Innovation maze

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How can you identify the innovations that will really take your company forward? These technologies also receive plenty of attention at conferences and events which promise – usually implicitly – to guide delegates through the innovation maze.

Struggling to innovate

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics service providers seem to be struggling to innovate, despite the thriving economy. Brexit and the threat of escalating trade wars), but with the current economic wind in their sails logistics service providers should be in a strong position to innovate.

New Research Finds Customer Experience as Key Driver to Supply Chain Innovation

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BluJay and Adelante SCM team up on new research, revealing customer experience as key driver for modern supply chain logistics innovation. The post New Research Finds Customer Experience as Key Driver to Supply Chain Innovation appeared first on BluJay Solutions.

Innovation strategy

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Logistics service providers should innovate more,’ is a commonly heard complaint by shippers. This innovation-related discrepancy reared its head once again following an international study by Supply Chain Digest published earlier this year. 69 percent of the shippers surveyed said it was very important for logistics service providers to be innovative. But the logistics service providers are not the only cause of the innovation problem.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

2 “Korn Ferry Global Survey: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reshaping the Role of the Recruiter.” leading investors such as Google, Randstad Innovation. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter.

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a research report published last week , “Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.” Customer Experience: A Bigger Focus for High-Performing and Innovator Companies.

5 Key Trends Driving Supply Chain Innovation

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When we speak to supply chain leaders about innovations in their supply chain, it’s not always about drones, self-driving trucks, or automated warehouses. Identify which partners are innovative vs. a commodity through their capabilities.

Trends 189

Insights from Ryder Innovate 2014

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Source: “Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Transportation & Logistics,” Jason Mathers, EDF, Ryder Innovate 2014. Bruce Tompkins validated and underscored many of the points discussed during the conference with research data from Tompkins’ Supply Chain Consortium survey.

Supply Chain Innovation: The Latest Gartner Supply Chain Predictions


Surveyed supply chain executives pointed to better customer service, improved efficiency, supply reliability and speed to market. Gartner analysts presented their latest supply chain findings throughout the two-day Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference last month in London.

Break the Internal Process Requirements – Innovate for Success and Survival

Logistics Trends and Insights

Just in time for this year’s RILA conference , an interesting survey has been released from Gravity Supply Chain. the survey results reveal that only 15% of U.S. As noted in the survey, this could be due to a failure to deliver a return on investment. Gravity Supply Chain’s survey noted that of those that digitized, 76% believe their organization has enough data and insight to make the right decisions about its supply chain. Innovation retail Supply Chain

Logistics, Innovation, and the Future

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”[1] He believes all of these innovations are good things. “More than any other time in history,” he concludes, “technology and innovation are here to make it happen.” ” E-commerce and logistics innovation. What they don’t see is the frenzy, innovations, and hard work involved in getting those packages to the door. “Logistics companies cannot afford not to be innovative,” he explains.

New Research from BluJay Solutions Finds Customer Experience Overtakes Cost as Top Supply Chain Differentiator and Innovation Driver

BluJay Solutions

Report explores the driving forces behind supply chain innovation and priorities. Commissioned by BluJay and conducted by Adelante SCM, in partnership with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the research explores key topics including customer experience, technology investments, barriers to innovation, partner connectivity, and data in the context of supply chain and logistics innovation.

What’s Driving Disruptive Innovation in Supply Chain Planning?


Disruptive innovation is changing the supply chain planning vendor space. Writing in The Wall Street Journal , Christopher Mims offers a broader explanation as to what causes this sort of industry disruption, popularized by Clayton Christenson in his seminal book “ The Innovators Dilemma ”.

Creating an Innovative Supply Chain

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An oft-heard business battle cry is: Innovate or die! Weaver observes, “We have seen many businesses over the past several years run into problems due to a lack of supply chain innovation, slow reaction to changing market conditions and a resistance to change.” ” What drives supply chain innovation? Edwin Lopez ( @EdwinLopezT37 ), editor of Supply Chain Dive , asked a number of supply chain professionals, “What drives supply chain innovation?”

Executives see AI, Cognitive Analytics and Cloud as the Path to Innovation and Speed to Market

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That is the conclusion of a new survey of C-suite executives by Incisiv, sponsored by JDA and KPMG. In fact, end-to-end visibility and traceability was the top investment objective of surveyed retail, manufacturing and third-party logistics CXOs for the second year in a row.

Supply Chain Innovation: The Path to Success!

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Innovation is a team effort requiring collaboration and buy-in from all levels within an organization, and it’s especially true when it comes to bringing innovation to the supply chain. A Blueprint for Successful Supply Chain Innovation. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Creating Resiliency Through Innovation

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It stands to reason that our response to this change has to reach beyond traditional thinking into the innovative. From a recent CEO survey , only 16% of respondents that had a clear omni-channel strategy believed it to be profitable.

Top 100 Logistics IT Providers & Market Research Survey

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And, the Top 100 Logistics Technology Providers list celebrates best-in-class innovators that are helping shippers revolutionize their supply chains Inbound Logistics’ annual Logistics Technology Perspectives offers market research to help IT buyers and users make better sense of what’s going on in the industry.

Survey 105

New Survey from JDA and KPMG Highlights Top Drivers and Inhibitors of Supply Chain Investment

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During the Executive Exchange, JDA and KPMG released an exclusive preview of the findings from the new survey, Digital Supply Chain in Retail & Manufacturing: A State of the Industry Benchmark , conducted by Incisiv.

Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge


A survey of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and outsourced manufacturing and logistics services providers. The results of our survey, shown below, are the top reasons companies outsource manufacturing and logistics.

A Detailed Look at What's Driving Disruptive Innovation in Supply Chain Planning


Last week offered an overview of how disruptive innovation is changing the supply chain planning vendor landscape. We mentioned that Gartner said that this significant disruption was driven by end users’ changing priorities and needs.

Get Your Reality Check – A Supply Chain Technology Innovation Benchmark Study

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As technology evolves and disrupts our industry, it is important to take a step back and get a “reality check” on the usefulness of these technologies, especially as leaders are looking for new innovative technologies to give their companies a competitive advantage in the market.

Successful Product Innovation Requires Supply Chain Insight

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Innovation is an imperative in the business world, but of the tens of thousands of new products launched each year, an estimated 80% to 90% fail. All of the best practices underpin the idea that innovation needs to be considered in a total business context,” Burnette says.

Do Companies Really Expect Their Suppliers to Be Innovative?

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This headline raises an interesting question that Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium tackled recently in a published survey on supplier scorecards for innovation. I wasn’t surprised by this data until I saw the percentage of companies who measure innovation. Bruce Tompkins.

Customer Experience is Driving Supply Chain Innovation, Says Report from BluJay Solutions and Adelante SCM

BluJay Solutions

Holland, MI and Manchester, UK – August 15, 2018 – BluJay Solutions , a leader in supply chain software and services, and Adelante SCM, a research firm and peer-to-peer community for supply chain and logistics professionals, today released its research report, “ Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.”. Average or Below Average Performers, Innovators/Early Adopters v.

SCM 65

Companies Can’t Put Cart Before Horse When It Comes to Digital Innovation

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A new survey finds that oil and gas companies are implementing new technologies, but some lack proper strategy. In Janeiro Digital’s survey of nearly 100 U.S. Forty-six percent of survey respondents cited lack of in-house technical skills as a roadblock to implanting new technologies within their organization, as companies can’t seem to hire IT talent fast enough to support the rapid evolution of their business. This post originally appeared on ….

New Survey Says Alignment of Supply Chain and Business Strategies Is Critical to Success

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According to a recent survey by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, nearly 80 percent of participants agree. From a global view, survey participants from North America believe their supply chains are of greater value to their companies than do the rest of the world.

Is Your Demand Management Process Keeping Up with Innovation?

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Companies must constantly innovate to keep up with and satisfy fast-changing consumer demand. Is your demand management process adequately supporting this innovation requirement? According to the survey results, however, this is apparently not happening.

Emerald Citation of Excellence 2013 for supply chain innovation article

Supply Chain View from the Field

The article published in question, Knowledge sharing in interorganizational product development teams: the effect of formal and informal socialization mechanisms , was published in the Journal of Production Innovation Management in 2009. The theoretical model was tested based on a survey of 113 UK companies. Supply Chain Innovation Supply chain Relationships

Part 1: Delivery Promise Gap – The Distance between What Retailers Offer and Customers Expect


Earlier this year, we surveyed 100+ eCommerce retailers on shopping cart abandonment, delivery promise, and logistics. Part 3: The Cost of Innovation. FLEXE survey responses corroborate the impact free shipping has on buying behavior.

Innovate or Die: How’s Your eCommerce Strategy?


Retailers, of every shape and size, are faced with the threat: “Innovate or die.”. In fact, in a recent Baymard Institute survey, 61% of shoppers cite unexpected costs and shipping fees as a reason they’ll abandon a purchase. The post Innovate or Die: How’s Your eCommerce Strategy?

New Study: Bridging the Expectation Gap on Innovation Between 3PLs & Shippers

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Everybody in supply chain talks about innovation. It’s almost perceived as a professional weakness or disadvantage if you don’t use the word ‘innovation’ when talking about your company or vision for the future. But what exactly is innovation and is there a real business case for it?

Study 56

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

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Over the years I’ve read a number of articles touting the benefits of corporate culture as it relates to innovation. Corporate culture is also reflected in the degree of emphasis placed on various defining elements such as hierarchy, process, innovation, collaboration, competition, community involvement and social engagement.”[3]. Corporate culture and innovation. In fact, a culture of innovation would help the company be more responsive to these changes.”

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Take less than 5 minutes to complete the 2019 Distributed Logistics Survey to learn more and you will also get a summarized version of the results once the survey is complete!

Five Reasons Why Are We Not Making Progress on Inventory Management

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When we ask business users open-end questions in quantitative surveys, shown in Figure 2 are the most common responses. Today, the small company is innovating faster than larger competitors. Demand innovation Inventory Management Market-Driven90, then 80, followed by 76.

Warehouse Audit and Survey

The Lean Supply Chain

Warehouse Optimization/Cal Poly Small Business Development Center for Innovation Consultant. Chuck Intrieri. Paso Robles, CA. 714-788-0744. link]. First, look at the inventory: Is it pallets? boxes? No, it is money. It is money in a bank. The bank must be secure.

Aberdeen on Innovation Management: How Leaders Outperform their Peers

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Recently, Aberdeen examined the results from over 600 respondents to uncover how innovation leaders compare to their peers, and the insights were pretty stunning. According to the report, best-in-class innovators meet over 90% of their cost, launch dates, revenue and quality targets.