Reshoring in America: The Future Outlook, Current Hindrances & Issues, and Ways to Stimulate Reshoring


Yesterday we spoke about the top motivations and reasons why reshoring in America from offshored facilities has several benefits and what are the statistics of reshoring since 2013. Future Outlook of Reshoring in America. Reshoring in America Outlook in the News & New Polls. Reshoring in America: Hindrances & Current Issues Stifling Reshoring. Further a hindrance to Reshoring in AMerica, the STEM and skills shortage presents another impediment to U.S.

Donate to Feeding America with iTradeMarketplace and Uber Freight


As an extension of our recent partnership with Uber Freight , iTradeMarketplace users can now donate produce to Feeding America food banks using Uber Freight via our site with zero shipping charges. We are happy to announce that our new Donations forum is live on iTradeMarketplace.


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The partnership between industry data giants will combine Chainalytics’ market intelligence products with’s rates data to provide increased visibility into contract and spot rates in North America. Press Release FMIC Freight Market Intelligence Consortium Freight Rate

Logistics in Latin America: A Mosaic of Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Talking Logistics

People often think of Latin America as a single entity, but in reality, it’s a fragmented environment, with country-specific trends, challenges, and opportunities. That was my main takeaway from a conversation I had recently on Talking Logistics with Ricardo Carrion, Senior Director, Operations and Business Development at DHL Latin America. Dealing with this mosaic of operating environments is one of the challenges that shippers and logistics service providers face in Latin America.

What are Freight Management Services?

Supply Chain Game Changer

What’s the Difference Between Freight Management and Logistics Management? Freight Management services article and permission to publish here provided by Saheer Gurjot. Why is freight management important? Types of Transport Companies Used in Freight Management Services.

Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?


Trucking Challenges in North America. But why just in North America? Automotive retail sales models in North America are also disparate compared to places like Europe. In North America, however, the buyer purchases the vehicle off the dealers lot and may often compromise on the exact features they want, or buy a vehicle with more features than they originally thought was needed. The post Will Trucking Challenges Transform JITS in North America?

What Freight Brokers Should Expect in 2015


As a freight broker , you know the importance of staying ahead of trends in your business. 2014 was a dynamic year for shipping and freight, and 2015 might present us with some surprising changes as well. One month in, here are our predictions for freight brokers in 2015: Manufacturing Comes Home. Companies have shifted manufacturing outside of North America , and shipping has been consolidated to large, central import locations. What does this mean for freight?

Editor’s Choice: BluJay Solutions Freight Market Index

Logistics Viewpoints

This week, we look at BluJay Solutions’ Freight Market Index. Our April 2020 Freight Market Index report will show America’s […]. The post Editor’s Choice: BluJay Solutions Freight Market Index appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Guest Commentary Transportation freight market freight market index

Two Important Questions About the Future of Freight Moves

Talking Logistics

Freight tons moving on the nation’s transportation network will grow 40 percent in the next three decades while the value of the freight will almost double, increasing by 92 percent, according to the latest projections by the U.S. Not surprising, considering the ongoing growth of e-commerce, freight moves in tons by “Multiple Modes and Mail” — which includes shipments by parcel delivery services, U.S.

The 7 Best Events For Freight Shipping in 2015


Are you up-to-date with the latest events in freight shipping and logistics? As you know, the atmosphere for freight brokers is only getting more competitive. Staying current in the world of shipping and freight also takes strong networking and communication. Conferences and expos are a chance for you to hear from the industry’s top players, and most importantly, build relationships with other freight shipping professionals. Freight freight shipping

4 Fascinating Freight Facts

Freight Center

The freight industry is a key component to the success of modern commerce. Check out these fascinating freight facts that perhaps you never knew. Freight Fact #4: Trucks are King. of the nation’s freight by weight.” You’ve probably been stuck behind a freight trailer once or twice on the highways, but it’s for a good reason. Freight Fact #3: Sea to Shining Sea. When you think about it, this might actually be one of the lesser surprising freight facts.

Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update W2


Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update Wk 2. Weekly update article on the Freightos International Freight Index exploring rate trends and their driving forces. 2018 started with China-US ocean freight prices increasing by 27% as supply chains came back into full swing. Following brief dips last week, ocean and air freight prices will likely rise in the run-up to the Chinese New Year closedown. Air Freight Pricing. Ocean Freight Pricing.

