Chatting about the future of procurement with Charlotte de Brabandt


We recently had the opportunity to chat with Charlotte de Brabandt, Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars 2017 Megawatt Star and member of ISM’s Thought Leadership Council. CHARLOTTE: I think the whole role of procurement will change in the future. CHARLOTTE: Well, I think we should look at all of the trends which are currently happening. CHARLOTTE: That’s definitely a good question!

Charlotte Area CPO’s Share Insights on Supplier Relationship Management

Supply Chain View from the Field

I had the opportunity to host a roundtable at Fleming’s Steakhouse in downtown Charlotte for a group of Chief Procurement Officers hosted by Accenture, sharing thoughts on the subject of SRM. The gathering was an opportunity to get to meet peers in the procurement leadership in the Charlotte area, and exchange ideas on themes and issues of interest.

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Rice ends seven-game skid beating Charlotte 73-64


HOUSTON (AP) — Ako Adams finished with 20 points on 7-of-11 shooting and Rice ended a seven-game losing streak and beat Charlotte 73-64 on Saturday

James Penn

PLS Logistics

My job requires me to be responsible for office managers in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Tampa, our newly formed operations pod.

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Trending Transportation News: February 2016

PLS Logistics

In January, PLS opened its 12 th branch office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Non-Manufacturing Grows for 72 nd Straight Month. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that non-manufacturing activity continues to point towards growth. ISM uses the NMI index to measure non-manufacturing growth and found the economic activity in the non-manufacturing sector continued to grow especially in finance/insurance, real estate/rental, agriculture, health care and public administration.

Spot market settles after Hurricane Florence

DAT Solutions

Buffalo to Charlotte was down 24¢ at $2.44/mile. Atlanta to Charlott e fell 17¢ to $2.84/mile. As people in the Carolinas try their best to return to their normal routines, the freight markets have settled back down into typical seasonal trends following Hurricane Florence.

Supply chain industries have a massive impact on the North Carolina economy


On the other hand, the session they presented to by practitioners in Charlotte at the Council of Supply Chain Management (shown below) was full to capacity. NORTH CAROLINA ’ S SUPPLY CHAIN. Conduit for Commerce & Economic Development. An Economic Impact Statement & Analysis.

Freight Rates Adjust to Post-Hurricane Irma Demand

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We’ve seen a big increase in van freight moving from Atlanta and Charlotte down into the state. As mentioned above, there’s been a big uptick in freight going into Florida from Atlanta and Charlotte , and rates on those lanes soared last week.

Better weather helps push van rates upward

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We're finally seeing the impact of better spring weather, with higher freight volumes coming out of both Chicago and Charlotte. Charlotte to Buffalo also rose 11¢ to $2.24/mi. Memphis to Charlotte slid 7¢ to $1.95/mi.

Trip Report on WERC 2018

Supply Chain Digest

Another Solid Performance at WERC Conference in Charlotte, though I Did not Find Any Truly Outstanding Sessions for a Change

Advantages of Basing Your Distribution Center in North Carolina

Kanban Logistics

There are four ports in the state : the Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City, as well as two inland facilities in Charlotte and Greensboro. North Carolina, the Tar Heel State.

Building the Network of Networks

Supply Chain Shaman

July 16th in North America (current thinking is Charlotte or Chicago. Today, I am facilitating a share group. The dream is the building of Network of Networks. The goal is to close current gaps to build inter-enterprise visibility and improve inter-operability between businesses.

Spot Market Van Rates Soared in September

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Lots of Florida-bound freight also comes from Charlotte , and rates on the Charlotte-to-Lakeland lane also dropped 20¢ to $2.88/mile. The national average van rate rose for the fifth week in a row. At $1.97

Hurricane Michael halts shipments

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One noteworthy thing was that pricing out of Atlanta and Charlotte was mostly neutral despite all the canceled shipments from there to Florida. Once again, the supply chains were dealt a major disruption last week from Mother Nature.

Guest Post: An MBA student’s perspective on the ISM Meeting 2019


I enjoyed Charlotte de Brabandt’s presentation Digitizing the Human Touch: Transforming Talent and Impact of Young Professionals. Charlotte explained how younger generations who are just entering the workforce would result in companies having to adapt to the working conditions by adopting a flexible mentality. This week’s guest post is from my MBA student, Nikhil Singh, who accompanied me to the recent Institute for Supply Management conference in Houston.

How Do You Measure “Free Time” Across Your Global Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

She was quickly able to identify that the Charlotte, NC, location had demurrage charges at 10 times the rate of other similar warehouse locations. . While we all think that we measure time in the same way, that can change inside a complex global supply chain.

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Executing on time, all the time: apparel executive’s guide to competitive advantage

RELEX Solutions

We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski is a Partner with Columbus Consulting, a retail boutique consulting practice.

Agile retailing: new ways to manage uncertainty, disruption and innovation

RELEX Solutions

We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski is a Partner with Columbus Consulting, a retail boutique consulting practice.

Will sub-zero temps stall trucking operations?

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Areas of the Midwest and Northeast were buried for weeks, and even the Southeast got hit with snow and ice, including places like Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte. Large swaths of the U.S.

30 Supply Chain Leaders Under 30—Class of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

Every year, the 30 Under 30 program designates one "megawatt star," and for this year that honor goes to Charlotte de Brabandt, a 30-year old category associate with Johnson & Johnson, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Charlotte de Brabandt, Johnson & Johnson.

