e-Freight Solutions for Air Cargo


IATA has been leading the industry e-freight program aimed at taking paper out of the air cargo supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency for all participants. Julie Calcunovitch is Vice President, Air Product Management at Descartes The highly demanding and competitive nature of the supply chain industry demands proactive collaboration amongst trading partners in the air freight community.

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10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Amazon has 31,817 books about supply chain and 24,934 about logistics. That’s 56,751 supply chain and logistics books. Stacked, those books would be as tall as 10.7

Successful Cargo Space Delivery


Which is why we’re taking our hats off to SpaceX for delivering 7,000 lbs of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) this week using a reusable rocket – the Falcon 9. Check out how you might have booked this shipment as a freight quote on Freightos.

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What’s Holding Back Customer-Centric Air Cargo?


What’s Holding Back Customer-Centric Air Cargo? . As the cream of air cargo’s innovators held turns on the floor, this question came up time and again. The industry’s mindset is holding customer-centric air cargo back. What the first online seat booking site (1995) looked like.

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Air Cargo Tech Is Falling Behind. It Doesn’t Have to.


In 1995 airlines via online travel marketplaces started selling tickets directly to consumers online and by 2017, 83% of US travellers were using digital channels to book their trips. This effectively enabled travel agents to book flight from their computers far before the internet was built.

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[e-Book] The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management: Laws, Fundamentals, Management, & Staying Proactive


As depicted in the accompanying chart, if your company operates at a 5 percent profit margin, to recoup the net revenues that would be lost by failing to recover a $1,000 cargo claim, it would have to generate $20,000 in sales! Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post [e-Book] The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management: Laws, Fundamentals, Management, & Staying Proactive appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. e-Books Freight Claims

Air Cargo Got It Wright: 9 Incredible Air Cargo Facts


Celebrating the anniversary of this first flight, we’re taking a look at nine most amazing things you should know about air cargo. 1 First air cargo flight: 1910. 2 Craziest air cargo market entry: DHL Express. 3 Largest air cargo plane: Antonov An-225.

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Air Cargo’s Digital Lag And The Airlines Fixing It


It’s hardly news that cargo airline digitalization lags. Only three top airlines have real-time (API) pricing and booking connectivity for customers. One explanation for the lag is the relative influence of cargo businesses to the airline’s passenger business. Since the cargo division typically makes up just 9% of airline revenues , they are often overlooked for much-needed capital investment. Some airlines still fly planes built in the 1970s.

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Airfreight Forwarders and Carriers Prepare for Holiday Season

Logistics Trends and Insights

Booking air cargo space may be easier than last year but ground transportation will be a sticky situation for many shippers. Air Cargo air freight airfreight

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

Supply Chain Shaman

On March 16th-18th, I will be on a book tour in Europe discussing the concepts of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. Uncategorized cargo global trade inventory ports supply chain visibility

Why Thinking “Global, Yet Local” Makes Sense in Your Air Freight Strategy

CH Robinson Transportfolio

If you utilize air freight to the Oceania region (Australia and New Zealand), you can certainly use our expertise to minimize the impact of market forces and streamline the flow of air-cargo to work in your favor. This can help avoid rate shock for larger bookings in busier times.

5 Reasons Why Carriers Are Customer-Obsessed


The best of them accumulated books of business contacts, which moved companies with them. In their words: “freight made personal” waves proudly on Air France KLM Martinair Cargo ’s banner. “We Only half of Freightos Marketplace’s shipments are booked using the lowest price.

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Real Results Magazine: Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Nation

If you’re like me, you’re reading a couple of good books, have several more on your “got to get to” list and a magazine or two with the corners folded down for when you have a little airplane time or for a quick read over lunch. What’s on your summer reading list?

Digital Freight in 2019: The Next Chapter


Delta Cargo rolled out instant online booking and Kuehne + Nagel followed suite with LCL – a true first – with Freightnet. And tellingly, only a small percentage of bookings were taking place online, with most analysts pegging it as under 1%.

Introducing the Freightos Marketplace


Using the Freightos Marketplace, companies can get instant freight quotes from great forwarders, book them and manage freight shipments online. COMPARE, BOOK AND MANAGE FREIGHT SHIPMENTS ONLINE Freightos Launches First International Freight Marketplace to Power $2 Trillion Worth of U.S.

You’ll ? FREIGHTERA Cargo Insurance + New Rates! Rockford, IL to Minooka, IL for $92, et al.


We just went live with the long awaited Cargo Insurance. Now all loads you book via the Freightera platform are automatically covered by up to $10,000 in FREIGHTERA Cargo Insurance. Just enter your declared value as you book. FREIGHTERA Cargo Insurance + New Rates! If you received our rate updates before, you may wonder, how does Freightera get better prices every time?

Why Carriers Are Getting Their APIs Together


In twelve years of meetings, air cargo leaders have always been enthusiastic about pricing automation. Since then, every large airline is rushing to deliver cargo eBooking to customers. Customers book, or request a booking, then staff manually checks availability and books.

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Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


Air Cargo World. This American based niche news site specialises in air cargo. Cargo Business News.com. based niche site, covering air, sea, rail and road cargo news. This niche site focusses on all things Aviation, with plenty of air cargo news.

Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update W2


Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos, “Savvy shippers will be booking now to avoid the higher pricing as the Chinese New Year shutdown week looms. Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update Wk 2. By John Edmonds, Research & Marketing, Freightos.

