L’Oréal: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

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Based in Paris, L’Oréal is a global personal care manufacturing company. This case study is the best example we have seen of a customer-centric supply chain. It is one of the most effective regional/global governance models studied.

TMS for SMB: A Case Study with Carhartt

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Its manufacturing capacity is at the highest level in the company’s history, and just two years ago Carhartt began opening its own retails stores across the country (with stores in 17 states as of the end of September 2016).

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Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

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Analysis of case study is certainly one of the most popular methods for people from business management background. Manufacturing systems and regulatory compliance are considered to be very complex, coupled with the limited number suppliers due to the high barriers to entry.

Judging Supply Chain Improvement: Campbell Soup Case Study

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Our approach simply breaks accountabilities and goals across the areas of Manufacturing, Logistics/Network Optimization and Ingredients/Packaging. Over the course of the last two years, we at Supply Chain Insight s have worked on a methodology to gauge supply chain improvement.

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


We conclude our ongoing series in talking about effective KPI management by giving you a real live Logistics KPIs management case study from Whirlpool's engagement with a logistics service level provider.

Case Study: TMS Reporting Saves 20% for Steel Manufacturer

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A national, high-quality steel manufacturer was experiencing difficulty within its supply chain because of a limited scope and sole focus on outbound management. The steel manufacturer realized its need to outsource logistics functions to a 3PL.

Redesign to Improve Value: A Case Study of a Supply Chain Leader

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In the recent study of the Voice of the Supply Chain Leader , we find that the gaps are large, and growing. Product reliability, in the case of durable goods, is the driving factor for product satisfaction.

Implementing RFID for Manufacturing Visibility: A Case Study

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The Project Amongst a number of small and large projects, one on-going project with a major automotive manufacturer based in the UK stands out.

Case Study: Major Medical Company Meets UDI Compliance


This label includes pertinent information such as the manufactured date and lot number. The post Case Study: Major Medical Company Meets UDI Compliance appeared first on AB&R. Background and Challenge.

Case Study: How Modine Makes Labeling in SAP Pain-Free


In the face of intense global competition, no manufacturer can afford the costly delays and disruptions due to labeling errors. Modine , a global leader of thermal management solutions, long recognized that a centralized approach to labeling was necessary to ensure labeling consistency across its manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturing SAP Barcode Labeling enterprise

A Case Study in Reverse Logistics Optimization!

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When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers set new goals for its European operations, ModusLink was there to help. The post A Case Study in Reverse Logistics Optimization! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Case Studies. A Case Study. This case study will show you the analysis of Apple Supply Chain core processes, challenging issues and complexities of its operations. Some re-sellers may also distribute products from the competing manufacturers. NAVIGATE.

7 Traits of Great Supply Chain Leader: A Case Study of Tim Cook

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He also reduced the manufacturing cycle time, from 4 months down to 2 months. The value of supply chain management as a discipline has gained more and more recognition from the business communities.

Unlocking the Value of Global Supply Chain: the Case Studies

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3) Contract Manufacturing Walmart is best known for EDLP (Everyday Lowest Price) strategy. For some agricultural products, they implement a system called “global direct farm” or a contract farming (manufacturing). Haier is one of the world leading appliance manufacturers from China.

Thow Back Thursday: First Solar case study ‘First Solar & Kinaxis Killed the Excel Star’. A video worth remembering


Over 25 years of supply chain, customer service and warranty management experience, Shellie has a diverse industry background in contract manufacturing, aerospace including avionics, mechanical, repair and overhaul, global distribution, global contact centers and warranty management.

Lull Case Study: Order Fulfillment that Doesn’t Keep You Up at Night


They had previously been relying on dropshipping from their manufacturers, but that left them with little flexibility to improve their delivery promise. Get the PDF of Lull’s case study >> Challenges to Order Fulfillment.

Next Generation Supply Chain Risk Management: A Case Study

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A case in point is offered by AGCO. AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of agricultural equipment. We are entering an era where it is becoming possible to detect supply chain risks much more quickly. In a discussion with AGCO’s Jan Theissen, Director of Strategy and Methods, and Jake Stone, Manager of Supply Chain Risk and Contract Management, I learned about this public, Atlanta headquartered corporation’s […].

