This Week in Logistics News (March 9-13, 2015)

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Here’s the news that caught my attention this week: January 2015 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Truckload Freight and Rates Dip Seasonally in February: DAT Freight Index. Cass Freight Index – February 2015.

Mexico 201

This Week in Logistics News (September 7-11, 2015)

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Here’s what I wrote back on this date in 2009, as I recalled the events of that tragic day eight years earlier: I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, near Red Hook and the docks. DAT Solutions Launches Freight Market Analytics Service. Today is September 11. I never forget.

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Stories of Supply Chain Leadership: An Interview with Joan Motsinger of Seagate

Supply Chain Shaman

2015 Supply Chains to Admire. What suppliers need help with cost (LEAN, labor, freight,…)? In 2009, we took the work that we did with E2open on suppliers and built customer networks to see channel sales and demand signals daily.

Where have all the Truckers Gone? 10 Strategies for Shippers to Fight the Capacity and Trucker Shortage


2009 was an exception due to the 2008–2009 recession.) Preferred shippers maintain complete, detailed communications about each freight load with carriers. 10 Strategies for Shippers to Fight the Capacity and Trucker Shortage appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Well, basically, because getting freight in a smooth matter is clearly important to helping combat the capacity crunch as it is and of course, moving forward. Economically, these requests make financial sense, considering the changes in freight regulations that has occurred in recent years.

What is the Hyperconnected Era & “The Internet Of Things” and What does it Have to Do with Manufacturing & Logistics?


Ashton talked in depth about IoT to the in 2009″ “Today computers – and, therefore, the internet – are almost wholly dependent on human beings for information. appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis.

Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015

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That will be in 2015, after the peak of oil [supply].”. 2015 is less than three weeks away, and a barrel of Brent crude oil is $65.70 Brent crude oil prices Dec 2009 – Dec 2014 (Source million bbl/d in 2015.” .

3PL 269

Road to Nowhere: The Dire Status of U.S. Infrastructure


Congress is under pressure to quickly deliberate on effective measures that resolve the seemingly chronic problem of transportation money, but it’s following a pattern of putting things off: there have 34 short-term funding bills like last week’s passed since 2009.

How Freight Disrupted Itself: The View From Within A Changing Industry


How Freight Disrupted Itself. In the last year, a new dynamic has begun to reshape the freight industry. Phil knows his (freight) stuff. In his PhD thesis he developed a product to secure ocean freight rates with financial derivatives. Declining Freight Rates.

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


As I explain in my book, The Power of Resilience: How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected (MIT Press, October 2015), companies can improve their disruption detection capabilities in a number of ways.

Why Are There Fewer US Manufacturing Jobs Today? 4 Driving Forces to Understand


With the release of the May 8, 2015 Jobs Report , many businesses and employees within the manufacturing industry have grown concerned. Bureau of Labor Statistics US manufacturing jobs Report – April 2015.

The LTL Market now Belongs to the Carriers: Shippers Must Know how to Level the Playing Field


Whereas 2009 saw the control of transportation industry profits in the hands of the shippers, two years later a shift occurred in the favor of carriers. As the US economy is looking positive in 2015 and for the next few years, so is the LTL market.

How To 313

Using Big Data to Drive Manufacturing Sales: 3 Big Takeaways from the USMTO Reports


At the trough of the recessions in 2003 and 2009, only $100 million worth of equipment was being purchased. So, its effects were probably a little easier to handle than the deep, sharp recession of 2009. How Can USMTO Reports Help Drive Manufacturing Sales and your Bottom Line?

7 Distribution Operations Issues Highlighted in Industrial Distribution’s 68th Annual Survey


When compared to 2009, when 68% reported having to reduce the size of their staff, these numbers are very encouraging. The results have been tabulated for the 68th annual Survey of Distribution Operations.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The slowing gross domestic product (GDP) growth and a change in growth toward services has adjusted freight markets for both truckload and rail. per gallon—which is now the lowest weekly average price since July 2009.

The Holidays and The Logistics Crunch: It’s all about the Planning & a Fun Comparison of Logistics & A Successful Turkey Day!


As we see this year, there are more cars on the road (meaning carriers want that attractive freight), and we are also seeing tight capacity. Don't let the bird not be the star of the show, make sure your freight is ready to go! Do you know your freight classes ?

Parcel Rate Increases…Defying Logic?

The Network Effect

Parcel shippers are still trying to digest the impact of the huge freight rate increase implemented by both UPS and FedEx by changing the way they price ground services for packages measuring less than 3 cubic feet. Fuel prices are currently at their lowest level since May of 2009.

