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Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

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Manufacturing Plant Site Selection: Where to Locate Your Manufacturing Plant


Editor’s Note: This article comes from Steve Wright who works for Whirlwind Steel and shares his knowledge on manufacturing plant site selection. There are a number of factors to consider in manufacturing plant site selection to ensure you have the best location for your new plant. Unlike retail, office, or residential locations, a manufacturer must also consider various environmental regulations , workforce issues, and raw material availability, among other things.


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20 warehouse professionals and business leaders reveal the single most important first step when designing a warehouse layout

6 River Systems

There are many factors to consider when designing a warehouse layout, and every design decision can have a significant impact on operational efficiency. Curtis Barry & Company , labor comprises more than half of a warehouse’s total operations costs. A poorly designed warehouse floor plan means warehouse associates must walk longer distances to accomplish tasks, resulting in wasted time and resources. Warehouse requirements do not denote storage alone.

Solving the Procurement Data Dilemma: Using supplier data to drive successful relationships

HICX Solutions

In our second interview in the series on ‘Solving the Procurement Data Dilemma,’ which supports a full survey carried out by HICX and Raconteur on the subject, Gren Manuel speaks to Richard Wilding, OBE. New demands on Procurement. Procurement for resilience, not just cost.

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Solving the Procurement Data Dilemma: Using supplier data to drive successful relationships

HICX Solutions

In our second interview in the series on ‘Solving the Procurement Data Dilemma,’ which supports a full survey carried out by HICX and Raconteur on the subject, Gren Manuel speaks to Richard Wilding, OBE. New demands on Procurement. Procurement for resilience, not just cost.

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21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

6 River Systems

If you can use new technology to enhance communication with suppliers, manufacturers and more, you will have a tighter grasp on everything that is happening around your company. He has worked with 300+ clients in manufacturing, IS selection and implementation and project management.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

6 River Systems

Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. John Moss @EnglishBlinds John Moss is the CEO of English Blinds , the manufacturers of bespoke window blinds and shades. Warehouse Operations

E-Commerce Shipping: Why Shippers Are Mastering E-Commerce to Go Omnichannel


E-Commerce Shipping Comes With Unique Challenges As explained by SPS, shippers may lack the physical resources, read “warehousing space,” necessary to handle e-commerce shipping. In addition, shippers may lack the resources necessary to push operations beyond availability and reliability of procurement. As a result, manufacturers may choose to work with other resellers. Download White Paper.

6 More Logistics Technology Trends Enabling Success in 2018


download ebook. However, logistics focuses expressly on the movement and storage of products, while the supply chain goes into deeper detail, including manufacturing processes, procurement, and the flow of goods. The decision by Amazon will result in increased development of robots for use in logistics and other functions in warehouses such as packing and picking. In today’s blog post we continue our look at the logistics technology trends that will shape 2018.

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Automation in the supply chain to get major boost in 2019


A new report and industry survey from eyefortransport finds that automation is the top investment priority for retailers and manufacturers in 2019, particularly within the warehouse. The drive to get goods to customers at speed and to achieve operational efficiencies in what is currently a very tight labour market is pushing the investment environment to strongly focus on making more efficient warehousing operations that incorporate automation throughout.

The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017


Today, is day two of our annual year-end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 5 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation Management , Freight. We want to make sure that supply chain practitioners, as well as manufacturers, understand how all of these technologies are affecting the entire supply chain, including the supply chain & procurement side of a manufacturing operation.

Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics: Looking to Examples Across Industries for Better Understanding


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Blockchain is entering a phase of development that will affect every aspect of supply chain and logistics management, ranging from procurement to forward logistics and beyond. Retail Blockchain – Applications of blockchain technology in the retail supply chain go back to the sourcing of a product, validity, sustainable practices during manufacturing, movement through international trade, returns management, and recycling or reclamation of raw materials.

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


We’ve already listed the top 10 manufacturing blog posts and the top 10 supply chain blog posts last week. Some logistics involves transportation or warehouses or both. It is evident, the two most popular themes around logistics in 2014 based on these page views have to deal with Reverse Logistics , e-commerce , and information around the warehouse. Below you can download the LTL Freight Management presentation with notes and also view the webinar in its entirety.

[e-Book] How To Shift From Tactical To Strategic Logistics and Transportation Management To Create A Competitive Advantage


You can download our first e-Book, "The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries" here. Strategic Logistics: 8 Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency. We release our second e-book today by focusing on strategic logistics and transportation management creates a competitive business advantage for shippers.

ThankX Delivery Services!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Next, Leto connected Colon to an app developer (Divine Digital Agency), which created an effective, engaging, and interactive app – now available on the itunes, Apple, and Google stores (“ThankX”) for download! Visit for additional information and app download link!

5 More Transformative Supply Chain Technologies Supply Chains Will Focus on in 2018 to Move to the Next Level


Download white paper. 2018 will be the year in which more companies choose to leverage the power of 3PL-based technologies, including transportation management systems (TMS) but also other transformative supply chain technologies like a Warehouse Management System, a Yard Management System, a Labor Management System, all integrated together via APIs connected to the cloud with added extensions to handle automated cycle-counting or network optimization.

3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

BluJay Solutions

Yet the potential for manufacturers and retailers/distributors to streamline and simplify production and distribution processes as well as increasing the possibilities for customization of products is clear, and media and industry interest in how to harness this technology to drive innovation is gathering pace. The attractiveness of 3D printing for manufacturers and retailers/distributors centers around reducing both lead times and the risks involved in holding inventory.

