Supply Chain News on MAPI Projects US will Finally Surpass Peak 2007 Manufacturing Output in 2019

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MAPI Nearly Doubles its Forecast of Manufacturing Growth through 2021, with Even the Apparel Sector Seeing Some Goods News

Jobs Sustainability: Little Time Remains to Implement Long-term Strategy

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“By 2021,” writes Forrester Vice President Brian Hopkins (@practicingEA), “a disruptive tidal wave will begin. Solutions powered by AI/cognitive technology … Continued.

Ford gets free publicity for promising autonomous cars in 5 years


Mark Fields, Ford’s chief executive, said the company planned to mass produce driverless cars and have them in commercial operation in a ride-hailing service by 2021. Fully autonomous by 2021. Neal E. Boudette, writing for the New York Times: At a news conference on Tuesday at the company’s research center in Palo Alto, Calif.,

A time of transition: 3 key trends for oil & gas in 2018


According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the renewable energy industry is expected to grow 13% in the period until 2021. The fall in oil prices transformed the global oil & gas industry.

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How New GHG Regulations Affect the Future of Transportation

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Additional truck and trailer requirements, including fuel-efficiency guidelines and CO 2 emissions standards, will be implemented in 2021, 2024 and 2027.

Let's Get Digital: Supply Chains Are Going to Get Smarter in 2018

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By 2021, 20% of the top manufacturers will depend on a secure backbone of embedded intelligence, using IoT, blockchain, and cognitive systems, to automate large-scale processes and speed execution times by up to 25%.

Is Hyperloop the Next Great Supply Chain Technology?

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The CEO of the company behind the test (Hyperloop One) estimates that the system will be transporting cargo by 2019 and passengers by 2021. by Melissa Clow This guest post comes to us from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting , a boutique recruitment firm specializing in Supply Chain Management.

Three Mega Trends Driving Supply Chain Transformations


In fact, according to Statistica’s research, ecommerce sales are expected to increase 246% by 2021, to $4.5

Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold?

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WEF says by 2021, the automated workforce will reach its tipping point into mainstream and become the norm. by Alexa Cheater Meet the Jetsons! Like any well-rounded child of the 80s, I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Long-Haul Trucking: The First and Best Use Case for a Level 5 Self-Driving Vehicles


Ford is working on Level 4 self-driving taxis , planned for 2021. In July 2016 , inspired by Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part Deux , I laid out a concept for self-driving vehicles for long-haul trucking. I thought I would expand upon that concept in this post. Transportation has been the source of some of the greatest innovations in human history from the invention of the wheel to automobiles, ships , trains, planes, and rockets.

Transportation Network Modeling: A Powerful Tool in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

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For example, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing in fuel efficiency standards starting with trailers in 2018, truck standards in 2021, which are estimated to provide 2-4 year payback periods.

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80% of British consumers consider purchasing from brands outside of the UK

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With cross-border online sales expected to more than double in the next five years to reach $424 billion in 2021 according to Forrester, new research from Bronto Software, the commerce marketing automation and a NetSuite company, reveals that 80% of British consumers consider purchasing online from a retailer outside of the UK and 44% have already done so

Bringing Augmented Reality to Supply Chain


million headset shipments by 2021, almost double from 2016’s 10 million. by 2021 compared to US $2.1B Augmented reality, or simply known as AR, is the usage of technology to superimpose computer-generated sensory input such as sound, videos, and images over a person's real-view world.

How VR, 3D Printing & Predictive Analytics in the IOT are Currently Powering the Manufacturing Industry


billion by 2021. Technology advancements were among the most exciting topics to watch through 2016. Newer technologies have created entirely new methodologies for improving manufacturing, and the outlook is brighter than ever. Like any modern business, you can learn great things by looking back at what did and did not come to fruition.

BevOps 2015: Driver Shortage & Vehicle Costs Challenge Beverage Industry

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Moreover, two government clean-air emission standard changes scheduled to take effect in 2017 and 2021 will require owners to either update or replace their fleets.

Four Truths About DC Robots, Jobs, And Warehouse Execution


Gartner recently predicted that by 2021 “one in 10 warehouse workers in established economies will be replaced by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).” Many articles about robots in the distribution center include predictions of large scale job losses.

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7 Trends Propelling TMS Solutions to Center Stage


However, global use of the TMS is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent between 2017 and 2021. 2017 will be the year of renewed focus and interest in adopting newer transportation management systems (TMSs) to boost productivity and find the biggest cost savings among shipping transportation providers. This is the result of renewed, surging demand from consumers and greater confidence in the stability of the U.S. economy.

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Will Robotics Emerging Technology Improve Logistical Efficiency?


