Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

Logistics Bureau

So I’ve decided to indulge my craving by daring to speculate about what the supply chain of 2028 might look like. Instead I’m just drawing on my consulting experience, a little research, and perhaps a tiny bit of imagination to surmise what we might see if we could gaze into a fully functioning crystal ball and view the supply chain environment of 2028. The supply chain talent gap will not be a concern in the supply chain of 2028.

2020 Challenges and Solutions for HVAC Distributors


The HVAC industry is already highly competitive and is predicted to grow 13% through 2028. With an ever-expanding market and continuous industry updates, HVAC distributors already have a lot to keep track of without trying to manually keep track of their inventory. Inventory Challenges for HVAC Industry. What an inventory optimization tool like EazyStock will do is assign seasonal profiles to SKUs based on their demand history. Complete Inventory Overview.

The Supply Chain has Big Aspirations for Blockchain

Enterra Insights

By 2028, Gartner projects blockchain will become fully scalable technically and operationally.” Managing inventory. An aspiration is a hope or an ambition of achieving something. Another way of stating that is aspiration is desire mixed with reality. At the moment, blockchain technology seems to fit into the aspirational category.