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A Mental Break From Coronavirus

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On Monday mornings, I usually write a post about some emerging trend or topic in the world of supply chain and logistics.

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E-Commerce Freight Shipping in 2020: Is This the Year Heavier Freight in E-Commerce Proliferates?


The state of e-commerce continues to move more toward heavier, non-traditional online purchases. The trend has been evident in recent years, but heavier freight remained on the fringe of e-commerce shipping.

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Coronavirus: The Impact on Logistics and Supply Chains

PLS Logistics

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a global pandemic affecting people, cities, businesses, and supply chains all over the world. eBook coronavirus COVID-19 covid19 disruptions ebook logistics shipping disruptions supply chains

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High-scoring talent

Supply Chain Movement

In today’s rapidly changing world, companies should no longer focus on their employees’ weaknesses. Striving to be an all-rounder – just good enough in all areas – belongs to the previous decade’s era of continuous process optimization.

New Planning Maturity Assessment

In today's new supply chain paradigm, resilience and agility are key. Is your planning process fit enough to keep up with the pace of change? Is your tech stack helping or hindering your progress? Take AIMMS's new quiz to uncover learnings and benchmark yourself against peers!

Optimizing the Modern Data Analytics User Experience (UX)!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. What is Big Data? Data analytics user experience article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by William Rovetto.

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Amazing Supply Chain of Coca-Cola

All Things Supply Chain

To start off with this is not a commercial blog article. Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world anyway and Coca-Cola one of the most famous… Amazing Supply Chain General amazing supply chain

WMS Software Procurement Lifecycle: How to Evaluate, Select, Implement, Modify, & Realize ROI

Veridian Solutions

The warehouse management system (WMS) serves as the system of record for warehouses and distribution centers. The WMS software procurement lifecycle remains a challenge for many supply chain leaders. As explained by Tom Gresham of Inbound Logistics : .



How Global Supply Chains will be Affected at a Macro Level by the COVID-19 Pandemic. By: Saroj Tripathi, VP, Field Operations NA and ANZ. COVID-19 is leaving an indelible impression on global supply chains. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a “pandemic” on March 11, 2020.

How to Manage Supply Chain Impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic: From WalMart to Tesla to ThroughPut Inc


With alarming levels of spread and severity, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has first shaken and then fundamentally changed the world we live in over the past few months. The characteristic of the situation causes lots of fear in our communities.

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Coronavirus and Your Supply Chain

Speaker: Rob Handfield, PhD, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at NC State University

Join this informative webinar with Rob Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at NC State University, who will go over how the Coronavirus has impacted supply chains, as well as discussing approaches for preparing your supply chain for future outbreaks of major global disruptions. The world is becoming a riskier place, and it is important to plan for disasters ahead of time.

Replenishment 101: What is replenishment?


What is replenishment? The dictionary defines replenishment as the “restoration of a stock or supply to a former level or condition.” So, typically this means that product is missing from the shelf and needs to be refilled or replenished.

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No Manufacturer is Exempt from the Hammer Coronavirus is Bringing Down on Industry

Maine Pointe

Risk preparation and optionality. Collin Ziemerink EVP Industrial Manufacturing & Services at Maine Pointe considers the immediate actions manufacturing companies can take to weather the current storm and prepare for the next one.

G20 can play vital role in combating effects of coronavirus


supply chain risk management SCRM Best Practices supply chain resilience supply chain risk Supply Chain Impact business continuity coronavirus update supply chain delays

How Ecommerce Brands Are Helping Fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus) + Resources for Those in Need


With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, the ShipBob team wants to help those in need. We aim to educate the impacted communities with offers from ecommerce brands and other companies that are available to them during this trying time. . We’ve aggregated offers below from those close to us, but we also ask you and your network for submissions about others you know of.

5 Perceptions on Demand Forecasting and How it's Changing

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS

It’s no secret that demand is getting more difficult to predict. Is your demand forecasting process evolving with the times? How does your process stack up against others? Are you satisfied with your level of forecast accuracy? This webinar shares research findings from a recent survey among supply chain planning professionals to help you answer these questions.

COVID-19: Six Questions to Ask Your Transportation Audit Partner


Reduce Transportation Costs and Increase Visibility. The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting supply chain networks in areas that we took for granted just months ago.

