Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

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The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


and HOUSTON, Tex. Our services help clients develop the right supply chain strategy for their business challenges and implement the process and technology solutions to improve Demand/Supply Planning, Procurement and Sourcing, Logistics and Warehousing, and Reverse Logistics business performance. Founded in 2002, Spinnaker has offices in Boston, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, London, and Singapore. PRESS RELEASE.

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Managing Logistics for The World’s Largest Company with Gary Sostack

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Then, after a short spell in New Orleans, I moved to Houston to work with supply chain in oil and gas. If you live in Houston, you know who it is. We found equipment and materials that can’t be sourced locally. As globalization has taken place, more things can be sourced locally. One of the bidders had a very unorganized warehouse. For the last four years, I’ve been teaching at the University of Houston.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

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Logistics technologies such as robotic warehouse systems make automation a reality, while drones improve last-mile delivery capabilities and better tracking with tools like RFID tags improve visibility throughout the supply chain. RFID tags and robotic warehouse systems generate and transmit data that, when combined with other data sources, allow companies to optimize the supply chain and make better predictions and forecasts to improve efficiency and boost the bottom line.

This Week in Logistics News (April 22-26, 2019)

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req’d) Amazon adds in-garage delivery to in-home, in-car options (Good Morning America) Kroger’s autonomous delivery cars latest salvo in Houston grocery wars (Houston Chronicle) Walmart to Develop Its Own Supply Chain for Angus Beef (WSJ – sub. Have you seen the video of the chimpanzee using Instagram? Here it is in case you missed it: Here's a video of a Chimpanzee using Instagram. It's eye-opening.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. Imagine you are at your desk in Houston and you need to determine whether a completed order left the warehouse in China. Transportation, consolidation, warehousing, and customs services can be combined with P.O. All freight in a vendor assembly program is sourced for a single company.

The 12 Most Dangerous Companies of 2018

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Source ID. Content Summary: Amazon , Seattle, WA: Seven workers have been killed at Amazon warehouses since 2013—including three workers within five weeks at three separate locations in 2017. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Content Summary: Patterson UTI Energy , Houston, TX: Five workers dead in an explosion in Quinton, OK. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.

What’s on Your Radar? Planning for Less Disruption in the Wake of Severe Weather and Disasters

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Source: © 2019 Munich Re, Geo Risks Research, NatCatSERVICE. These critical efforts significantly disrupt typical freight flows in the United States, which was evident after Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The potential impact of natural disasters on production facilities and warehouses, for example, can be significant. Extreme weather events are becoming more widespread, but transportation and logistics pros can take steps to be better prepared and mitigate the impact.

Harvey and Irma’s Effect on the Logistics Industry

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Houston is a Major Transportation Hub. Harvey flooded Houston, turning the fourth largest city in the U.S. Here’s why Houston is so significant to transportation: Most goods transported from Mexico and South America go through Houston before being routed to their end destinations. Most of Houston’s refineries shut down during the storm. The Port of Houston handles more than two thirds of the Gulf region’s container traffic. Sources: [link].

How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

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Congested ports, complicated regulations, less than optimal modal capacity, undesirable taxation regimes, dilapidated roads, and overall operational inefficiencies are constant sources of anxiety within the business community. Shippers should include India in their global shipping strategy by looking into new carriers, routes, distribution centers, warehouses, and customers and planning their supply logistics around them.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


The trade-offs are especially critical for destinations in a “battleground” region that stretches from Detroit in the north to Houston in the south. Modern TMS solutions are designed to help shippers make such trade-offs, with analytics platforms that take data from multiple sources and present the shipper with a single access point for calculating total landed cost. New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS.Connect by TMC.

Answering the Call in Times of Disaster

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So in this case, armed with data-driven software tools that afforded it real-time visibility into production at the mill level, as well as inventory at the warehouse level, and transportation capacity across multiple modes, the manufacturer could give the big-box chain, one of its biggest retail clients, options for covering the expected short-term spike in demand. Recent estimates suggest that Hurricane Harvey destroyed a minimum of 100,000 homes in the Houston-Beaumont, Texas, area.

Are You a Joint Employer of Your 3PL’s Contract Workers? Thoughts on NLRB Decision in Browning-Ferris Case

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The Houston-based company hired Leadpoint Business Services to staff a recycling facility in California. The Wall Street Journal provided some details on the working relationship between Browning-Ferris and Leadpoint , which is similar to how many 3PLs and customers work, especially in warehousing operations: Browning-Ferris and Leadpoint employed separate supervisors and maintained distinct human resource departments.

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This Week in Logistics News (August 28 – September 1, 2017)

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Port Houston Container Terminals to Resume Operations Friday (WSJ – sub. LevaData to Transform Strategic Sourcing for Global Procurement and Supply Chain Leaders. The rains and winds of Tropical Storm Harvey are over, but the impact of the storm on the residents of Houston and the surrounding areas will continue for some time. August is usually a quiet month for supply chain and logistics news, but not this year, especially the past couple of weeks.