Who said supply chains are boring?: $10M Grant Creates New.

Supply Chains Rock

Tuesday, September 14, 2010. The web-based procurement system will enable "one-stop-shopping" for small and medium-sized firms seeking a share of a combined $150 billion worth of business generated by large company supply chains every year. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

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Chameleon Billboard Teaches about Smarter Supply Chains

Supply Chains Rock

Sunday, April 11, 2010. Procurement Staffing. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two. Little do they realize that every time they discard or recycle a carton of milk they are completing the end of the supply chain cycle.

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Who said supply chains are boring?: IBM Goes Greener for Earth Day

Supply Chains Rock

Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Timed perfectly with Earth Day, IBMs procurement arm has come out with a bold effort requiring its 30,000 suppliers in 60 countries to advance their sustainability efforts. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

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Sustainable Procurement Leaders


1) Why is Sustainable Procurement important for GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI? Sustainable Procurement is one of the significant engagements GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI has in CSR policies. For GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI, Sustainable Procurement is important because we are aware of the impact we can have by changing the way we procure goods and services. Sustainable Procurement is not about competition between companies: it is about differentiation.

Sustainability : Can Procurement do better than Governments?


The role of Procurement leaders, is therefore becoming critical, to help drive the Sustainability agenda of their suppliers, while minimizing risks, and fostering innovations for their own companies Since the failure of the Copenhagen conference, to agree on a real regulation of carbon emissions last December, it is becoming increasingly clear that governments are struggling to reach agreements on Sustainability issues.

P&G announces the launch of the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard


P&G announced on May 12, 2010 the launch of the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard and rating process, another important Sustainable Procurement initiative in line with Wal-Mart’s “Sustainability Index” or IBM’s new CSR requirements for suppliers.

The future International Standard ISO 26000, approved by 2/3 of countries


hoping that this standard will not suffer the same fate as the international treaty on GHG emissions) on May 15th 2010, where review of the final comments will take place, in order to allow a final vote during the summer and the release of ISO 26000 as an International Standard. What does this mean for Procurement Exectutives involved in Sustainable Procurement?

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

Last week, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), a leading international body representing purchasing and supply management professionals, issued a press release highlighting findings from a survey it conducted showing that relatively few companies are ready to comply with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act , which was passed in March 2015 with enforcement set to begin on April 1, 2016. Compliance with a similar law passed in California back in 2010 is equally poor.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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California, for example, passed the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 , which went into effect in January 2012. The collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh last week , which killed at least 705 workers and injured thousands of others, has put a spotlight on a problem that plagues many supply chains: the use of slave labor.

Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

Logistics Bureau

If you have not yet tackled the question of ethics in procurement, now is a great time to start. It does not matter whether you are a procurement professional, internal customer, external customer, senior executive, or supplier. Procurement is what sets entire supply chains and their organisations in motion. How procurement handles itself and its activities set the tone for all the events that follow, right up to the final delivery of goods and services to the end-customer.

Conflict Minerals Disclosure Deadline is June 1st: How Does Your Supply Chain Measure Up?

Logistics Viewpoints

The US passed a legislation in 2010, called “Dodd Frank Act Section 1502“, […]. Procurement/Sourcing Regulations Central Africa conflict mineralsConflict minerals – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold (3TG) – and supply chain transparency will be in the news. Monday, June 1, is the deadline for more than 6,000 Public U.S. companies to file reports with the SEC to disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals.

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5 Key Sustainable Procurement Trends


Do you hear more and more companies talking about Sustainable Procurement? The “California Transparency Act” is also active since January 2012 and in the UK the UK Bribery Act in 2010. Going beyond Social Compliance : In the past Sustainable Procurement Initiatives, were largely focusing on social audits, but more and more companies realise that they need to cover the complete Sustainability agenda , including environmental, product stewardship, fair business practices issues.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Future Of Procurement: What Is Your Role?


