Thu.Sep 09, 2021

3-Way Invoice Matching: What It is, How It Works, & Why You Should Use It


The 3-way matching is the process of matching the purchase order, goods received, and invoice to validate the purchase details before issuing a payment.

How Can Your Business Achieve Economic Supply Chain Sustainability?


Anybody with a stake at any point along the supply chain will tell you that things can go wrong in a second. And when they do, every business suffers the effects.


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What Does the Census Mean for the Grocery Business?

Enterra Insights

Perhaps the biggest news generated by the latest census data was the fact that the “white” population decreased for the first time since such data has been collected. William H.

Digital Transformation in Last Mile Delivery

Logistics Viewpoints

Before digital transformation revolutionized last mile delivery in grocery retail, one of my favorite activities was going to the supermarket with my family.

Is Digital Procurement Transformation Delivering on the Promise?

Is your digital transformation working, or is it still a work in progress? Download this report, from a GEP-sponsored survey from ISM, to check your performance and see how your peers are reaching their transformation goals.

French cyberattack compromises details of 8,700 visa applicants

IT Supply Chain

By Ronnen Brunner (pictured). VP of EMEA, ExtraHop. The post French cyberattack compromises details of 8,700 visa applicants appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

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Despite a fall in sales in August, eCommerce is here to stay

IT Supply Chain

By Samantha Mansfield (pictured). Head of Strategy, LiveArea EMEA . The post Despite a fall in sales in August, eCommerce is here to stay appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Maersk and Canadian Pacific open Vancouver transload facility

The Supply Chain Journal

A transload facility at Vancouver developed by Maersk and Canadian Pacific is open for business. The new Pacific Transload Express facility will bring “more speed and agility to demand fluctuations while also reducing demurrage and detention costs,” Maersk touted Thursday.

AIoT & edge analytics: a powerful combination

IT Supply Chain

By Johan Jonzon (pictured). CMO & Co-Founder at Crosser. The post AIoT & edge analytics: a powerful combination appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Truck driver killed in Texas after collision with freight train

The Supply Chain Journal

A truck driver is dead following a collision Wednesday involving a tractor-trailer and freight train just northeast of Houston, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The accident happened just after 7 a.m.

Implementing Supply Chain Network Design

Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. These goals are often at odds with one another. How do you find the optimum balance? This guide offers hands-on advice that will help you use network design to achieve successful results.

US University hit by ransomware attack shines light on higher education as attractive target

IT Supply Chain

By Mike Campfield (pictured). Head of EMEA Operations, ExtraHop. The post US University hit by ransomware attack shines light on higher education as attractive target appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Retailers’ inventories suggest restocking long way from finished

The Supply Chain Journal

Inventory levels increased for the nation’s largest retailers during the fiscal second quarter that ended July 31. However, when looking at merchandise positions relative to sales, many big-box chains are operating at a significant supply deficit compared to two years ago.

Sitting comfortably

IT Supply Chain

By Gary Ison (pictured). Sales Training & Product Development Manager. Toyota Material Handling UK. The post Sitting comfortably appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

CMA CGM caps its rates. What does this mean for container shipping?

The Supply Chain Journal

France’s CMA CGM, the world’s third-largest ocean carrier, will cease all increases in spot rates worldwide through Feb. 1, effectively immediately. At first blush, the decision sounds like a game changer.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Hiring In 2021

With vaccination rates rising, consumers spending more money, and people returning to offices, the job market is going through a period of unprecedented adjustment. As the New York Times observed, “It’s a weird moment for the American economy.” And recruiting professionals are caught in the middle. To make the most of this disruption, you need to understand the economic drivers, develop a strong strategy for unearthing valuable talent, and use the latest tech tools to get the job done. Read this guide to get your recruiting practice ready to thrive in the new normal.

Learning from deep space automation

IT Supply Chain

By Neil Ballinger (pictured). Head of EMEA, EU Automation. The post Learning from deep space automation appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Biden vaccine mandate may worsen low driver retention rates

The Supply Chain Journal

An emergency rule being developed by the U.S. Department of Labor mandating vaccines or weekly testing for workers at companies with 100 or more employees is likely to exacerbate the already low driver retention rates in the trucking industry.

FTTP & SOGEA: what businesses need to know

IT Supply Chain

By Kristian Torode (pictured). Director & Co-Founder, Crystaline. The post FTTP & SOGEA: what businesses need to know appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Hours-of-service relief part of response to historic Minnesota drought

The Supply Chain Journal

Minnesota farmers have been slapped in the face by Mother Nature this year. A major drought has dried up hay crops, leaving many farmers and cattle ranchers in the dust and prompting a multipronged government response that relies in part on relaxing hours-of-service regulations on truck drivers. ‘I’ve

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

Shipper Pain Points with Brad Forester

The Logistics of Logistics

Shipper Pain Points with Brad Forester. Brad Forester and Joe Lynch discuss the shipper pain points. Brad is the Founder of JBF Consulting , which specialize in freight technology – strategy, system integration, implementation and deployment. About Brad Forester.

United Express operator Air Wisconsin dips toe in air cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

Air Wisconsin, which flies under the United Express brand as a regional partner of United Airlines, is exploring opportunities as an all-cargo carrier with a single freighter it expects to deploy in early December, President and CEO Robert Binns said.

How to Pack Designed Décor Items for Moving!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. 4 Ways Packaging Optimization Can Improve Business Processes! Designed décor items article and permission to publish here provided by Elise Parker. We spend a lot of time and money on home décor.

777 aircraft conversions: Mammoth Freighters takes on the ‘Big Twin’

The Supply Chain Journal

Mammoth Freighters LLC, backed by funds managed by Fortress Investment Group, on Thursday publicly launched a business that will convert used 777s into all-cargo planes that can carry heavy containers on the main deck instead of passenger seats.

New Supply Chain Design Software Benefits Calculator

Curious how much can you potentially save by optimizing your supply chain network? Our benefits calculator helps you find out.

What does AIB certification mean for 3PL providers?

West Coast and California Logistics

If your company is looking for a food-grade third-party logistics (3PL) provider, there’s a lot of vetting required to make sure it can protect the integrity of your products.

MacGregor Partners provides ‘glide path’ to contactless eBOL industry adoption

The Supply Chain Journal

The pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation across the supply chain. Perhaps no more so than in transportation, trucking and its intersection with facilities — the interaction between drivers, facility staff and the ubiquitous paper that accompanies this interplay.

Is a Phoenix Distribution Center a Lower-Cost Alternative to an LA Warehouse?

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

In the face of continued supply chain disruption from COVID-19, retail shippers should consider a Phoenix distribution center as a more cost-effective alternative to Southern California to reach customers in the Southwestern and Western United States.

Great freight debates — Freightonomics

The Supply Chain Journal

nVision Global, is a leading Global Freight Audit, Supply Chain Management Services company offering enterprise-wide supply chain solutions.

Just in Time vs. Just in Case: What’s the Way Forward for Supply Chains?

Just-in-time supply chains worked just fine — until they didn’t. Is more inventory the answer? It’s not a binary solution. Read this latest GEP paper to learn how enterprises can ensure adequate supplies without running excess inventory.