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Tips for Retailers (And All Shippers) to Overcome the Amazon Effect


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Five Tips for Improving Demand Planner Effectiveness


A forecast is more than a projection of future business; it is a request for product (or a request for resources to ensure supply of a product).

3 Supply Chain Challenges, 3 Labeling Success Stories


Supply chain challenges crop up on a daily basis. You need to avoid manufacturing disruptions, comply with regulations and meet customer demands. There are a lot of moving parts to ensure efficiency, and one of the key cogs in this process that often gets overlooked is labeling. Manufacturing Labeling Trends

Supply Chain Software Sector Gains From Patient Investors

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain software companies have been garnering some major investments. Some quiet investments from patient investors are reshaping the industry, These supply chain software companies are benefiting from patient investors. The investors, in turn, are keen on software companies with network solutions. These "digital" companies are seen as having the opportunity to create new types of value for their clients.

Your Data Has Value. Learn How Technology Can Unlock It.

Supply chain data is flawed, we all know this. Hear ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain, talk about how the right technology and strategies will give you better visibility and create value within your supply chain. The ability to move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning is closer than you think.

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FTZ vs. Bonded Warehouse (infographic)

3PL Insights

In the supply chain, there is much more to consider beyond the transportation of goods. Different types of warehouses might be more beneficial for specific goods.

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Christopher Tang. There are two sides of a bitcoin: a cryptocurrency that enables anonymous individuals to facilitate transactions using a decentralized digital currency without a middleman (such as a bank or credit card company). [1]

Challenges, Solutions to Cross-Border eCommerce


If you have any role in the transportation or logistics industries, you’re likely aware of how eCommerce is challenging the traditional approaches to fulfillment and delivery.

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Transportation Spot Market Inversion

Talking Logistics

Shippers today find themselves in a difficult and costly situation: their routing guides are often broken and they’re having to go to the spot market to cover their loads, which is costing more than they had budgeted. The great transportation spot market inversion has occurred.

The 4 Stages of Supply Chain Analytics

How do you move from “what happened” to “what would happen if”? Most supply chains struggle with the first, and the latter is wishful thinking. What stage are you in? Find out where your supply chain is on the maturity curve.

Supply Chain News on Hackett Group Report Identified Four Key Procurement Capability Requirements

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From Buyer and Negotiator to Strategic Partner to the Business

Columbus, Ohio: Strategic Manufacturing and Logistics Site (Infographic)

Zipline Logistics

Ohio has many nicknames—the Buckeye State, the Birthplace of Aviation, the Mother of Presidents—but there’s one you won’t find on any license plates or bumper stickers: Gateway to the World.

Green Supply Chain News on Sweden Makes Bold Push for Green Vehicles by Electrifying Its Highways

Supply Chain Digest

System Uses Powered Track that Charges Cars and Trucks as They Travel, with Goal to Convert all 20,000 Kilometers of the Major Highways in Sweden

Process Automation can take the Robot Out of the Human

Enterra Insights

The late Logan Pearsall Smith, an American-born British essayist and critic, once wrote, “The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves.” ” I daresay more people agree with his fellow Brit, comic artist David Chester Gibbons, who stated, “I’m known for being very enthusiastic about using technology. A lot of the attraction is the way that it streamlines the process and takes a lot of the drudgery out of it.”

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Common problems like data access and quality are preventing you from taking the first step towards transformation. Modern visibility providers are putting band-aids on bad data, giving you the ability to make misinformed decisions. Solve the data first.

How Changing Customer Expectations Will Make Your Retail Operations More Complex

Supply Chain Nation

Not long ago, I saw a tweet that said, essentially: People aren’t sad that they don’t have to go directly to artisans to buy goods, so they shouldn’t be sad about in-store retail “going away” to be replaced by Amazon and e-commerce. That sort of talk makes for a good sound bite, I guess, but it’s just not logical. Plenty of people still seek out craftsmen, bakers and farmers’ markets to learn about the products they want to buy.

Turn Your Gemba Walk into a Power Walk


Gemba is a term that is increasingly familiar in the manufacturing world. Loosely translated from Japanese, it means “the place where the work is done.”

US Retail Sales Rise More Than Expected

Material Handling & Logistics

Eight of 13 major retail categories showed increases. Sales at health and personal-care stores rose 1.4%, the most in two years. Auto sales rose 2%, the most since September. Signaling that consumer demand regained steam on the back of tax cuts and refunds, U.S.