Everything You Need to Know About El Niño and the Panama Canal Restrictions


In 2009, the canal reported 299.1 Size restrictions on ships are worrying in large part because freight ships are getting bigger. The canal will unveil its extension in 2016—El Niño will be at full force in late 2015 and early into next year.

Panama 152

Cheap Fuel Hurting Your Bottom Line?

DAT Solutions

Couple the lower rates with less availability of freight due to the slow-down in the oil and gas segment, and many smaller carriers are finding current conditions challenging. July is usually a slow month, but diesel prices also hit the lowest they've been since 2009. Freight Rates

This Week in Logistics News (March 3-7, 2014)

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Con-way Freight Introduces Drive Safe Systems™. FedEx Freight to Increase Shipping Rates. Proposed DOT FY 2015 budget draws mixed reactions from industry stakeholders ( Logistics Management ).

Canada 180

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

CH Robinson Transportfolio

reading in April, a reflection of currently manageable capacity utilization and low fuel prices—something that is expected to stay intact through the end of 2015. Diesel prices are at the lowest weekly average price since October 2009, marking the longest decline in 2015.

This Week in Logistics News (September 26-30, 2016)

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Another Friday where I have limited time, so let’s go straight to this week’s supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention: Uber to move freight, target trucking for the long haul (Reuters). Global Container Volume on Track for Worst Year Since 2009 (WSJ – sub.

Middle East air cargo still solid despite fall

Logistics Middle East

IATA head says air freight load factors near 2009 crash levels, but the Middle East is still leading the pack

Cruel Summer: Shipping Won’t See Seasonal Surge in Profits


Summer is supposed to be the busiest time of year for freight and air shipping, but given slow demand and overcapacity in recent months, expectations for the third quarter have changed, and not for the better. I Know What You Shipped Last Summer.

Time to Squeeze Carriers for Better Rates?

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There was a deceleration in freight volumes during the second half of 2015 which continued into the first month of 2016. So, that tells me that the inventory situation continues to weigh on truck freight volumes. The Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI), which is based on the amount of freight carried by the for-hire transportation industry, dropped 0.4 percent in December from November , with December 2015 freight shipments down 2.0

[INFOGRAPHIC, REPORT, & INTERACTIVE MAP] The US Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America


The principal causes of manufacturing job losses were growing trade deficits, especially with China, Mexico, and other low-wage nations, and the weak recovery from the Great Recession since 2009.

This Week in Logistics News (July 4-8, 2016)

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It was a relatively quiet week for supply chain and logistics news, with robots and weak freight demand dominating the headlines. Air cargo firms feel the pressure from plunge in freight prices (Reuters). Global trade volumes fell for the first time since 2009 by 1.7

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

After the development of bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, computer scientists, software industry, and the banking industry were intrigued by the potential applications of bitcoin’s underlying “blockchain” process. Christopher Tang.

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

After the development of bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, computer scientists, software industry, and the banking industry were intrigued by the potential applications of bitcoin’s underlying “blockchain” process. Christopher Tang.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


in the third quarter of 2015 according to the third preliminary estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in late December. in December 2015, up 6.7% in December 2015. Housing Starts: In November 2015, housing starts increased 10.3% in November 2015, down 0.9%

The State of the Industry: A Mid-year Look at Transportation and the Economy

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Capacity tightened up in 2014 , but then loosened again in 2015. Now, in 2016, the industry is seeing recessionary levels of excess truckload capacity similar to those of 2009. But to understand the current state of truckload capacity, we need to go back to January 2015.

How Does the Chinese New Year Impact Rate Volatility?

CH Robinson Transportfolio

On January 4, the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) posted figures that showed week over week increases of 98% on West Coast rates and 77% on East Coast rates. in 2015, accounting for the addition of 1.72

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

6 River Systems

Bed Bath & Beyond @BedBathBeyond Bed Bath & Beyond has discovered a way to save millions of dollars on freight over the next few years, thanks to a new 755,000 square-foot distribution facility slated to open in the fall of 2019.

Economic challenges continue springtime


percent in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.089 million homes, compared to March 2015 starts were up 14.2 percent and when compared to March of 2015, increased 1.5 On a non-seasonally adjusted basis the freight tonnage actually increased 10.2

Omaha 57

Countdown to ACE: Supply Chain Impact of Global eCustoms Initiatives

BluJay Solutions

Of course, ACE goes much further than advance filing of manifests, which has been mandatory for cargo arriving via vessel since 2009 under ISF (10+2) – it’s a fundamental change that recognizes the changing landscape of security risks and the impact of global trade on homeland security. .