Origins of the Local Food Systems Movement in North Carolina

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North Carolina has one of the largest number of hogs and poultry in the US, and a lot of discussion came about around the things that can go wrong with our system. There were lawsuits around hog production and things happening, and the NC State team applied for a Kellogg Foundation grant to work with the environmental groups in a positive way.

Supply chain industries have a massive impact on the North Carolina economy


NORTH CAROLINA ’ S SUPPLY CHAIN. The study sought to provide perspective for planning, investment & policy to strengthen this vital conduit for prosperity in North Carolina. Conduit for Commerce & Economic Development. An Economic Impact Statement & Analysis.

Winning $75K Marketing Case Competition Prize Really Was About.

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The Wake Forest Marketing Summit, a marketing case competition which took place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at the end of February, is going to be one of my most cherished MBA memories. UCLA Anderson School of Management Blog. Archives. July 2014. June 2014. May 2014. April 2014.

April 12 2018 Edition of Thsi Week in Supply Chain Tech

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The technology provider provides a SaaS based freight matching marketplace across North America, connecting carriers with freight brokers to tender shipments. The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters® blog.

Is Powerloop Good for the Freight Business with Andrew Kelley

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Overall, he has executed $30B of combined M&A and investments mostly with UBS Investment Bank’s Technology, Media & Telecom group. Andrew has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MSME from MIT, and a BSME from North Carolina State University. [1:15]

Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods: A Wakeup Call for the Grocery Industry?

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I think you’re kidding yourself if you don’t see this as a wakeup call for the grocery industry,” said David Caines, COO at Kenco Group in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. There’s certainly been a lot of buzz and discussions since Amazon announced its planed acquisition of Whole Foods.

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Florence Et Al.

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North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia sit squarely in the storm’s path. Thirty percent of companies have supplier development groups. Expect tight capacity across North America. This morning the Washington Post rang.

Live Webcast – Supply Chain Transformation: Avaya’s Journey


In this live webcast, Bryan Ball, Aberdeen Group and Benji Green, Avaya, will discuss the challenges that were impeding Avaya’s ability to achieve a best-in-class supply change and their key drivers for change. VP and Group Director, Supply Chain and Operations. Aberdeen Group. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Carolina and Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.

On-Demand Webcast – Supply Chain Transformation: Avaya’s Journey


In this webcast, Bryan Ball, Aberdeen Group, and Benji Green, Avaya, discuss the circumstances and challenges Avaya faced on their four-year journey, the catalysts for transformational change, and the dramatic results they were able to achieve. Aberdeen Group.

Is The Creative Class Coming To A City Near You?

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It’s a subsection of knowledge workers within the workforce broken down into two groups: the Creative Professionals and the Super Creative Core. This group mainly includes people working in healthcare, business and finance, the legal sector, and education.

The 5 Largest LTL Carriers

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Old Dominion is based in Thomasville, North Carolina. The company has five primary product groups: OD-Domestic, OD-Expedited, OD-People, OD-Global and OD-Technology. The 5 largest LTL carriers together have $16.2 billion in annual revenues and 46.4% market share. Each of the top five companies has a national footprint with tons of resources and top notch teams. There is a brief profile of each of the carriers below. The 5 Largest LTL Carriers.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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At automaker BMW Group, for instance, plant employees can walk up to seven miles per day. To eliminate some of this traveling BMW’s R&D group developed a Personal Mover solution—a one-person means of transport for covering short distances within an operating site.

Challenges and possible solutions for local seafood supply chains

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Both pointed out some critical points that are indeed challenges for the seafood supply chain in North Carolina, as well as some avenues to explore that may drive solutions. First, Gary pointed out that 91% of the seafood in North Carolina is imported! So when you sit down at a restaurant, it is highly unlikely that you are eating North Carolina product. But most of the seafood goes north – and only a small amount goes West in North Carolina.

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk


At the new plant, Mazda expects to produce cross-over models which Mazda will introduce to the North American market, and Toyota plans to produce the Corolla for the North American market. Toyota will be better positioned to respond to the growing North American market.

Cultivating Teachable Moments

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I grew up in North Carolina but was born in Guam as my dad was in the Air Force at the time. I take pride in bringing disparate groups together to learn to respect differences and become stronger as a team. Kathy Stanley is vice president of education services at JDA.

Getting that “Swing” in Supply Chain Management

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What you find instead are functional groups — such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales and Marketing, and Procurement — operating in silos, like a boat full of rowers each doing their own thing. How do you successfully align goals, metrics, and resources across functional groups?

Apply Yourself to Everything You Do

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When you’re docked at sea, you supply the ships in your Battle Group. That group consists of about six ships, including the supply ship, which I was on, an aircraft carrier, a submarine, frigates, and war ships. Our Battle Group was awarded the Southwest Asia Service Medal.

Off to another exciting year of student-industry engagement at NC State on cutting-edge supply chain projects


Following a project we did last fall, Lenovo’s Data Centre Group (DCG) at Morrisville, North Carolina is seeking to identify and explore its opportunities for process improvement and supply chain efficiency by leveraging Blockchain.

