Catastrophic Impacts of COVID19 in Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chain


An article written by my former PhD student, Rejaul Hasan, and I just came out this week in Contracting Excellence , the journal published by IACCM, which documents the catastrophe that is unfolding in Bangladesh, one of the world’s major exporters of garments for the apparel sector.

Bangladesh Clothes Factory Fire

SCM Research

At the end of last month, a garment factory fire in Bangladesh killed more than 100 people and injured many more. Let us view this tragedy from a supply chain perspective. Supply chains are typically customer-focused. In Bangladesh, mostly women and often children are exposed to risks from lacking fire safety standards in factories. Consumers who do not know a product’s supply chain?


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Viewpoint: Global supply chain reaching ‘a critical moment in time’

The Supply Chain Journal

Asia supply chain expansion. In the shadows of the news on the Yantian and Ningbo port closures, the impact of the delta variant across the entire global supply chain is being overlooked by the mainstream media and American consumer. supply chain can be seen in Bangladesh.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

The collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh last week , which killed at least 705 workers and injured thousands of others, has put a spotlight on a problem that plagues many supply chains: the use of slave labor. In response, federal and state governments are taking action to drive down the use of slave labor in supply chains. California, for example, passed the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 , which went into effect in January 2012.

Supply Chain Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

SCM Research

Two recent disasters in the garment industry, the Tazreen Fashions fire (2012) and the Rana Plaza building collapse (2013), have caused outrage over the lack of social responsibility across global supply chains. Second, visibility is important for those categories of supply that cannot be directly controlled; hereby, electronic and smart technologies promise new opportunities. It is time to become serious about socially responsible supply chain management.

The Food Supply Chain and the War in Ukraine

Enterra Insights

”[1] Even before the war erupted, the global food supply chain Jason Clay ( @JasonWClay ), Executive Director of the Markets Institute at the World Wildlife Fund, noted that the world needed to pay more attention to the food supply chain.

Using mobile phones to monitor factory safety in Bangladesh

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

  Due to higher labor and operating costs in China, more western firms now source their products from Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam, etc.     While some factory owners managed to run their factories without problems for some time, the whole world was shocked as we witness thousands of factory workers lost their lives when factory buildings in Bangladesh collapsed or caught on fire in 2013. By Sriram Puthucode and Christopher Tang.

Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry


Managing the flow of goods within the apparel industry requires an extensive and well-established supply chain network. Since this particular industry is insanely fast-paced, any problem within the supply chain can lead to a loss of sales for the business.

Supply Chains Continue to Be Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Enterra Insights

A refrain from a Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart song from the Broadway musical “Pal Joey,” could be a tune sung nightly by today’s supply chain managers. ” Causes of Supply Chain Disruption.

What is the True Cost of Sustainable Apparel from Bangladesh? Insights from Harvard “Sustainable Models for the Apparel Industry” Conference


Rejaul is from Bangladesh, and is working on his PhD in the College of Textiles at NC State University, and is passionate on the subject of sustainable apparel from his home country. The issues provide a great backdrop for the analysis of a “should cost” model to truly understand what is a fair price for apparel, in a sustainable supply chain. Are big name brands really paying a fair price to a supplier in Bangladesh?

Supply chain woes drag down Nike sales

The Supply Chain Journal

Snarled supply chains and lost production from factory closures due to COVID are dampening Nike Inc.’s So, while the environment is dynamic, these supply chain issues we believe are temporary. shipping delays Supply chain disruption Vietnam

Getting Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry on the Map

Supply Chain Brain

By some counts there are an estimated 11,000 garment factories in Bangladesh alone, many of them small and off the grid. Now, there’s an effort afoot to digitally map every garment factory in Bangladesh. Staff members from BRAC University are using the Sourcemap platform as they travel throughout Bangladesh to personally visit every apparel factory in the country. Expect the Bangladesh initiative to serve as a model for similar efforts around the world.

