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Chinese Hackers Targeting Ships Across Europe With Malware on USB Sticks

Supply Chain Brain

Several USB sticks with malware have been found plugged into computers on freight vessels in Norway, Greece and the Netherlands dating back to January.

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How to Hedge Against a Greece-Like Crisis

MIT Supply Chain

No one knows for sure how Greece’s financial crisis will impact the global economy over the long-haul. However, what companies can expect is instability in some form or other, such as volatile prices and fluctuating currency values within the Eurozone and beyond.

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Not up to Promethean Standards: Greece’s Pharmaceutical Supply Chain is Worryingly Weak


Sales in Greece are down 20 - 25%, according to the Economist, which could lead to further unemployment if the low numbers persist. Whether or not Greece stays in the Euro, its supply chain problems will continue to plague Greek citizens and countries that rely on Greek products. A Sisyphean Task.

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ToolsGroup Automates Demand-Driven, Omnichannel Supply Chain Planning at Dixons SEE

Brookes Supply Chain Planning Blog

Dixons SEE is part of the Dixon’s Carphone Group worldwide network and operates in Greece under the name Kotsovolos, where it is the country’s leading electronics and electrical goods retailer.

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Eurozone Economy Now in Technical Recession

Supply Chain Matters

Besides Germany , Greece , Lithuania , Malta , Ireland and the Netherlands experienced quarter on quarter GDP declines. Reuters indicated in its reporting this week that the Eurostat revision of Q1 data was principally due to the revised estimate from Germany’s statistics office indicating two subsequent quarters of GDP contraction.

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Global Wide Manufacturing Output Strengthens in March 2024

Supply Chain Matters

India has again demonstrated the highest level of PMI growth and the report authors point to Greece, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil as demonstrating stronger rates of expansion. Observed was that manufacturing conditions across Greece have improved to the sharpest extent in two years. along with Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

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Artificial Intelligence – sifting through the hype and the promise for forecasting


Famed forecasting expert and organizer of the Makridakis Competitions (known as the M-competitions) Spyros Makridakis spoke to us remotely from his post at the University of Nicosia in Greece.