Looking for a Reefer Load? Try These 5 Markets

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Albuquerque, NM, has been lighting up the Hot Market Map for a few weeks now. So if you take a load to Albuquerque from L.A. The national reefer rate average lost 5¢ last week, but there are still pockets in the country where reefer demand remains high.

Van Rates Respond to Seasonal Slowdown

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The biggest declines was out West, though: Denver to Albuquerque, NM , fell 35¢ to $2.18/mile. Van rates continued to moderate last week, and van load posts declined as we moved into February.

How Will ELDs and Christmas Affect Van Rates?

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Denver to Albuquerque, NM has been trending up in recent weeks, and the average rate rose another 17¢ at $2.33/mile. Before this week, the spot market had been a bit calmer in December compared to November.

7-Week Streak of Higher Rates Ends – For Now

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Denver to Albuquerque, NM , was down 33¢ to $2.04/mile. Van spot market rates moderated last week, especially on the backhaul lanes where rates spiked two weeks ago.

When Opportunity Knocks, Say YES!

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She grew up in cities around the world until her father retired and her family settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she graduated high school and went on to earn an Accounting degree from the University of New Mexico.

Van Rates Adjust to Changing Holiday Demand

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One of the few headhaul lanes out of Denver is to Albuquerque, NM , and it gained10¢ to $2.16/mile. Demand on the spot market had been surging as we headed into December, after record-high rates and load-to-truck ratios throughout November. Last week was a little quieter.

Denver 130

Spot Market Gets a Strong Start to May

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Denver to Albuquerque has been more up-and-down than usual, and last week it fell 10¢ for an average of $1.64/mile. Early May brought higher spot market rates for each trailer type.

Spot Truckload Rates Continue a Slow-and-Steady Climb

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One more 9¢ drop: Denver to Albuquerque fell to $1.66/mile. For van rates , rising lanes continue to outnumber falling lanes on a week-to-week basis, but it’s been a slow, long-term trend.

Denver 158

Delayed Produce Could Lead to a Busy May

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Denver to Albuquerque rose 10¢ for an average of 1.76/mile. The end of the month didn’t bring the upward bump that we typically see when shippers try to move goods before closing their books.

Top 10 Freight Markets for Contract and Spot Freight

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For the markets with the highest ratio of contract freight to spot market freight you will find Albuquerque, NM, Flagstaff, AZ, and San Diego, CA. Current trends in freight can be explained by looking at the top ten contract markets by percentage of contract-spot mix.

Reefer Demand Cools, Except in a Few Hot Spots

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Albuquerque continues to offer high load availability for reefers, coupled with a shortage of trucks. Demand for reefers slipped 13% on the spot market last week, following an end-of-quarter surge in the previous week, and truck capacity added 2%.

How Long Will Van Rates Stay This High?

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One of the few head haul lanes out of Denver is to Albuquerque , but even it was down 13¢ at $1.96/mile. Spot market volumes got a bump at the end of October, and those load counts held steady heading into the first week of November.

Van Rates Surge 6¢, Reefers Add 1¢

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Albuquerque, NM. Van rates jumped 6¢ last week, prompted by a 49% increase in load posts on DAT load boards. There was an 11% increase in truck posts, week over week, so the load-to-truck ratio advanced 32%, from 2.1 loads per truck.

Miami 141

Van and Reefer Operators Give Thanks for Rate Increases

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Other Hot Markets include Albuquerque, Grand Rapids and Little Rock. Thanks in part to seasonal food items, rates are finally trending back up for vans and reefers. Late harvests are beginning the journey to your Thanksgiving table, via food processing plants and distribution centers.

Reefer Freight Market Still Has a Few Hot Spots

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These "hot markets" may pay above-average rates for reefers: Albuquerque, NM; Lubbock, TX; Fayetteville, AR; Memphis and Nashville, TN; Cape Girardeau, MO; and Evansville, IN. July is the in-between season for refrigerated ("reefer") freight.

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Now while I can’t help you move freight from Des Moines to Albuquerque, through my trucking software work, I’ve had a chance to learn about some of the biggest mistakes small trucking companies make, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

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I don’t like it at all,” said Sheriff Wally Locker of the Albuquerque police department. “We “Look… I just found a Load over by the hockey arena!”. And with those words Harold Wicks kicked his 2023 Peterbuilt into gear and drove quickly to pick up his load ahead of the four other big rigs trying to catch up with him. That’s the third load I found this week!’ said Wicks with great enthusiasm. It wasn’t a real load though – it was something quite new to the world of trucking.