So Your Supply Chain is Banning Bangladesh….and Going to Cambodia?: “The Ugliest Race to the Bottom”

Supply Chain View from the Field

In our ongoing discussion of labor and human rights violations in the supply chain, we’ve discussed in prior posts the problems that occurred in Bangladesh resulting in over 700 dead. Companies like Nike and Disney have publicly stated that they are not going to Bangladesh for apparel sourcing in the future. As noted in a Wall Street Journal article today , low cost countries all have the same problems that factories in Bangladesh do.

The Fashion Supply Chain: Unraveling the Reality


And whether you realize it or not, the garment industry supply chain is changing – both for the better and for the worse. Apparently, the $67 a month workers make in Bangladesh was getting to be too costly. There have been countless examples of big fashion brands finding themselves caught up in controversy thanks to their supply chain, and the use of factories that pollute, employ child labor, mistreat workers or worse.

Bangladesh Working Conditions: A Human Rights Issue? Or a Supplier Capacity Issue?

Supply Chain View from the Field

The recent press in the Wall Street Journal and other papers on Walmart’s fire in Bangladesh is raising the ire of corporate responsibility groups and human rights groups alike. A recent discussion with supply chain executives in the apparel industry reveal that the problem is a tricky one to solve – and may be a function of other decisions being made by apparel manufacturers that have nothing to do with labor human rights in the supply chain.

Supply Chain 2015

SCM Research

Last week, a well-made special report by Raconteur, titled Supply Chain 2015 (pdf), was distributed in The Times of London. Other topics covered by the report are, among others, strategic procurement, top technologies, demand prediction, sustainable supply chains and cross-border delivery. More information can be found on the homepage of Raconteur’s Supply Chain 2015 report. Practice Report Supply Chain Management Trend

600 Dead in Bangladesh: Is there a soul to the enterprise?

Supply Chain View from the Field

News of the increasing death toll in Bangladesh continues to pour in, with the latest at 600 found dead in the rubble of the Rama factory complex. Demonstrators are protesting apparel offices (such as Gap’s offices in San Francisco) to demand better working conditions in Bangladesh factories. Some, like Disney and Nike, have announced that they simply won’t buy any apparel produced in Bangladesh.

Modern Slavery in Today’s Supply Chains


Through the supply chain. Modern slavery is one of the supply chain industry’s dirty little secrets, but thankfully, governments in the US and UK are attempting to wash it clean, working to put a stop to a problem that should never have been allowed to exist in the first place. It’s based on California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act, which was passed in 2010. So how is this going to solve the supply chain slavery issue?

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You – Is Your Supply Chain Really Transparent?


Increasing scrutiny of labor practices requires supply chain technology that proves accountability and compliance. Consumers are demanding greater transparency and want more information about worker treatment in the supply chain. . Supply chains are opaque.

Supply Chain Professional Do’s and Don’ts during the Pandemic!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. 10 Vital Supply Chain Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic! Supply Chain Professional article and permission to publish here provided by Tim Moore. appeared first on Supply Chain Game Changer™.

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

Talking Logistics

How many slaves are in your supply chain? I asked that question almost three years ago following the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,100 workers and injured thousands of others. More than half say they lack the skills to deal with modern slavery in their supply chains. Just a third of supply chain managers claim to have mapped their suppliers to understand the potential risks and exposure to modern slavery.

Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain Movement

These developments impact Original Equipment Manufacturers, both at strategic level and at operational level within their supply chains. Together with service provider Arvato, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap outlining the route for high-tech supply chains, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0. Bangladesh. Challenges for high-tech supply chain.