Hurricane Florence Update: Impacts, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


DowDupont sites in North Carolina’s Charlotte, Greenboro, and Fayetteville will have work suspensions. Hurricane Florence has officially reached the Southeast United States. Despite weakening from a Category 4 storm to a Category 2 (update: now a Category 1) due to slightly reduced winds, it has still grown in size, with its wind field continuously expanding reach. Several states in the east coast, especially the Carolinas, have been on high alert as they await landfall.

Omni-channel in 6 steps: how to build a practical, effective plan of action

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We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski is a Partner with Columbus Consulting, a retail boutique consulting practice.

Smart Cities won’t be Smart if They Ignore Logistics

Enterra Insights

For example, urban planners in Charlotte, NC, have “designated a 60-acre, 50-square block area as a place for modern, urban redesign, dubbed the North Tryon Vision Plan. McGraw, “ Charlotte Moves toward a Car-Free City Center ,” Next City , 30 July 2018. [2] City planners around the world are wrestling with how to untangle traffic snarls in inner cities. Their goal is to make cities cleaner and more livable.

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Van freight stabilizes in early October

DAT Solutions

A number of the lanes that had spiked during Hurricane Florence have dropped back down: Buffalo to Charlotte was down 20¢ to $2.24/mile. Spot market line haul rates are now only 5% higher for vans now than they were a year ago, rising from $1.74 to $1.83

Van Rates Drift Back Down to Earth

DAT Solutions

The Southeast saw lower rates last week, with prices declining out of Atlanta, Charlotte and Memphis: Atlanta to Charlotte plunged 45¢ to $3.15/mile. Memphis to Charlotte dropped 26¢ to $2.65/mile. Charlotte to Allentown was down 25¢ to $3.19/mile.

How Hurricane Florence affects freight

DAT Solutions

Many of the destinations are in inland North Carolina markets, including Charlotte, and those lane rates are rising now. When disaster strikes, trucks are needed to get emergency supplies where they're needed most.

Rates and Demand Are Still High for Refrigerated Freight

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The weakest reefer lane was Lakeland, FL to Charlotte , down 30¢ to $1.19/mile, and it’s continuing on a downward trend this week. Seasonal harvests are winding down, but capacity is still tight for reefer freight.

Freight Surge Expected for Q2 and July 4

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Hot Markets include Southeastern freight hubs like Atlanta , Charlotte and Memphis , plus Buffalo , NY. TriHaul of the Week, for Vans: Charlotte-Buffalo-Baltimore-Charlotte.

Freight Rates Dip while Load Availability Climbs

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Rates fell for vans in both directions between Charlotte and Buffalo last week, dropping the roundtrip average to $1.82/mile for a three-day trip. From Knoxville, it’s less than 250 miles back to Charlotte, and the going rate on that leg was $2.48/mile last week for vans.

Dog days of summer freight?

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Buffalo to Charlotte gained 27¢ to $2.56/mile. FALLING RATES Outbound rates were down quite a bit from Memphis , Dallas and Charlotte. It's looking more and more like you won't have to sweat much of a summer slowdown this year.

Post-Hurricane Floods Boost Rates in Southeast for Vans, Not Flatbeds

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Rates were up in both Atlanta and Memphis , and prices surged out of Charlotte. Load volume doubled on the lane from Charlotte to the Lakeland , FL market area, boosting that rate by 38¢, to $2.65

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2018

Talking Logistics

Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) Conference , May 6-9, Charlotte, NC. Editor’s Note: This is one of the most popular posts we publish every year: our list of supply chain and logistics events to attend in the coming year. Most of the conferences on our list are in the U.S., although some are in Europe, South America, and Asia. Many of the leading ERP and supply chain software vendors have customer events in various countries around the world.;

Higher van volumes fail to boost rates

DAT Solutions

In the East, rates are still falling on many lanes, including: Buffalo to Charlotte fell 15¢ to $2.12/mi. Charlotte to Lakeland, FL moved down 13¢ to $2.33/mi. The end of Q1 was relatively quiet on the truckload spot market.

Spot Rates Begin Seasonal Slide, but From Higher Peak

DAT Solutions

Charlotte and Los Angeles continue to have the highest outbound van rates, while Atlanta remains number one for load volume. And in the Southeast, Atlanta to Charlotte lost 20¢ to $2.47 For example, loads from Charlotte to Philadelphia averaged $2.75

This Week in Logistics News (April 4-8, 2016)

Talking Logistics

Back in December, we welcomed two new members to our family: Milo and Otis, guinea pig brothers we adopted.

Guinea 139

Van Rates and Volumes Slip From Seasonal Peak

DAT Solutions

Individual markets and lanes also got a rate increase last week, including a handful of lanes originating in Philadelphia, Memphis and Charlotte: Philadelphia saw the biggest jump in average outbound rates, thanks mostly to a couple of lanes to other destinations within the Northeast.

Van Rates Hit Highest Mark in 2 Years

DAT Solutions

For the month of May, the biggest rate increases were on outbound lanes from Memphis and Charlotte in the South, and Los Angeles and Stockton in California. Brokers and shippers had a harder time finding trucks last week, so they paid a premium in most major markets and lanes.