7 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

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The following five mini case studies explore a few high-profile companies that have managed to sustain their supply chain cost-reduction efforts and keep expenses under control. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer chips, Intel needs little introduction.

Case Study: How Generac Power Systems Cut Millions from Its Global Transportation Spend

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Generac Power Systems, the number one manufacturer of home backup generators, became an international company in a few short years and developed a global supply chain that is now prepared for the next stage of growth.

Case Study: Why Supplier Capacity Management is Mission Critical


Magazine in 2013 and 2014, the maker of the nabi-brand of children’s tablets filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday amidst a messy financial battle with its investor and exclusive manufacturer, Foxconn. It’s been a rough year for Fuhu Inc. Named America’s fastest growing company by Inc.

Rockwell Automation: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

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At Rockwell this includes all processes end-to-end except for manufacturing. From a manufacturing perspective, products vary significantly in complexity. Solutions, for example, can take from 12 to 16 weeks to manufacture.

Case Study: Manufacturer Reduces Freight Spend Through Automation

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3PL Transportation Spend Case StudySituation. A North American producer of refractory bricks and mortars, with a network of over 30 plants and distribution centers throughout U.S. and Canada, was concerned about their transportation strategy. The company was apprehensive about their total freight spend, but didn’t know the best way to reduce costs.

Optimization and Execution: How Manufacturing can lead the Industry Renaissance

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Global manufacturing today faces significant operational challenges. How should manufacturers adapt to meet the challenges and shift from product-centric to customer-centric operations? Manufacturers that execute without having a realistic plan are working blindly.

3 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

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The following three mini case studies explore a few high-profile companies which have managed to sustain their supply chain cost reduction efforts and keep expenses under control. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer chips, Intel needs little introduction.

A Case Study of Risk Management in Colombia

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Featured Resilience center latin american logistics innovation Colombia home appliance manufacturing mitigating risk SCALE Network supply chain disruptions supply chain risk management

Delivering Green: Three Case Studies in Low-Carbon Logistics

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Caterpillar is the subject of one of three case studies that show how supply chain management can support both environmental and financial goals. Here are three case studies that offer clear, irrefutable evidence that sustainability and profitability can be compatible in the supply chain domain. Ocean Spray added new manufacturing and distribution capabilities in Florida to support the company’s growing customer base.

Vizion’s Quality Data Enables Smarter Container Tracking

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Gravity partners with Vizion to help businesses make data-driven decisions, increase shipping reliability, reduce risks, and supply chain disruptions.

Take Advantage of Digital Manufacturing to Improve Workforce Productivity

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Much has been done to improve manufacturing efficiency. As the common linchpin that brings together all manufacturing activities, has this metric improved along with all the investment in new technologies? Digital Manufacturing as an Enabler of Workforce Productivity.

Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


As with any industry, food and beverage faces its own unique set of supply chain challenges, including: Expiring ingredients, manufactured product and packaged goods. The vendor is usually the supplier, a manufacturer or a distributor.

Fighting the Chargebacks, A Case Study

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Managed Service saves leading US based food manufacturer money, adds productivity . The customer is a 75-year-old manufacturer and distributor of food products based in the Northeast with challenging customers in the foodservice and retail space. Aborn & Co.

Contract Manufacturer Selection

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The post Contract Manufacturer Selection appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. Case StudyWith the help of Insight Solutions Global, the client found the ideal supplier to deliver their products on time and on budget, developed a healthy supplier relationship, and gained more control over the supply chain.

ANCA Streamlines Procurement with the QAD Supplier Portal


It’s a niche industry, but also one of the cornerstones of discrete parts manufacturing. They’re complex machines assembled from thousands of parts, many purchased from highly specialized manufacturers. There’s more information in the full case study.

Coronavirus a Substantial Supply Chain Interruption – The Importance of Digital Supply Chain


It has demonstrated that supply chain interruptions from a manufacturing excursion to a port strike to an infectious disease outbreak require two actions from any firm: preparation and response.

Profiles in Yard Management Excellence by Adrian Gonzalez: Carhartt


Case Study innovation yard management system manufacturing

5 Supply Chain Trends You Can’t Ignore (Takeaways from Accellos Conference)

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Why must 3PLs — as well as manufacturers, retailers, and distributors — think more strategically about talent management? Because best-in-class execution depends on best-in-class people (see “ The Case for Competing on Logistics Talent ”).