The History of the Shipping Container


Break-bulk loaded cargo was poorly secured required a Tetris-like approach to handle diverse sizes of packages. Small trucker, Malcom McLean, fumes at slow loading of cargo aboard ship – “There has to be a better way.”. Most international ocean cargo is now containerized.

Navigating Ongoing International Transportation Capacity Challenges

Talking Logistics

Export bookings have also been tight on capacity, and certain export trade lanes have required advanced booking to ensure space. One best practice for shippers to consider is booking 3-4 weeks in advance to secure required export space. The more time in advance you can book export space, the better off you are at ensuring you’ll be able to meet the required sailings and thus the delivery requirements of your overseas customers.

Freight Rate News November 2015


Short Term Medium Term Special Feature Carriers & Cargo Innovation Freightos focus November 2015 freight and logistics trends that rate. CARRIERS & CARGO BRAVE NEW ROUTES. READ THE FULL STORY ❤ OUR FAVOURITE CANOE CARGO .

Incoterms 2010 the Right Way - SupplyChainOpz

Supply Chain Opz

Then, incorporating the knowledge of cargo insurance into Incoterms will ensure that risk can be mitigated and trading partners can do business with confidence. Also, file a claim to a carrier in tandem with a claim to a cargo insurance company. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies. Graphics.

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The Lowdown on Shipping: Parcel, LTL, and FTL


Freight is defined as commercial goods or cargo carried across land, sea, or air. When you book a FTL shipment, you are getting the entire truck/container for your shipment alone. Looking to book a shipment?

Bringing Freight Online with WebCargoNet and Freightos


Two years ago they partnered with ECS Group to offer online freight booking. Following a successful pilot in France, forwarders can now send booking requests directly from their pricing platform. COMPARE, BOOK AND MANAGE FREIGHT SHIPMENTS ONLINE.

The Day a Cyber Attack Brings the World’s Supply Chains to a Halt

Talking Logistics

So reads a section from CyberStorm , a book by Matthew Mather about “what a full scale cyber attack against present-day New York City might look like from the perspective of one family trying to survive it.” Later in the book, as it’s clear that the United States is under attack, the author writes, “the virus that had shut down FedEx and UPS had moved on to infect the software of almost every other commercial shipping company, and was starting to grind the world’s supply chain to a halt.”.

The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management

Talking Logistics

The revised Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) container weight verification requirement is a significant change in the ocean cargo supply chain. In regard to rolling out the regulation in practice, multiple considerations remain depending on the type of cargo and other factors.

Top 4 Challenges You Need to Master for International Shipping

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Understanding where your cargo is at any given time gives you the ability to prepare for the next step – if you’re aware that a shipment will be arriving in a few days, then you can start the clearance process.

ShipChain and Scanlog Partner Over Blockchain-Based Track-and-Trace Platform


The importance of transparency in supply chains can never be stressed enough, with businesses that deal with cargo movement across international borders particularly interested in having eyes on their freight in real-time.

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Guest Blog: 13 things you need to know about freight forwarding


Your freight forwarder is in charge of your precious cargo, so it’s important that you establish a good working relationship with them. You want to ensure that you choose a company that you can trust and rely on, as well as one with impeccable customer service to ensure that your cargo shipments arrive safely and on time. These extra services include warehouse storage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking and dangerous goods handling.

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How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

Talking Logistics

There may be instances where you will have to work more closely with carriers and book further in advance to ensure you can meet critical deliveries. If you fail to book in time, you may miss your delivery deadlines, or will have to use an expedited shipping method to meet them.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


Mr. Gladwell cites Malcolm McLean in the book " David and Goliath.". Break-bulk loaded cargo was poorly secured required a Tetris-like approach to handle diverse sizes of packages. Small trucker, Malcom McLean, fumes at slow loading of cargo aboard ship – “There has to be a better way.”. First intermodal cargo transportation (containers are stacked on deck). Fitting facilitates cargo security and enables automation of container handling processes.

This Week in Logistics News (March 25-29, 2019)

Talking Logistics

are set to launch on Friday [March 29, 2019], testing whether an old-school industry will embrace a new financial tool designed to protect cargo haulers and shippers against swings in freight rates.”

7 Ways to Overcome Yard Management Challenges


Even if a trailer is loaded and shipped on time, poor safety checklists and failure to properly secure cargo can result in extreme compliance and safety violations, which may cause injury during unloading or transfer of goods to another vehicle.

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July SOLAS Mandates: What You Need to Know

Talking Logistics

These new mandates will bring about some challenges for shippers as they make the necessary operational changes to comply and properly report the weight of their ocean cargo. Similar to airplane cargo, proper stowage and balance of freight on ocean container vessels is critical. Just like when flying commercial airlines, reporting the true weight of seafaring cargo often comes with extra fees and restrictions, and some ocean shippers haven’t been fully complying.

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AMI Selects BluJay as Strategic Partner for Supply Chain Execution Technology

BluJay Solutions

We were looking for a digital platform that simplified our processes and made it easier for customers to do business with AMI – from making bookings to gaining visibility on shipments,” said Jonathan Clark, CEO of AMI. AMI anticipates that the first branches will start using the new platform in September of 2019, providing customers with the ability to request instant quotations, make online bookings, access digital track and trace, and collaborate via document exchange.

Seeing LCL In A New Light


Better still, we are getting closer to releasing a more robust instant online freight quoting and booking tool, that I am confident will meet, and even exceed, customer expectations.”. Sanjay sees online quoting and booking as an important first step.

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