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FMCG Supply Chain Language - what do we really mean?

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

If you are being honest you have probably sat bored in an airport lounge waiting for your inevitably delayed flight and listened in on a nearby conversation. Go on, admit it!

Codeless Test Automation Benefits and Drawbacks!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Article and permission to publish here provided by Joe Johnston. Codeless Test Automation eliminates the need to write scripts, and hence it is widely preferred by companies in recent years.

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The Daily Dash: Companies seeking answers from K-Ratio

The Supply Chain Journal

The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight the fallout from K-Ratio’s closing of its fuel hedging program, Uber Freight’s expansion into the LTL space and more. The High Five.

ASOS sales soar despite economy reopening

IT Supply Chain

By Samantha Mansfield (pictured). Head of Strategy, LiveArea EMEA. The post ASOS sales soar despite economy reopening appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Just in Time vs. Just in Case: What’s the Way Forward for Supply Chains?

Just-in-time supply chains worked just fine — until they didn’t. Is more inventory the answer? It’s not a binary solution. Read this latest GEP paper to learn how enterprises can ensure adequate supplies without running excess inventory.

Podcast | How to Keep CPG Supply Chains From Running Blind

Supply Chain Brain

End-to-end visibility of data and product is essential to the efficient operation of consumer packaged goods supply chains. Unfortunately, many are running blind

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Drilling Deep: How will LTL and truckload coexist after Knight-Swift deal?

The Supply Chain Journal

It’s not just a big deal in terms of dollars. The acquisition of LTL carrier AAA Cooper by Knight-Swift (NYSE: KNX) is radical in that it joins an LTL carrier with a truckload carrier, one of the biggest. The two businesses are very different. How will they integrate?

The role of IT in securing publicly accessible locations

IT Supply Chain

By Rodrigue Zbinden (pictured). Morphean’s CEO. The post The role of IT in securing publicly accessible locations appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Shipper to Congress: Inflation ‘rampant’ through supply chain

The Supply Chain Journal

Congress received an on-the-ground report from an industrial shipper on how rapid price increases for goods and services can be traced directly to bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Beware the hidden costs of mispicks

IT Supply Chain

By Nick Hughes (pictured). Sales Manager at Invar Integration. The post Beware the hidden costs of mispicks appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Leverage SAP IBP to Drive Planning Transformation

Today, traditional SAP IBP deployments are not enough. You need to assure you are leveraging its maximum potential to truly transform planning. And to reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and advance digitalization to gain competitive advantage.

The Parent Company expanding into San Diego area

The Supply Chain Journal

Cannabis provider The Parent Company announced Friday its expansion into the greater San Diego area via its new Chula Vista delivery hub. The new hub will utilize The Parent Company subsidiary Caliva ’s on-demand, direct-to-consumer platform, servicing 3.3

Supply chain businesses shied away from climate change in light of COVID

IT Supply Chain

By Hong Mo Yang (pictured). SVP & GM, Manufacturing Sector at Blue Yonder. The post Supply chain businesses shied away from climate change in light of COVID appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

The Dallas-Ft. Worth Distribution Advantage


As the world regains its footing post-pandemic, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area continues to grow economically. One of only two large U.S. metros to post three-year job gains, the Dallas region is recovering to pre-pandemic employment levels faster than all other large U.S. Metros.[1]

FedEx unit invests $100 million in Indian logistics firm Delhivery

The Supply Chain Journal

FedEx Express, the air and international unit of FedEx Corp.

Rethinking Supply Chain Risk: New Threats Demand New Tools and Strategies

Companies like Bayer AG and Akamai coped with recent supply chain disruptions much better than their peers. What did they do differently? Read this new HBR – GEP report on new tools and strategies to mitigate supply chain risk.

Vanguard Voice – Issue 106

Vanguard Software

The Latest Supply Chain News. Forbes – How Semiconductor Shortages Have Taken A Chip Out Of The Global Supply Chain. July 13, 2021 – The global pandemic played a huge part in the current shortages.

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Better for both: Tender volumes holding steady amid tumbling rejection rates

The Supply Chain Journal

This week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 70 (Carriers). Last week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 75 (Carriers). Three-month DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index Outlook: 75 (Carriers).

Episode 128 - Ryan Schreiber from CarrierDirect

Freight Plus

In this week’s episode of #ConsultingLogistics, FreightPlus CEO Steve Aborn sits down with supply chain expert Ryan Schreiber. They discuss everything from autonomous vehicles to the liability on shippers and brokers to the working from home culture.

FreightWaves Classics: Aviation begins; air cargo follows quickly (Part 2)

The Supply Chain Journal

Yesterday’s FreightWaves article was FreightWaves Classics: Aviation begins; air cargo follows quickly (Part 1). In Part 2, the article continues with the post-World War II era. Post-World War II.

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A 5-Point Strategy for Digital Procurement Transformation

Today, your entire supply chain must embrace change and accelerate digitalization. When it comes to procurement, focusing on digital transformation now can dramatically reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and give you a significant competitive advantage.

4 Smart Supply Chain Strategies for Boosting Customer Experience


This is the best of times and worst times for retail.

News Alert: I-16 in central Georgia could reopen by Friday night

The Supply Chain Journal

Good news for truckers: A section of Interstate 16 in Georgia that was shut down early Thursday could be back open soon. Related: Accident dislodges Georgia overpass, forces I-16 closure.

4 Keys to a Successful Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics Project


The study from the ARC Advisory Group (2016) and the most recent one from The Hackett Group (2018) are remarkably similar in their basic observations: “supply chain visibility & analytics” remains at the top-of-mind for the executives.

Full steam ahead: Why container ships are racing across the Pacific

The Supply Chain Journal

There are almost no container ships in the world left for liners to charter. Secondhand purchase prices are through the roof. It takes two years or more to get a newly built ship. How can liners find more capacity?

Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward

A new study by The Economist shows that 54% of enterprises want to rethink their supply chains. Make them more agile and resilient. How would supply chains evolve from here? And what should supply chain leaders be doing differently? Download the report today!

How Accounts Receivable (AR) Benefits Your Company

Freight Center

The age-old question has been which is more important to a business - cash flow or profitability? Well, they do go hand in hand, but poor cash flow might eventually result in your losing vendors, suppliers, and lenders, which can severely damage your business.

Wet weekend ahead for truckers in Eastern US

The Supply Chain Journal

Truckers will face a wet weekend from the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast. Parts of southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois have already seen up to 5 inches of rain and flash flooding Friday morning due to a slow-moving cold front stretching from the Plains all the way to eastern Canada.

Best Practices for Improving FTL Strategy | PLS Logistics Services

PLS Logistics

There are several recommended practices that can improve your truckload freight performance if you're looking to optimize your FTL strategy and freight management

Merger money cuts into Kansas City Southern’s Q2 profit

The Supply Chain Journal

The $700 million fee that Kansas City Southern paid to terminate its merger agreement with Canadian Pacific slashed KCS’ income for the second quarter. KCS ( NYSE: KSU ) folded the fee into its operating expenses, which became $1.18 billion for the second quarter.

The Business Costs of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chains have weathered a lot recently: a pandemic, natural disasters, trade wars and more. The Economist and GEP surveyed 400 senior execs to find out their real business impacts. The results? Shocking, but not surprising. Read the report now.