Supply Chain Leaders Rearranging Deck Chairs? Yes, I Think So.

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After finishing the Supply Chains to Admire report and the Youtube series (to be released this week), this is my feeling. What Is Supply Chain Excellence? The seven years of work on the Supply Chains to Admire is part of my quest to answer Keith’s question.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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To drive global scale, companies need to design the supply chain to buy globally and execute locally. The design of the supply chain is fundamental to making this happen. In our interview of the Supply Chains to Admire Winners, we found a unique approach at Carter’s. For this case study we interviewed Peter Smith, currently the EVP of Supply Chain for Carter’s. The company is one of 15 winners in the 2016 Supply Chains to Admire Research.


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A New Decade: Give Science A Chance

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When I started my business in 2012, I frequently wrote about the future using the moniker of Supply Chain 2020. We had just recovered from a recession, and my goal was to help supply chain leaders create a better supply chain by the end of the decade.

Supply Chains to Admire: 2016 Results

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This morning, we announced the Supply Chains to Admire Winners and Finalists for 2016. Selfishly, we need standard for our research, but we also want to help supply chain leaders gain new insights from a deep data-driven analysis. There is no agreed standard for supply chain excellence. The Supply Chains to Admire analysis is now in its third year. Figure 1: Supply Chains to Admire Methodology. Five months of analysis.

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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Or agreement on the definition of supply chain excellence. Sometimes, even the definition of a supply chain is not clear. I define digital as the rethinking the atoms and electrons of the supply chain. In contrast, the digital supply chain transformation solves problems and defines opportunities based on the confluence of technologies shown in Figure 1. Supply chain planning’s goal is to improve decisions.

Why I No Longer Believe in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

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This week, Gartner is hosting their annual supply chain conference. It is now the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. The research tries to establish “ who did supply chain best ” by looking at a weighted formula of Year-over-Year Growth, Return on Assets (ROA), and Inventory Turns for the Fortune 500 companies. This data is then shared with Gartner’s industry analysts, and the analysts vote on which companies they think exemplify supply chain excellence.

Measuring Up?

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The average manufacturing company’s supply chain organization is 15 years old. Historically, the traditional supply chain focused on improving costs. Today, more mature supply chain teams focus on delivering value. While companies want to improve supply chain performance and drive value, it is easier said than done. It usually takes at least three years for a supply chain to make an impact on financial balance sheet results.

Getting Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry on the Map

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Several major apparel brands and retailers, including J.C. The goal of the three-year undertaking is to assemble key information about each factory, including business name, GPS coordinates, business license, safety inspections and apparel brands served. Staff members from BRAC University are using the Sourcemap platform as they travel throughout Bangladesh to personally visit every apparel factory in the country.

Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Reimagine Supply Chain of the future: There are many facets to imagining Supply Chain of Future. What are the learnings from Covid disaster that leaders will incorporate into future supply chains? Let us study major highlights of Supply Chains of the future.

Supply Chains to Admire – 2016 Results

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This morning we announced the Supply Chains to Admire Winners and Finalists for 2016. Selfishly, we need a standard for our research, but we also want to help supply chain leaders gain new insights from a deep data-driven analysis. There is no agreed-upon standard for supply chain excellence. The Supply Chains to Admire analysis is now in its third year. Supply Chains to Admire Methodology. Supply chain excellence

Columbia Sportswear: Peeling Back the Onion on Your Supply Chain Processes

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Over the years, I’ve come across many large, brand-name companies that have been successful by many measures, such as revenue growth and profitably, but when you peeled back the onion on their supply chain processes and capabilities, they were far from best-in-class. Can you imagine how much more profitable these companies could have been, or how much more market share they could have captured, if they had been more disciplined and focused on improving their supply chain processes?

Supply Chain and Logistics Resolutions for 2017: 4 Things to STOP Doing This Year

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Three years ago, I wrote a popular post highlighting “ 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain and Logistics Executives.” But technology won’t solve your supply chain problems or help you improve unless you also address the most common culprits of poor supply chain performance: poor data quality, lack of resources and training, lack of metrics and accountability, and poor communication and collaboration with trading partners (see resolution #3 below).