China 241

2020 Trends in Freight Transportation, and the COVID-19 Impact

Logistics Bureau

Now the entire freight transportation industry, across air, ocean, road, and rail sectors, is awash with disrupted expectations and has retreated into survival mode. Let’s take a look then, at each sector in turn, starting with air freight. Air Freight Transportation Trends 2020. The Freight Rate Roller Coaster. In the two years or so before 2020, capacity growth had been outstripping the rate at which demand was rising, keeping air freight rates down.

The FAST Act: America’s Infrastructure Promoting the Transportation Industry


America’s infrastructure , which ranges from bridges to potholes, has an average rating of a “D+.” The problems with America’s infrastructure are not specific to any one state. In January 2016, the Federal Highway Administration ( FHWA ) issued a notice of apportionment of Federal-Aid Highway Program Funds, encouraging states to begin working to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

How AEI Tags Are Changing the Way Freight Moves!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Do you have a Freight Management Strategy or are you Spinning your Wheels? Railyards and trucking companies place the AEI tags on their freight cars and tractors to help track shipping all over North America. The post How AEI Tags Are Changing the Way Freight Moves!

Air Freight Rates Peak, Ocean Rates Slowly Sink: Freight Rate Update W50


Air Freight Rates Peak, Ocean Rates Slowly Sink: Freight Rate Update Wk 50. Beyond bad weather and peak season, there are several other contributing factors for the air freight increase, including brisker world trade, burgeoning cross-border e-commerce, and air freight growth for several non-retail sectors. According to Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos, “The air freight spot market is playing an increasingly prominent role in holiday supply chains.

LTL Carrier Profile: Con-Way Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

LTL Carrier Profile: Con-Way Freight. Con-Way Freight is the second largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $3.3B Con-Way Freight has 9.4% Con-Way Freight is the largest of three 3 operating units owned by Con-Way Inc. Contract Freighters was based in Joplin, MO and grew to be one of America’s largest truckload carriers. Con-Way Freight was already located in Ann Arbor. Con-Way Freight has 425 service centers.

Supply Chains (And Freight Rates) Crank Up Again: Freight Rate Update W1


Supply Chains (And Freight Rates) Crank Up Again: Freight Rate Update Wk 1. As supply chains crank back into action following the vacation, the January ocean freight GRI (General Rate Increase) stuck, with China-US rates increasing by 27%. It seems oversupply will keep ocean freight prices low for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by a lackluster peak season. The situation is better for air freight. Air Freight Pricing. Ocean Freight Pricing.

America's Trucker Shortage Is Hitting Home

Supply Chain Brain

freight and generated $719bn in revenue in 2017, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). “We And now this compression point is sending waves of pain through the supply chain from distributors and wholesalers to retailers and consumers in the form of fast-rising shipping costs. Even Amazon and its Prime members are feeling the pinch. This predicament was a long time coming.

Digital Freight Marketplaces (DFM): The Growth of the Tech-Enabled Carrier Space


Guest Post from David Broering, President, North America Non-Asset When we last visited the topic of Digital Freight Marketplaces (DFM) in 2017, much of our time was focused on the definition of this service along with some observations surrounding what they are and are not related to within the freight marketplace. Brokerage DFM Digital Freight Marketplace Supply Chain Technology

What’s Next for a Bubbling Freight Market?

Zipline Logistics

Despite a pandemic that has disrupted many parts of the global supply chain, the freight market has been on a recent tear. Simply put, there is more freight than available trucks, which has severely tightened capacity and driven up rates. What’s Causing Upward Freight Market Trends?

Worker Shortages and More Pose a Challenge to Freight Companies


But issues surrounding labor and rising fuel prices pose real threats to the freight industry. To give you an idea of the size of America’s trucking industry , U.S. Technology Comes to the Aid of Freight Companies. truck drivers transportation freight truckingTransportation is one of the world's largest industries and deeply influences how efficiently global supply chains are able to run.

Do you have a Freight Management Strategy or are you Spinning your Wheels?

Supply Chain Game Changer

In going door to door trying to sell a Freight Management service, as well as in my experience working in companies, I have had the opportunity to see a variety of ways in which companies, large and small, were managing their Freight and Logistics spend. But I’ve seen instances where Freight is one of the top 5 largest expenses within a company. Aside from the cost impact the service implications of a poor Freight management system are enormous.