Supply Chain Innovation: How to Build an Award-Winning Supply Chain


As a leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, Lennox Residential’s business strategy depends on exceptional parts availability and customer service. A single model for both intermittent finished goods and service parts now provides end-to-end visibility across the entire chain, from stores to manufacturing plants and upstream suppliers. Click below to download Lennox's CSCMP award-winning presentation: Supply Chain Planning

2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


We kick off today a month-long focus on trends in the following categories: Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management. We have already covered the top 6 trends for 2016 in manufacturing. Facility Planning : You’ll be able to visualize your next warehouse in full-scale before even beginning construction. 2016 Supply Chain Trend #6: Procurement’s New (read Bigger) Role in the Supply Chain.

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Innovate or Die: How’s Your eCommerce Strategy?


Short-term warehousing isn’t new. On-demand warehousing solutions make it possible to solve for inventory overflow and add fulfillment centers with little-to-no risk and no long-term lease agreements. With access to a warehouse marketplace, you can search for available space and leverage multiple warehouse partners to create the distribution network you need. So while short-term warehousing isn’t a new concept, on-demand warehousing is. Download Now.

Lull Case Study: Order Fulfillment that Doesn’t Keep You Up at Night


They had previously been relying on dropshipping from their manufacturers, but that left them with little flexibility to improve their delivery promise. FLEXE has enabled us to “grow faster as a business… They’ve given us the flexibility to create new partnerships with manufacturers and offer more products to our customers.” – Robert Vaughn, Director of Product Operations, Lull. Blog and video: 2018 D3: Future-Proof Your Warehouse Strategy.

Better Spare Parts and Supply Chain Management via 3D Printing

Logistics Bureau

This is a form of supply that takes traditional warehousing and demand planning out of the equation. There is then no need to store physical objects in a physical warehouse. Waste is also limited by the efficient manufacturing process. On the other hand, traditional manufacturing is subtractive. Costs must also be correctly compared, if 3D printing is to justifiably replace traditional manufacturing. Supply chain management is a constant juggling act.

Supply Chain Management:Why not WMS App? - Infosys Blogs

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Industrial Manufacturing. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. The companies today need a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can be implemented quickly, configured easily and which is cost effective. The concept is similar to downloading Apps i.e. applications to your iPhone from Apple Store. These Apps can be downloaded and implemented from a day to few minutes. About Us.

Like A Green Lump of Clay….

Supply Chain Shaman

To see the what I built, check it out on SlideShare or view/download it in the SCI Community ). These can be shift in the channel, issues in manufacturing, increasing variability in transportation, or a shift in commodity prices. Alternate Bill of Materials and Alternate Sourcing: The more alternatives that exist through the manufacturing and procurement processes, the easier it is to design the supply chain to absorb cost and supplier variability.

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

Logistics Bureau

Instead, it continues, to include the entire lifecycle of a product, from sourcing of raw materials, to the return and recycling of the product, and reintroduction of recycled materials into the manufacturing or production process. Lawmakers are placing obligations on manufacturers to own the future of the materials they process. It’s time to start looking ahead again.

Technology’s Role in Improving the Supply Chain

BluJay Solutions

There is an emphasis on breaking down the barriers that isolate the departmental silos in order to create one converged supply chain across procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and support. Download our eBook, “ Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud.”. In today’s supply chain landscape, technology is becoming the key driver of an organization’s success, innovation and competitive edge.

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7 Ways Transportation Companies Can Improve Customer Experience


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2018 Supply Chain Trends: Omnichannel, Customer Experience, & Regulations to Shape the Industry


Download ebook. Warehouse Managers Will Work More on Attracting New Talent. The Trump administration has made no qualms about its disinterest in existing trade agreements, favoring a policy that brings manufacturing and supply chain positions back to the US. Change will flow throughout all supply chains in 2018, regardless of products or services offered.

3 Technology Companies Disrupting Shipping


The speakers cover everything from air and ocean freight to trucking and warehousing. I’m Nerijus Poskus — Director of Pricing and Procurement at Flexport. We are a marketplace for warehousing services. So if you operate a warehouse, if you rely on 3PL to operate your warehouse, we are a networked marketplace of, essentially, 3PL services. Do I want to lease a warehouse that will cover my peak and sort of go to church for Easter Sunday, therefore?

New online insight hub revealed to increase intelligence resources for supply chain decision makers


Historically, we’ve done this through free to download whitepapers and reports but have increasingly looked to webinars where key decision makers and influential stakeholders can share best practice in their industry directly with the market between events as well. . Wherever you are involved in the supply chain ecosystem; as a manufacturing, retailer, logistics or tech solution provider, we can now house a far greater library of content than has previously been possible.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): Where to Find Them Now and in the Future

Veridian Solutions

The applications of AMR in the warehouse are limitless, capable of replacing human labor for demanding, repetitive tasks. Warehouses will be able to fill more orders, replenish inventory faster, and reap significant savings and return on the investment in AMR on labor costs and through risk reductions. AMRs are already breathing new life into warehouse operations through four, distinct types of robots, reports Craig Guillot of Supply Chain Dive. Download WhitePaper.

This Week in Logistics News (February 29 – March 4, 2016)

Talking Logistics

You can also download the.MP3 file for each episode directly from its Talking Logistics page. This self-service 4-session course provides an overview of how to build a strong transportation management foundation, with a focus on strategy development, procurement, the role of technology, and the importance of enabling a continuous improvement culture and processes. Before diving into this week’s supply chain and logistics news, I want to share a couple of quick news items of our own.