Duke Energy CEO Talks About Leadership

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For the average customer in North Carolina, he or she pays about $3 a day for electricity. The utility has retired coal plants in the Carolinas and nuclear plants have an extraordinary role and environmental stewardship is key and committed to. It was at that point that a group of protesters began shouting at her in a typical “mic check” event, similar to what we saw last year at the Dupont speaker forum.

Insights from Counterfeiting Roundtable Part 1


A roundtable of executives was held at North Carolina State University on May 31, 2017, focused on exploring insights into the following questions related to counterfeiting in the supply chain. A diverse group of executives attended this session. The focus of this group is not on how to improve documents and counterfeit deterrents, to counteract fraud and criminalization.

More on the importance of human relationships in local food systems

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Ben Filippo is Food System Coordinator for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, a farmer driven membership based 501c3 non profit organization to help people in the Carolinas grow and eat locally. Ben notes that “a big chunk of what we do are work with artisans and our technical services and our internal focus group teams are advocacy, food systems, policy, and education (public facing sustainable agriculture issues).

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New Student Projects Suggest Greater Focus on Analytics

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The challenge involves matching a group of bright, eager, and hungry young MBA and engineering students to a group of projects identified by a group of companies, through the now well-established Supply Chain Resource Cooperative in the Poole College of Management. Every fall, Betty Minton and Bill Collins (my trusted and capable student project advisors) and I play a game of musical chairs.

[INFOGRAPHIC, REPORT, & INTERACTIVE MAP] The US Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America


US Manufacturing plays a particularly important role in supporting jobs in a core group of states in the upper Midwest (East North Central and selected West North Central) and South (East South Central) states.

LTL Carrier Profile: Old Dominion

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Old Dominion is based in Thomasville, North Carolina. The company has five primary product groups: OD-Domestic, OD-Expedited, OD-People, OD-Global and OD-Technology. In 1957, Old Dominion extended its operations to most major markets in North Carolina and southern Virginia. Five years later, the company relocated its headquarters to High Point, North Carolina, in 1962 and merged with Bottoms-Fiske trucking company.

SCRC Partner Profile: A Textbook Transformation at Biogen-Idec

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It has a large-scale manufacturing plant in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina—one of the world’s largest cell culture facilities—and a new 90,000-liter facility for producing biologics in Hillerod, Denmark. Prior to 2009, support for PO&T sourcing and procurement was provided by a corporate sourcing group under a centralized business model.

LifeWay Christian Stores selects RELEX supply chain software for forecasting, replenishment & allocation

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Michael Falck, President North America, RELEX Solutions adds: “We are delighted to welcome LifeWay as a RELEX customer. The company owns and operates approximately 170 LifeWay Christian Stores across the US, as well as the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. LifeWay also publishes books and the widely-respected HCSB® Bible translation under the B&H Publishing Group imprint. Read PDF.

Ripped from the Headlines: Supply Chain Trends in the News

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The article goes on to say [emphasis mine]: The shift, part of what Ralph Lauren says is a long-planned action, will move warehousing and inventory management service from a North Carolina distribution center run by XPO Logistics Supply Chain Inc.—an

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Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

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I’ve had the good fortune to be presented with opportunities for compelling discussions with a significant group of leading thinkers, senior executives in procurement, logistics, and technology management over this past year. I helped create the first North American chapter of BVL International in the Carolinas, and we hosted two meetings at Volvo in North Carolina and Thyssen-Krupp in South Carolina. 2013 has certainly been an interesting year!

Bio-based Products Future is Promising, but Hurdles Exist

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This group was composed of notable academics, as well as representatives from government and NGO’s – helping to shape the discussion on biofuels. Some of the recommendations I made to the group are discussed here in this blog, and published in the latest edition of Industrial Biotechnology journal. Unfortunately, The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard-bearer for classifying businesses and sectors.

US Retail Sales Miss Forecasts

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So-called retail control-group sales -- which are used to calculate gross domestic product and exclude food services, auto dealers, building-material stores and gasoline stations -- climbed 0.5%, slightly more than estimated. The value of overall sales rose 0.1%

Manufacturers Having Trouble Finding Cheap, Clean Renewable Energy

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The projects represent a significant amount of investment by developers Starwood Energy Group and Swift Current Energy. Some states are limiting corporate access to renewable energy, making it difficult for manufacturers to meet energy goals.

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society

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”[1] Brad Smith ( @BradSmi ), Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer, and Harry Shum ( @harryshum ), Executive Vice President of Microsoft AI and Research Group, believe twenty years from now AI will be pervasive in our lives. In addition, autonomous trucks are being tested in platoons in North Carolina and autonomous ships are predicted to one day fill sea lanes delivering supplies.

Hurricane Irma's Chemical Fallout Could Be Worse than Harvey's

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Before Harvey, the American Chemistry Council industry group issued a statement saying, "Chemical companies know well to avoid the dangers of being unprepared." This week, spokeswoman Anne Kolton said in an email that the group’s members "are taking Hurricane Irma extremely seriously.".