buy ahead, and work with suppliers to understand the situation in the market, and that may drive up inventory in one sector. Lenovo can build a product in multiple locations, and can balance supply even though some sites are further away and transportation can flex. Transportation costs will vary a lot as well. Elementum is constructed as a series of apps, including the modules of inventory, transport, manufacturing, and source.

This Week in Logistics News (October 8-12, 2018)

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China Trade Battle Spawns a New Era of Tariff Dodges (WSJ – sub. Trimble Acquires Brazil-Based Veltec to Expand its Global Portfolio of Transportation Solutions. The VP of Supply Chain and Logistics at our house (aka my wife) has been out of the country this week.

This Week in Logistics News (October 15-19, 2018)

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China’s unwraps FedEx-style parcel business to bolster sales (Reuters). How cold does it have to get inside your house before you accept reality and turn on the heat?

6 Things to Consider as You Plan Your 2016 Budget

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For example, the China-owned COSCO and China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) have confirmed their merger. In my opinion, there will be more than one way to procure capacity, rates, and services for the 2016-2017 season. Sri is responsible for the global strategy, volumes and revenue for the ocean transportation. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - CH Robinson Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Transportation Management bunker cost C.H.

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ABB’s Daniel Helmig: “We are moving to virtual centres of expertise”

Supply Chain Movement

Daniel Helmig, head of ABB’s Supply Chain management, is currently busy implementing supply chain transformation throughout the company’s 450 plants and many project sites as the company consolidates back end processes and establishes ten global transportation management centres. “It

Airfreight Forwarders and Carriers Prepare for Holiday Season

Logistics Trends and Insights

Robinson, air freight pricing has increased between China and the U.S. In addition, its operation launched last year will be re-routed to offer twice weekly departures from Wuxi, China to Frankfurt-Hahn, Germany.

Stéphane Simonetta new EVP and Head of Operations at Grundfos

Supply Chain Movement

For the past years Simonetta has been with Honeywell Transportation Systems, based in Rolle, Switzerland, as Head of Supply Chain then Vice-President of Operations. Stéphane Simonetta (43) joins the Grundfos Group as new Executive Vice President and Head of Operations (COO) September 1st 2015.

Supply Chain Trends in 2016: A Year of Defining Change

CH Robinson Transportfolio

It’s been a big year for the transportation industry. They continue to span beyond an organization’s transportation professionals. When it opened, it revolutionized shipping lanes from China to the East Coast.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

I’ve had the good fortune to be presented with opportunities for compelling discussions with a significant group of leading thinkers, senior executives in procurement, logistics, and technology management over this past year. In particular, the focal BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) represent major targets for expansion, but with them come a host of new problem that enterprises have little to no experience in dealing with in terms of logistics capabilities.

I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017

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Will he declare China a currency manipulator ? If they actually follow through on their promise and oil prices continue to rise next year, how will transportation, inventory, and sourcing policy decisions change in response? Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The Digital Transformation Journey: The Alignment of Industry, Company, and Technology

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tariff on China electronics is seeing a rise in demand for these products from other countries within Asia. Each trading partner has access to information generated through the network in order to gain visibility to all aspects of production, procurement, transportation and distribution.

5 Things Supply Chain Entities Need to Focus on In Trump’s Administration


By the end of the year, trade with Mexico and China will likely decline as well. Procurement Will Need to Adapt. The “Made in America” slogan has gathered attention around the country, but not everything that comes from China or Mexico is a finished product. Procurement must evolve this year. Furthermore, collaboration between differing supply chain entities will help to create more diverse procurement opportunities, explains Made in USA News.

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How to Cut Costs by Improving Product Punctuality

Supply Chain @ MIT

By tailoring transportation methods and distribution center processes to match the delivery speed required of each product, companies can reduce the cost of transportation, prevent excess inventory, and eliminate lost sales. In order to make the project more manageable, the research focused on items purchased in China for sale in the United States. Strategy masters thesis MIT CTL product delivery sales volumes supply chain masters program transportation costs

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Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

Supply Chain Shaman

Imagine what the processes of manufacturing, transportation and procurement can be in Supply Chain 2030. The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning.

How Hong Kong is Enhancing its Sustainability Efforts


Ever since China ratified the Paris agreement, Hong Kong is under the spotlight to align with the global agenda and respond to the increasing stakeholders’ demand on sustainability effort. The target is more ambitious that the China’s national target.

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Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy

3PL Insights

Many workers and businesses, including trucking firms, railroad companies and port terminal operators, contract with Hanjin to transport and deliver cargo containers, and now they are in serious danger of not getting paid. 3PL Global Logistics Supply Chain Transportation

6 Things to Consider as You Plan Your 2016 Budget

CH Robinson Transportfolio

For example, the China-owned COSCO and China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) have confirmed their merger. In my opinion, there will be more than one way to procure capacity, rates, and services for the 2016-2017 season.

Welcome to the Supply Chain where the Risks Never Stop Coming

Enterra Insights

Bindiya Vakil ( @BindiyaVakil ), Resilinc CEO, notes, “Supply chain, sourcing and procurement professionals are on the front lines of managing global trade risks for their companies. US China trade confrontation. “In China,” Rudin explains, “the government’s policy is total control of data. The American Journal of Transportation reports supply chain risk management company Resilience360 also published a list of the Top 10 Supply Chain Risks for 2019.[3]

Made in “I Really Don’t Know”

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As first reported by Fairfax Media , a factory in North Korea has been making high-priced surf and snow gear for Australian surfwear company Rip Curl since at least 2014, with the garments labeled “Made in China.” It’s very likely that North Koreans are producing garments for other brands too, either in the country or as slave labor in China. As the cost of Chinese labor rises, outsourcing to one of the few countries on earth cheaper than China is becoming more and more common.

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


According to PLS Logistics , global companies will install procurement managers in China for entire organizations by 2025. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017 appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

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Supply Chain Management in a VUCA World

Enterra Insights

Yet all of the functions that we now associate with Supply Chain have been around for a very long time: Planning, Inventory Management, Logistics, Procurement and Purchasing, Warehousing and many more.”[2] Anyone who has served in the armed forces knows the military loves its acronyms.

What is 4PL and 5PL? – Everything a Wholesaler Should Know


Jason is a successful and up-and-coming manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. This is where a company does not outsource transport and logistics services to a third party. It may also involve leasing or buying a fleet of motorbikes, vans and trucks for transportation.

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Top Logistics & Supply Chain Blogs We Followed in 2018 & Suggest You Follow in 2019


China carrier relations and much more. The blog spends a lot of time focusing on the use of transportation management systems and how they can increase efficiency in your supply chain. Its topics include upcoming supply chain conferences, warehouse technology innovation, logistics insights, and transportation cost control. The site also contributes a significant share of its space to global supply chain topics, including emerging markets and ocean transport too.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Traditionally, companies like Apple haven’t purchased the metal directly from mines, but through brokers like China’s Congo Dong Fang Mining. And it’s not just companies — China has already cut its rare earth metal exports by more than 70%. Talks are in progress between the company and supplier prospects like Glencore, China’s Huayou Cobalt, Traxys, U.S. Supply chain is not just about the procurement and transportation of goods from source to consumer.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Traditionally, companies like Apple haven’t purchased the metal directly from mines, but through brokers like China’s Congo Dong Fang Mining. And it’s not just companies — China has already cut its rare earth metal exports by more than 70%.