Acquisition Announcement: Terra Worldwide Logistics acquires American Global Logistics; Chad Rosenberg joins TWL as CEO

American Global Logistics

Leading third-party logistics provider, Terra Worldwide Logistics (”TWL or “the Company”) announced today that it has acquired the assets of Georgia-based American Global Logistics (“AGL”). This acquisition enhances TWL’s range of supply chain solutions and increases the scale and density of the Company’s rapidly growing operations. Jim Briles, a former founder, COO and CEO of […].

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What Does Augmented Analytics Mean for Procurement?


It’s OK, we understand. Here we are throwing another buzzword at you. But bear with us because it is not really the words that matter, but the thinking and the technology behind the words. And most importantly, what augmented analytics can do for you. Read up on How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. Let’s step back first. Analytics has been with us for some time – more than a couple of decades.

Coronavirus and lessoning the impact on our supply chains: lessons learnt from a multinational company operating in China

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, here are some insights from the CEO of supply chain planning software vendor, FuturMaster, on the impact of the virus outbreak and how companies can anticipate and react to such crisis situations based on the lessons learnt from various customers – including one of the world’s largest suppliers of bottled water operating in China

Point-of-Danger ICE Raids and Audits

Speaker: Max Muller, Attorney and Author

Supply chain managers should constantly be on guard against forces that could cause a significant point-of-failure in or to their supply chains. The sudden loss of a workforce is an evolving danger to those who provide raw materials, subassemblies, finished goods, and/or necessary services to supply chains; and to entities requiring those items or services. Join Max Muller for this timely, fast-paced and guidance rich webinar that will educate you on the specific steps involved in undertaking your own internal audit, as well as providing you with guidance on what your major and/or sole source suppliers should do as well.

COVID-19: Applying Lean to the Warehouse


Do More with Less Within the 4 Walls of the Warehouse. We recognize that times are tumultuous and every organization is facing significant operational disruptions due to COVID-19. One of the simplest approaches to solving supply chain constraints, such as a reduced labor force, is the application of Lean principles. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are looking to ramp up production to get the goods we as consumers need during this time.

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The Future of the Trucking Industry: What it Means for Manufacturing

USC Consulting Group

Once one of America’s most respected professions, truck driving now generally struggles to be seen in a positive light. Instead of being seen as a traditional, hard-working segment of the workforce, unpleasant notoriety now exists around truck drivers.

Taking a Systems Approach to Airport Planning, Design, and Operation

DELMIA Quintiq

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series on Airports by Isaac Benzaquen and Jerry Schwinghammer. As mentioned in previous blogs, the Virtual Twin is the link between virtual and physical environments. Virtual twin is becoming increasingly to create a smart airport.

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Tips for EazyStock Customers During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The world is facing unprecedented times as the effects and consequences of COVID-19 make their mark on businesses large and small. Many organizations are working hard to make the right decisions under extreme pressure right now. The situation can seem overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to navigate the supply chain disruptions. Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock, shares his best tips on how EazyStock customers can manage inventory during a crisis.

How is Demand Forecasting changing? How do you compare to your peers?

AIMMS conducted research to assess how supply chain teams perceive the accuracy of their forecast and discover the tools and techniques they are using to upgrade the forecasting process. In this report, you will find helpful benchmarks and insights offered by your peers on the latest demand forecasting techniques, forecast granularity and periodicity, and expectations for the future.

PINC’s Matt Yearling has been recognized as 2020 Supply Chain Pro To Know


Are You Considering Purchasing Electric Trucks? There is a Lot to Think About

Logistics Viewpoints

Companies with sustainability initiatives related to reducing greenhouse trucks often consider purchasing electric trucks. But companies need to pay attention to more than the purchase price. In particular, considerations surrounding the charging infrastructure can be complex.

Supply Chain Video News on Top Stories Last Week on Corona and the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Digest

From Trucking Challenges to Amazon FC Closing Due to Infection

Video 32

U.S. Postal Service 2020 Integrated Financial Plan – A Review

Logistics Trends and Insights

A share from our friend, Bob Fisher , this review is intended to provide a baseline of performance and productivity trends.

Top 5 Barriers to Supply Chain Network Design Adoption and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS, and Paul van Nierop, Supply Chain Planning Specialist, AIMMS

Want to build your internal capability, reduce costs and make better decisions? It's easier than you think. This on-demand webinar shares research findings from Supply Chain Insights, including the top 5 obstacles that bog you down when trying to improve your network design efforts.