At Cerasis we work with our shipper customers who procure items every day and have needs for inbound freight management as they secure those products from their vendors. Increasingly, as we work with procurement folks at these companies, we are hearing that technology for better communication and to create more efficiency. The Future of Procurement is Driven by Technology. In 10 years, your day-to-day job in procurement might be radically different.

Supply Chain Management:The Upcoming 2011 Holiday Buying.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Just about a year ago,I penned a guest posting on the Infosys Supply Chain Management blog that commented on the pending 2010 holiday buying season and how consumers would test retailer multi-channel operations (MCO) and synchronization. In our commentary, we cited three trends that would manifest themselves in 2010, namely. Procurement Blog. July 2010.

Who is Your Best Supplier?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Some procurement professionals can quickly identify their key, or champion, supplier partners. As you may know or experience, the complexities of a global supply chain and global supplier base can pose challenges for even the most mature of procurement organizations. Subscribe Here!

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How to Create Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers!

Supply Chain Game Changer

But, unlocking collaborative supplier innovation requires clearly defined strategies and operations by a sourcing, procurement and/or purchasing team to ensure that suppliers’ competencies are being leveraged to their fullest potential. In relation to collaborative supplier innovation, it is important that procurement and sourcing teams remember that the supplier is an equal party/partner in the collaboration. 2010). innovation #supplychainmanagement #procurement #purchasing.

Sustainable Procurement: Want change? The first step is to create urgency


When new clients come to us they often have many questions about the right steps to take in order to ensure effective implementation of their sustainable procurement program. Procurement professionals are an extraordinarily busy breed and are especially bogged down with supplier data on cost, quality, delivery, price, etc. So, what are those realities for sustainable procurement? implementing sustainable procurement business processes).

SCRC Innovation and Social Responsibility Supply Index: A Critical Input to “Drucker Management Top 250 List”


2010;). Analytics Big Data Category Management Procure to Pay Procurement Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Ethics Supply Chain Management Supply chain Relationships Sustainability Machine Based Learning in Supply Chain

The 5 Levels of Supply Chain Transparency!

Supply Chain Game Changer

In a Harvard Business Review article from 2010, the RFID tag technology was introduced to the masses, explaining that the grain-sized tag could be implemented in or on products to improve the traceability and visibility throughout the product lifecycle. from the comfort of your headquarters ( New 2010 ). SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #IoT #Digital #Business #Leadership #Logistics #Procurement. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Sixty-five percent of procurement practitioners say procurement at their company is becoming more collaborative with suppliers, according to The Future of Procurement, Making Collaboration Pay Off, by Oxford Economics. Indeed, participants in the 2010 CCM survey said that only two in 10 of their collaboration efforts delivered significant results. Leadership #SupplyChain #Business #SCM #Procurement #Purchasing. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Why a Cashmere Sweater Can Cost $2,000 — or $30

Supply Chain Brain

Nearly $1.4bn of cashmere garments were exported globally in 2016, up from $1.2bn in 2010, according to United Nations trade data. Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Global Supply Chain Management Apparel Retail All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured Content

Sustainable Supply Chains Requires Effective Supply Management Capabilities!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Further attention was drawn to sustainable supply management as a result of the California Transparency Act in 2010. Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Procurement Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management SustainabilityGlobalization has created the emergence of sophisticated supplier networks, creating management challenges as exposure to volatility and complexity of global sourcing has emerged.

Sustainable Luxury:  Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands (BOOK REVIEW)

Supply Chain View from the Field

The authors met through email and came together in Buenos Aires in October 2010, leading to a productive set of discussions that culminated in the creation of the Center for Studies on Sustainable Luxury. Corporate Social Responsibility Design for Supply Chain Labor and Human Rights in the Supply Chain Luxury Brands Procurement Sustainability Retail Logistics Sustainability “Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends.” – Coco Chanel.

Who said supply chains are boring?: IBM 2011 Corporate.