The Importance of Social Compliance in The Supply Chain

NFI Industries

Supply chain transparency can be difficult to accomplish on a global scale. In addition to how items are shipped, shippers should also have visibility to how and where products are made to ensure compliance across the entire supply chain. Recent tragedies such as the Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, has brought to light the. Global Supply Chain 3pl

Mindmap for an ethical supply chain

Supply Chain Movement

As a result of the growth in the outsourcing of manufacturing worldwide, ethical problems are also increasing in the supply chain: a catastrophic fire in a contract manufacturer’s overcrowded factory in Bangladesh and recalls of branded products containing harmful substances, to name but a few. Mindmap for an ethical supply chain. An ethical supply chain demands a thorough analysis of global outsourcing: Diagnosis.

Supply Chain Movement 16 – Consultancy

Supply Chain Movement

Contents Supply Chain Movement 16 – 2015 Q1. Our supply-chain future: fair sharing – column. 11 | Snapshots Roundtables Supply Chain Movement. In the rapidly changing economy, countless companies need advice on strategy and especially supply chain management. In spite of several acquisitions, the landscape of supply chain consulting firms remains fairly fragmented. 22 | Management: international supply chain obstructions.

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years. Talent development can make an important contribution to the execution of their supply chain strategies, but not all leaders pay the same amount of attention to this topic. Life’s as a chief supply chain officer (CSCO) is not always easy. Bangladesh. Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’.

Supply Chain and Logistics Resolutions for 2017: 4 Things to STOP Doing This Year

Talking Logistics

Three years ago, I wrote a popular post highlighting “ 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain and Logistics Executives.” But technology won’t solve your supply chain problems or help you improve unless you also address the most common culprits of poor supply chain performance: poor data quality, lack of resources and training, lack of metrics and accountability, and poor communication and collaboration with trading partners (see resolution #3 below).

Digitizing the COVID Vaccine: India’s Got This Figured Out


I met Ran through the 360RX Supply Chain Security Conference , held last year. At this meeting, I spoke on the ability to create “ supply chain immunity ” through greater preparedness.

India 83

Supply Chain Ripple Effects of Russia’s War in Ukraine


The secondary impacts of the war are beginning to be felt more globally in supply chains, stock markets and other international operations. Near-term Supply Chain and Economic Impacts. Long-term Supply Chain Implications.

Alloy 52

10 questions about supply chain optimisation

Supply Chain Movement

It is becoming ever-more difficult for supply chain professionals to make the right decisions. Supply Chain Media, software vendor Aimms and consultancy firm Districon have put together this checklist for supply chain optimisation. >>Please Checklist supply chain optimisation. Bangladesh. Visuals Aimms checklist decision making Districon optimisation supply chain Supply Chain Media

Sustainability and the Reverse Supply Chain: The Green Eileen Story


At the recently concluded Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, I heard a talk from Cheryl Campbell and Kevin Cooke from the Eileen Fisher Company. In a similar way, he suggested that events such as the factory collapse in Bangladesh are raising the awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Kevin talked about learning from the folks at Supply Chain Insights on how to do something like this.

3D Printing: Let’s Not Manufacture False Dawns

MIT Supply Chain

3D printing is being hailed as a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize manufacturing and supply chain management. Yet there are a number of important supply chain-related questions about the technology and its application that still need to be answered. It is very difficult to monitor every supplier in a multi-tiered global supply chain. High product obsolescence rates, customization, and SKU proliferation make supply chains more complex.

Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Supply Chain Movement

Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level. Together with Consafe Logistics, a supplier of supply chain execution software, Supply Chain Movement has created this Supply Chain Execution Mindmap to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap Supply Chain Execution 24/7. Bangladesh.

Supply Chain Visibility in a Time of Crisis: What the 2020 Visibility Report Tells Us


To provide insights into the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its impact on supply chains around the world, we are delivering a blog series to help anyone looking for support and advice. Our experts, who have spent years in the supply chain industry, share their insights.

The World Needs More Fertilizer — and That’s No Bulls**t

Enterra Insights

Unless you are part the food supply chain, you might not be aware that last July China ceased exporting fertilizer to the rest of world. What does this mean for the food supply chain? Consequences for the Food Supply Chain.