How to Be a Preferred Shipping Customer: Strategies for the Coming Capacity Shortage

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Customers with a strict ‘procurement mindset’ overlook important factors like consistency, overall experience or past performance. California-based Ventura Foods, which managed more than 127,000 inbound and outbound shipments last year, has a long history of building these kinds of strategic partnerships. Understand the full range of shipping alternatives your carriers can offer. Business has been improving for the U.S. trucking industry.

3 Technology Companies Disrupting Shipping


I’m Nerijus Poskus — Director of Pricing and Procurement at Flexport. Basically, responsible for ocean freight carriers, ocean ships that rely on truck companies. Shipping a 40-ton container back in July or June used to cost about $700 — a 40-ton container.

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“Too Big to Fail”: 10 Things you Need to Know About El Niño


It will probably alleviate California’s drought. El Niño is set to bring copious amounts of precipitation to California and the Southern United States. will see a wet winter while California is preparing for storms that will bring floods and mudslides.

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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I find that in this world of the global multi-national that procurement processes have become convoluted and increasingly complex. (In In my opinion, we have made procurement increasingly complex without adding value.

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

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The amount of fuel used is dependent on the speed of the ship. The smaller Panamax ships (~5,000 TEU capacity) will consume ~63,000 gallons of marine fuel per day when operating between 20-25 knots. An update on how things are developing with IMO 2020/VLSFO. .

El Niño May Have Your Supply Chain Partying Like It’s 1997


A massive El Niño occurred in 1997-1998, unleashing record rains in California, deadly tornados in Florida, and a brutal drought in Indonesia, thus landing the term firmly on the radar (no pun intended) of millions of people around the globe.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


There are seven counties in Northern California where people have been asked to stay home: The railroads and dray carriers are exempt from this at this time. The expectation is that two mega ships will arrive at the ports to pick up empties this week as the equipment is needed in China.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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The new facility will allow the company to offer two-day shipping to most (about 90%) of the U.S. When customers order items not stocked at one of Belk’s fulfillment centers, those items are shipped directly from the vendor. PST will ship the same day.

Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli on What your Supply Chain is Missing


Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli also has extensive experience working with supply chains, and he gave me his insights into what links all the most successful procurement teams: Supplier relationships. There’s a strong link between design and procurement.

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28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Emily Murphy @scbrief Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, for her major in Film and Digital Media and has experience in writing, publication and teaching. For example, a certain product is ready to be shipped from the manufacturing facility.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 2, 2020


There is excess equipment in California and the equipment providers are considering empty repositioning back to the Midwest markets. There is now a focus on educating shippers to not ship unless the consignee has confirmed they are open. Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 2, 2020.

Answering the Call in Times of Disaster

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Factor in recovery efforts from hurricanes Irma, Nate and Maria, and from wildfires in Northern California, and the disaster-fueled surge in demand for building materials could be unprecedented. And that was before wildfires in Northern California took a huge toll on life and property.

Balance and Segmentation – What the Election Can Teach Supply Chain


Aside from just getting the CEO/CFO to make the decision, a Supply Chain S&OP will always be faced with Marketing vs Sales, Product Management vs Procurement, or Service vs Finance. If a supply chain is providing the same policies (shipping, fulfillment, safety stock, etc.)

Forced Labor in Seafood Supply Chains


This paper explores why forced labor in seafood industry supply chains continues to grab headlines, tarnish brand images, and challenge procurement teams – and what they can do about it. Introduction. Shrimp tacos. Blackened catfish. Grilled mahi-mahi. Salmon burgers.

Amazing Examples of 3D Printing Technology!

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From a small spider bug in harry potter to the giant ship of Jack Sparrow, we have seen a plethora of examples of this amazing technology. Selected as one of the Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs, and one of the Top 25 Procurement Blogs, on the Internet. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

How to Get the Benefit of GDPR for Your Supply Chain

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You sell electronics products over the web from Brazil using different suppliers to drop-ship to consumers in Europe. The data can be structured, as in shipping and payment systems. Personal data may also be recorded in shipping and billing systems.

Claritum and ADS Solutions® Announce Strategic Partnership


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Wholesale Distributors Get More Control Over Procurement. Claritum customers will be able to automate more of their business, including warehouse management, fulfillment and shipping by using the Accolent ERP,” said James Samuels, CEO of Claritum.

Sustain 2019: Exponential Progress in Responsible Purchasing, Perseverance and Innovation


More than 600 professionals from the procurement and CSR worlds descended upon Paris on March 11-12, ready to share best practices, exchange ideas and ignite change in global supply chains and beyond.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 16, 2020


CPG customers are still shipping but some of them have been affected in the northwest by regional state closures. Rates from Laredo to California are starting to reduce but capacity is still tight and many U.S. carriers are charging up to $1,000 California surcharges until mid-May.

Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment


Los Angeles, California. With scalable, on-demand capacity, it’s easier to procure space when volumes peak and there’s a strain on your infrastructure. Winning eCommerce customers means fast, affordable delivery—for both you and your customers.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update March 26, 2020


Southern California: There were mega ships that were set to arrive over the weekend that were intended to take empty containers out of the ports and bring them back to China. Industrial and chemical sectors are maintaining seasonally expected shipping volumes as of this time.

I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017

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planes and ships ); Iran and North Korea and their nuclear ambitions; ISIS exporting its brand of terrorism around the world; and China building islands in the South China Sea (and reportedly putting weapons on them ). Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

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She had seen reports of massive power plants being shipped in pieces from Hong Kong, which couldn’t have produced them. Omni-channel begat sharing sourcing, procurement, allocation, deployment, inventory, and yes in many cases, distribution. Call it a just-in-time shipping box.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 17-21, 2017)

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Apple Gets Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars in California (New York Times). In order to increase efficiency, the goods would be manufactured in batches based on factors such as the customer shipping address, the patent says.