Worker Shortages and More Pose a Challenge to Freight Companies


But issues surrounding labor and rising fuel prices pose real threats to the freight industry. To give you an idea of the size of America’s trucking industry , U.S. Technology Comes to the Aid of Freight Companies. truck drivers transportation freight truckingTransportation is one of the world's largest industries and deeply influences how efficiently global supply chains are able to run.

Step Out of Line America: A Need for Action & Middle Class Paradigm Changes in the New American Economy


My passion lies with the “Made in America” movement. I don’t speak much about my accomplishments, but working my butt off since I was a little boy playing America’s game, I thought I would give myself a pat on the back. I feel that’s what got America into the trouble in the first place. I hear the political rhetoric about “Made in America” all the time during election season, it’s a great crowd pleaser, but at the end of the day is just an empty promise.

A Tipping Point?

Supply Chain Shaman

The merged company will be the third largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth in the world. For the larger supply chain (the larger freight infrastructure of the North American market), I worry. Kraft is a major shipper in North America, and is very mature at the management of freight. ” As a result, the loading of freight lanes will change. Yesterday morning, I woke to learn the news.

Embracing the South American Ecommerce Marketplace

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Ecommerce is on the rise in South America. That’s great news for shippers looking to expand their online retail presence in South America. Online retailers in South America have been struggling for years to overcome several obstacles to success, including extensive customs delays, poor transportation infrastructure, and the lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility. South America infrastructure at port and inland.

How Freight Brokers Can Help Ease the Effects of the Capacity Crunch


Economic growth, paired with other factors like driver retention, continues to cause tight transportation capacity and impact supply chains across North America. Today’s strong economy, resulting in greater construction projects and consumer shopping, has led to an increase in freight volume and in turn, a shortage of drivers.

50 Most Read Articles of All Time in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight


Since today is the last day of the year before we all get ramped up towards a productive 2016 and after finishing out top 10 most read articles in each of our five main categories ( Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , & Freight ) we wanted to give you all a treat and list the top 50 most read articles of all time from the Cerasis blog. 8 Most Common Reasons Why You May Receive a Freight Claim Declination Letter. Happy New Year!

American Freight Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX Solutions

American Freight Furniture and Mattress , one of the fastest growing omni-channel furniture retailers in the US with over 160 stores, has selected RELEX Solutions to power its forecasting and replenishment technology. RELEX’s technology will drive improved efficiency in American Freight’s supply chain processes and support their efforts to reach targets around increased store growth and profitability. Press Releases american-freightRead PDF.

Air Freight Frenzy: Freight Rate Update W49


Air Freight Frenzy: Freight Rate Update Wk 49. Last week saw yet more congestion for air freight, along with more sky-high air rates around the globe. US airports are experiencing significant congestion in the run-up to Christmas, affecting both domestic and international freight movements. Air freight congestion appears to have encouraged frustrated shippers to switch mode to sea, where there are no capacity issues to speak of. Europe-South America Atlantic.

An Update on the Reshoring Revolution in America & Some Surprising Facts


Essentially, the problems with reshoring are reflecting the growing skills gap in America and traditional competitive advantage actions. Freight costs of offshoring may exceed the freight costs of domestic shipping. . Customers are more involved in the product lifecycle when Made in America. customers want products made in America. is starting to feel more comfortable with paying slightly more for goods made in America than goods made in China.

Greg Lehmkuhl Named President of Con-Way Freight

Supply Chain Network

Gregory (Greg) Lehmkuhl has been named President of Con-way Freight Inc., president and CEO, who has served as interim President of Con-way Freight since August 2010. Greg Lehmkuhl’s team-building experience and management skills have been instrumental in returning operating stability and profitability to Con-way Freight,” said Stotlar. “He These strengths will serve him well as he assumes the leadership reins at Con-way Freight.”. Con-way Inc.

Logistics in 2020: The Future of Air & Sea Freight

BluJay Solutions

Globalization has meant that air and sea freight play a major role in getting consumer goods on the shelves in stores (online and virtual). In a recent white paper , Kewill has looked at the issues facing the global supply chain , especially logistics services providers and freight forwarders , and how it may look in 2020, including the future picture for air and sea freight. The post Logistics in 2020: The Future of Air & Sea Freight appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

Trucking in America *Infographic*


The job of a truck driver in America is crucial. In fact, 71% of all freight tonnage moves on trucks in the USA. The post Trucking in America *Infographic* appeared first on Kuebix. Trucking is the backbone of our economy and just about every industry would collapse without it. That means everything from food to medicine to building materials at one point probably rode on […].