Supply Chains Rock

In 2011, approximately 90 percent of IBMs global spend in Production and Logistics Procurement (in support of our hardware and logistics business operations) occurred with 50 firms. billion in 2010, inclusive of $881 million of business with first-tier, non-US-based diverse suppliers. Who said supply chains are boring?

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Using Digital Supply Chain Planning to Respond to Market-Changing Disruptions like COVID-19


Gartner research shows that companies that continued to increase earnings while others declined in 2009 and 2010 were those that were able to keep their foot on the gas through the downturn because they had planned responses in advance. Macro events like the Coronavirus crisis trigger demand volatility that affects every link in your global supply chain—from the raw materials you procure to setting safety stock levels to planning logistics and promotions.

Five Things We Can Do to Get Ready for the Next Pandemic


Handfield, 2010, p. This was clear during many of the conversations I had with the National Association of State Procurement Officers as well as with the National Governors Association. 2010).

Taming the Supply Chain. Will It Ever Be Social?

Supply Chain Shaman

So much so that in 2010, I believed that the convergence of social and traditional enterprise applications would happen quickly. In January 2010, Toyota had a very messy recall for nine million vehicles globally. In 2010, Kellogg had a problem with an odor in waxy resins found in the package liner. The ends of the supply chain–both in customer and procurement– are fragile. In 2010 the value of this market was $600 million.

Managing Supply Chain SLAs Through Blockchain: Is Blockchain the New Incoterm?


Since only 11 Incoterms exist in the Incoterms 2010 ruleset, some companies, as well as purchasers and consumers, may need to know additional information about a product. For instance, procurement and reverse logistics processes, such as reclamation of raw materials and metals from old products, may be enhanced through blockchain technology to document the origin of a product prior to manufacturing. Service level agreements (SLAs) can vary in scope, complexity, duration, and value.

Transportation Market Update Outlook – Where Are We Headed?

Talking Logistics

Ben Cubitt is senior vice president, procurement and engineering at Transplace. With more than 20 years of industry and consulting experience in freight optimization, Cubitt has a deep familiarity with the freight procurement field working for consulting firms and multiple Fortune 500 companies in the consumer products, paper and automotive industries. He joined Transplace in July 2010 after four years as vice president, supply chain for RockTenn Corporation.

Podcast: Marcia Williams on Supply Chain Optimization and Digital Transformation


Today, as the founder and managing partner of USM Supply Chain Consultants she has put her expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance and project management to work to help her clients achieve greater profitability. I started doing procurement; that was my area at Alcoa and at Cummins.

Modern Slavery in Today’s Supply Chains


It’s based on California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act, which was passed in 2010. In a related article by the Guardian , David Noble, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, points out just how pervasive this issue is, saying 11% of British business leaders report modern slavery likely already plays a role in their supply chains. by Alexa Cheater I used to think slavery was, for the most part, a thing of the past.

Transportation Network Modeling: A Powerful Tool in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

Talking Logistics

In 2010, Walmart announced its goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of GHG emissions from its global supply chain by the end of 2015. With 40 percent of GSK’s carbon footprint coming from the procurement of raw materials, the company recognised that tackling its own emissions wouldn’t be enough to reduce its carbon footprint – it would need to support suppliers to do the same.

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6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


Since 2010, the demand for industrial robots has accelerated considerably due to the ongoing trend toward automation and the continued innovative technical improvements of industrial robots. Between 2010 and 2014, the average robot sales increase was at 17% per year (CAGR). Between 2010 and 2014, the number rose to about 171,000 units. As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016.

4 Reasons for the Supply Chain Talent Shortage


Between 2010 and 2020, the number of available jobs in supply chain will grow by 26 percent. But in the last 5-10 years, we’ve seen a sea change in the way people view procurement, transportation, and supply chain management. Twenty years ago, those who wanted to make money went into marketing or finance—never procurement. If you’re in procurement, you’d better be good at procurement.

Supply Chain Management:Gamification - An EAM perspective

Infosys Supply Chain Management

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