The Importance of Transparency in Supply Chains

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They are demanding more supply chain transparency. Alexis Bateman ( @hickmana ), Director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains, and Leonardo Bonanni ( @amerigo ), founder and CEO of Sourcemap, write, “The concept of supply chain transparency was virtually unknown 15 years ago, yet today it commands the attention of mid- and senior-level managers across a broad spectrum of companies and industries.”[1] What is supply chain transparency?

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Global Luxury Management “Lifestyle” brands require push supply chain design customization

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More and more global luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others are promoting themselves as Lifestyle brands, spanning many products including fragrance, home collections, apparel, paint, wallpaper, foods, and many other products. In this environment, the supply chain and logistics task becomes even more complex, as it involves delivering and fulfilling product and service support to deliver a lifestyle “vision” around the world.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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After the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , I took the time to recharge and took a month off from writing. The presentations from the Summit are posted now on the Supply Chain Insights You Tube Channel. The focus is on the role of supply chain finance in driving supply chain excellence. They are attempting to learn the supply chain; but to most, it is an enigma. The supply chain is a complex non-linear system.

Winners in business: Supply Chains to Admire 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Most companies are moving backward on the Supply Chain Matrix That Matter (growth, operating marging, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital). That shows The Supply Chains to Admire 2016 analysis of Supply Chain Insights. Which companies have a supply chain to admire in 2016? This includes industry icons that are often referenced as best-in-class supply chains.

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

Our look at the Top 25 (plus 4) Supply Chains of 2018 examines how the best companies in the world excel at managing their global supply chains. One of the most popular articles we’ve ever done is our look at analyst group Gartner’s annual ranking of the Top 25 Supply Chains. So the CSR score too is more of a popularity contest than a consistent metric. billion over the next five years to overhaul its supply chain.

Omni-Channel Supply Chains Are Changing Everything You Ever Learned in School…

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A senior executive from a large global manufacturer came to speak in my MBA class this week, and discussed the major shifts in global business that was occurring due to the emergence of omni-channel capabilities in the supply chain. This view of the supply chain is focused primarily on how we get inventory to the customer. This works well in the Apple store, but can be complicated for apparel.

Auditing, visibility and collaboration: The keys to a socially responsible supply chain

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In the September issue of the Supply Chain Management Review , Andreas Wieland from Berlin Technical University and I have published a thoughtpiece on the application of social responsible criteria to the supply chain. A program to audit suppliers across multiple tiers of the supply chain is an important first step. Very few companies can successfully manage a socially responsible supply chain in low cost regions on their own.


The Secret to Successful Enterprise Strategy? Always Include Supply Chain Management

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In this guest commentary, John McKeller , senior lecturer for the Wisconsin School of Business Grainger Center for Supply Chain Managemen t at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explains four key considerations for successfully integrating a firm’s strategy with supply chain management. Before entering academia, McKeller held various supply chain managerial positions with subsidiaries of Ralston Purina, Eli Lilly and Company, and General Dynamics Corporation.

Jeff Bezos v the World: Why All Companies Fear 'Death by Amazon'

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Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain Management Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. Apparel Consumer Packaged Goods E-Commerce/Omni-Channel Food & Beverage High-Tech/ElectronicsAt $19.99 a pop, the laptop stand combines everything customers love about Amazon: utility, price and convenience.

Why a Cashmere Sweater Can Cost $2,000 — or $30

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Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Global Supply Chain Management Apparel Retail All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured ContentMade from the softest wool produced by certain breeds of goats, such as the Zalaa Ginst white goat and Tibetan Plateau goat, cashmere was once reserved for the wealthiest fashionistas. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife helped popularize the fabric.)

Transforming Consumer Value Chains: Navigating The Power Shift to the Shopper

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Retail was slow to adopt supply chain processes to drive new business models; and as a result, traditional retail redefinition of supply chain processes got caught in the omni-channel hype while Amazon worked its magic to become a market leader. Note that apparel manufacturing is growing and apparel retail is declining. For today’s supply chain leader, the pressures on both operating margin and inventory turns is great.

Welcome Puff, The Magic Dragon, to Your Team

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Here, I postulate that the supply chain dragon is data. Supply chain leaders are drowning in data and low in insights. The focus is on growth, but supply chains are not fit for purpose. My stepson calls them tidy whiteys) Imagine a boring, basic apparel item. Their questions were could the supply chain help? How many supply chains today are stuck? The evolving dragon of my story is the “supply chain engine that could.”