Among other things, the article reports that remotely-operated vessels will be common by 2030, semi-autonomous trucks will probably be common on American roads in five to 10 years, and the number of commercial drones will be 10 times higher in 2021 than 2017. Will Robotics Improve Efficiency?

Trends That Will Revolutionize Logistics in 2018

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By 2021, as much as 25% of the large global companies will be piloting or using AI and blockchain-based automation in transactional procurement. With the advent of digitalization, the supply chain industry is getting a complete makeover.

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Green Solutions in Trucking Industry

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While the EPA has given the trucking industry until 2021 to fully comply with the new set of standards, the state of California has already begun its green overhaul of the industry.

Trends Shaping Industry 4.0

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Jeff Hojlo ( @jeffhojlo ), program director for Product Innovation Strategies at IDC, predicts, “By the end of 2021, 25% of global manufacturers will apply machine learning to data across product development, supply chain, manufacturing, and service for more rapid decision support, improved quality, differentiated products, and innovative business models.”[3]. Industry 4.0

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Technologies are changing the Logistics Picture

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In another article, Nahata predicts, “By 2021, 25% of large global companies will be piloting or using artificial intelligence automation in transactional procurement.”[5] Supply chain professionals are like the military’s special forces. Each day they battle to beat competitors while simultaneously trying to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Why Rx Needs Same Day Delivery


billion on prescription medication, with researchers predicting that this number could reach as much as $610 billion by 2021. Staying healthy is important to all of us.

The Manufacturing Capitals of the World


Business Insider predicts business spending on IoT solutions will hit $6 trillion by 2021. The manufacturing industries are evolving as new digital technologies transform the landscape. As smart manufacturing and the implementation of the IoT drives manufacturing to new heights, what should we expect to see from manufacturing in years to come? RS Components reveal all with a new interactive graphic. In the USA, manufacturing generated $2.18

Connecting the Dots on Amazon's patents in Logistics


By 2021, Cowen and Co., I've dug into Amazon's patent filings over the last five years and mined the patent titles for keywords related to inventory and logistics.

Going Green | Green Shipping Practices in the Trucking Industry


The deadline for full compliance with the new regulations is 2021. . The over-the-road trucking has recently come under fire with new regulations for carbon emissions.

Smart Capital Investing in a Recovering Economy


Earlier this year, the MAPI Foundation increased their projection for manufacturing sector growth for 2018 – 2021 from 1.5% to 2.8%. We haven’t seen overall growth like that in a long time, and it should spell a welcome relief for many manufacturers.

Logistics: Automation and the Future of Work


Europe, and Asia and many believe that Level 4 autonomous cars will be ready by 2021. Several recent studies have suggested that nearly half of all jobs are susceptible to automation in the next 20 years.

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9 Trucking Regulations To Know That Are Impacting Shippers


Shippers need to consider phasing out older trucks in favor of more fuel-efficient models, and by 2021, shippers must have marked reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Trucking regulations and Safety measures have become primary concerns for the modern shipping and logistics industry.

Manufacturing and Cyber Security: A 5 Step Process to Create Internal and Customers’ Peace of Mind


According to Andy Szal , the global cyber security market will grow between 20 and 25 percent annually through 2021. Editor's Note: As we see the transition to digital manufacturing and the use of the cloud and other web-based systems, manufacturing and cyber security continue to collide.

Tackling Complex Challenges with Cognitive Computing

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Between 2017 and 2021, global spending on AI-focused systems — including AI-focused hardware, software, and services — is expected to grow at a CAGR of 50 percent — reflecting some $200 billion in cumulative spending across an array of sectors including health care, retail, banking, and manufacturing. As you grow older, there is a tendency to yearn for a simpler life and time. The source of this longing is undoubtedly the accelerating pace of change.

The Digital Path to Purchase is often the Mobile Path to Purchase

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Yet, according to another Forrester report, … multi-touchpoint consumers are very valuable, and, by 2021, digital touchpoints will influence 41% of U.S. One of the most impactful innovations of the past three decades is the smartphone. Although the term “smartphone” wasn’t used until 1995, IBM introduced the first smartphone — a gadget called the Simon Personal Communicator — three years earlier. That was a decade and a half before the iPhone was introduced.

RPA Implementation Requires Transforming Technology and Culture

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Jim Nash reports, “The global market for robotic process automation software and services [will] reach $898 million this year, with an astonishing compound annual growth rate of 54% until 2021 when it will reach a predicted $2.2 Corporate survival in the Digital Age requires a strategy that transforms industrial age organizations into digital enterprises. Transformation is never easy because resistance to change is high. This is not a new phenomenon.