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Can Supply Chains Adjust to a Circular Economy Over the Next Decade? Part 2

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In order for that to happen, both supply chains and consumer habits must significantly change. Steven Steutermann, managing vice president in the Gartner supply chain practice, states, “To turn around a supply chain system, 10 years is not a long time. What this means to these managers is that they need to prepare for the transformation from a linear to a circular supply chain.”[2]. ” The Green Supply Chain , 31 July 2012

Leveraging Supply Chain Business Intelligence for Better Performance

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If you can answer my question, you’ve probably made an investment in supply chain business intelligence software at some point. Making Sense of Business Performance For the typical manufacturer or distributor, supply chain business intelligence is a double-edged sword. Which metrics are most important to track? A better approach is to find a supply chain planning system that contains native BI that’s specifically aimed at your industry.

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How Supply Chain Will be Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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ISM special report found that 67% of supply managers believe input materials pricing will be at least somewhat negatively impacted over the next three months with 27% expecting prices to be negatively or very negatively impacted. The Institute for Supply Management conducted a special survey that asked members to assess how Harvey might impact six key business metrics and whether they may be impacted by shortages of input materials due to Harvey. "Our Most Impacted Metrics.

Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn?

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Markets drive supply chains. The supply chain needs to respond to market demand and consumer sentiment. Traditional supply chain processes do not sense. For supply chain leaders, this market downturn defines a new set of opportunities and risks. My question is, “How many economic downturns will supply chain leaders experience before they get serious about market sensing?” Organizational DNA is defined by supply.

Building Outside-In Processes

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I believe that supply chains build economies and save the world. I also believe that supply chains need a revolution. Supply chains respond, but they do not sense. I strongly believe that leaders must build their supply chains with new building blocks. While the traditional supply chain process was from the enterprise out to trading partners. Business Leader Confidence in ERP to Deliver on Supply Chain Visibility Requirements.

Taking the Hill

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We believe that supply chain excellence helps a company to better balance demand and supply. We also believe that it helps companies to be more resilient: weathering demand and supply volatility while maximizing opportunities and mitigating risks. We believe that supply chain excellence matters and is important to improving financial market performance. What does the future of supply chain excellence look like?”

Network Consolidation: A Step Forward for Market-Driven Value Networks?

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Today’s supply chain processes are inside-out with a focus on orders and shipments. We have automated transactional data; but there are no systems available to take independent demand data (channel data_ and move it through a multi-tier supply chain planning system. The industry providers of Supply Chain Operating Networks (to enable many-to-many process flows) are consolidating. Is the market ready for supply chain finance enablement?

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Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Steps to Promote Gender Equality in the Supply Chain


Specifically, SDG five calls for gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls and should be a critical consideration for the global supply chain industry as there’s tremendous opportunity to make an impact. Women hold 60 to 90 percent of global supply chain jobs, particularly in the apparel and agricultural sectors, and represent the majority of workers in low-wage jobs in the lower tiers of the value chain.

4 Best-in-Class Supply Chains To Watch and Learn From

Logistics Bureau

While I’m a firm believer that innovation, not emulation, is the way forward for any company wishing to differentiate through its supply chain, I also believe that reinventing the wheel is something to be avoided if possible. What I mean by this is that there’s no harm in observing companies with best-in-class supply chains , noting the processes, practices, and initiatives that serve them best and adopting them in a way that fits your own enterprise.

Let the Qs Begin

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Last week was the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. 110 supply chain leaders attended. In preparation for the summit, we readied the final report of the work on translating balance sheet results into a methodology to judge Supply Chain Excellence. This report, Supply Chains to Admire , compares the progress of 200 companies within their respective peer groups on both performance and improvement. Supply Chain Design.

Decline In Performance in Consumer Products. Are You To Blame?

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On Thursday morning, I began an engagement with a food manufacturer attempting to drive “Supply Chain 2.0. a digital supply chain strategy or Supply Chain of the Future —but the pattern is the same. Conventional supply chain strategies did not serve us well for the past decade, and making them faster and more efficient is fools’ play. Only 9% of companies actively design their supply chains.