Shooter kills 8 at Indy FedEx facility

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Eight people were killed late Thursday night at the FedEx Ground-Plainfield Operations Center near Interstate 70 across from the Indianapolis airport by a gunman who eventually took his own life. Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (IEMS) pronounced eight people deceased at the scene.

How Supply Chain Best Practice Metrics Can Predict the NFL Super Bowl


We are down to the final four teams: Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis Colts. Using the supply chain best practice “Value” equation, the Super Bowl will be: Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts.


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Celadon Trucking Implements Load Analyzer and Improves Service and Profitability

Logistics Viewpoints

They are headquartered in Indianapolis in the US and they offer a range of dry van truckload transportation services including long-haul, regional, local […]. Lauren Howard, Vice President of Customer Service at Celadon Trucking Services, spoke at Manhattan Associates’ Momentum conference in May. Celadon Trucking is one of the 20 largest truckload carriers in North America.

Terri Anderson: Care and Feeding of the WMS

Inbound Logistics

Profile of Terri Anderson, production warehouse management systems analyst at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Indianapolis

Predict and Prevent Freight Damage with Ilya Preston

The Logistics of Logistics

Ilya earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business from the University of Indianapolis. Predict and Prevent Freight Damage with Ilya Preston. Ilya Preston and Joe Lynch discuss ways to predict and prevent freight damage.

FreightWaves Classics: Emery Worldwide dominated air freight forwarding for 40+ years

The Supply Chain Journal

To cut costs, Purolator’s Indianapolis hub was closed. The beginning. Emery Air Freight was founded in 1946 by John Colvin Emery, Sr. Emery, a U.S. Navy veteran, had gained experience in air transportation services while in the Navy.

The Supply Chain Can?t Stop: A story from the front lines at Ken?s Foods


Today, they produce and package over 1,000 varieties of dressings and sauces — including category leader, Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce — across 4 plants near Boston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. It was Wednesday, March 11th and Ken’s Foods had a dilemma.

How Will You Compete with Amazon with Charley Dehoney

The Logistics of Logistics

FitzMark is a leading Indianapolis-based transportation and logistics provider. Fitzmark has warehousing locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Indianapolis. How Will You Compete with Amazon with Charley Dehoney.

Exel announces new business with Bristol-Myers Squibb and expansion of Midwest Footprint

Supply Chain Network

It also offers close proximity to a number of key parcel and air infrastructure hubs including Indianapolis and Louisville, Ky. Global biopharmaceutical company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, has chosen Exel as its third-party logistics provider handling its U.S. distribution. As part of the contract, Exel purchased the existing Bristol-Myers Squibb distribution centers in Mount Vernon, Ind., and will take over operations in the second quarter of this year.

Better weather helps push van rates upward

DAT Solutions

Memphis to Indianapolis jumped 17¢ to $2.10/mi. After declining for several weeks, van rates seem to have turned a corner. The national average rate for May so far is $1.82/mi., which is above the April average. Individual lane rates are also trending upward. Last week on the top 100 van lanes 53 were up, 35 were down and 12 were neutral. It's been six weeks since we've seen more rising lanes than falling.

Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar

Supply Chain Shaman

The next meeting is on December 4th in Indianapolis. Yesterday, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Leaders Forum on innovation. The presentation focused on nine themes. One of the nine was blockchain. I asked the audience for a show of hands to understand how many of the supply chain leaders in the room were testing blockchain. I saw no raised hands. Later that afternoon, I hosted a webinar featuring blockchain case studies.

Cruise into the 2019 Frictionless Tour with BluJay this Fall

BluJay Solutions

Sunday, 10/6 – Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs. Join us for a unique tailgate experience. For many people, this is the best time of the year. The heat of the summer is peaking, and in a few weeks as it winds down and fall approaches, cooler weather will be coming our way. But something even better isn’t too far away either: football! That’s right – right now, at this moment, your favorite football team is gearing up for their upcoming season at training camp.

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


facility at an Indianapolis, Ind., A group of executive joined SCRC faculty and staff for a one-day workshop held on February 28, 2019. Companies represented included Advanced Auto Parts, John Deere, Hanes Brands, UPS, FHI, Lenovo, GSK, Altria, and UNC Healthcare.

DC 40

This Week in Logistics News (August 25-29, 2014)

Talking Logistics

If successful, the program will expand next to Indianapolis, IN; Edison, NJ; and Memphis, TN.”. With summer unofficially ending this weekend, and school starting next week, the clock is ticking on summer vacation. So let’s not waste any time and go straight to the news… Google tests drone deliveries in Australia (Financial Times). Newegg Launches Same-day Delivery Service. SAP Patent Application for Mobile Device Is Published (WSJ – sub. req’d)).

Pursuing Your Passions


I moved to Indianapolis about 22 years ago where I met my husband, Greg we’ll be married for 19 years in August – and we have a nice, quiet home on the north side of Indianapolis. At a young age, Julie Papagiannis knew she wanted to pursue a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Top 10 Markets for Reefer Loads in First Half of 2018

DAT Solutions

Indianapolis, Twin Falls, ID, and Joliet, IL, each fell out of the top 10 from last year. As noted in our rundown of the top 10 markets for van load posts this year, 2018 has been a year of records on the spot market. This past June saw the highest national reefer rate ever recorded in DAT Trendlines , our weekly report on national spot market pricing and capacity trends.

This Week in Logistics News (September 28 – October 2, 2015)

Talking Logistics

It will be available soon in New York, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland. There was plenty of learning and networking at the CSCMP Annual Conference this week, which I’ll write about in a future post.

October Flatbed Rates Were Highest of the Year

DAT Solutions

Rock Island, IL, to Indianapolis also climbed to $3.03/mile. The national flatbed rate for October was the highest of the year, boosted at least in part by rebuilding efforts in Florida and the Gulf Coast after the storms from a couple months ago. Volumes were up and down over the course of the month, though, as markets adjusted to constantly changing demand. The Memphis market posted the biggest gains for October, with outbound flatbed rates up 10%.

Inspection Blitz Sends Freight Rates Skyward

DAT Solutions

Demand was hot for freight moving into the Midwest, with inbound volumes for Chicago and Indianapolis near record levels. Memphis to Indianapolis jumped up 25¢ to $3.08/mile, unprecedented for this lane. Spot market demand has already exploded in June. Last week was the annual inspection blitz, Roadcheck, which typically leads to tighter capacity and higher rates because a lot of truckers take that week off.

Van Rates Hit Highest Mark in 2 Years

DAT Solutions

Rates were also way up on the lanes from Memphis to Indianapolis and Memphis to Dallas. Brokers and shippers had a harder time finding trucks last week, so they paid a premium in most major markets and lanes. Capacity was tighter because of the annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, and with the added pressure caused by this year's steadily increasing spot market demand, national average rates hit levels we haven’t seen in the past two years.

Gradual changes in the European supply chain consulting market

Supply Chain Movement

Meanwhile, the Dutch supply chain consulting firm Buck Consultants International opened an office in Atlanta, USA, in early 2016, and Miebach Consulting last year strengthened its presence in North America by opening an office in Canada in addition to its existing one in Indianapolis. The major consultancy firms are still acquiring smaller niche competitors to intensify their supply chain expertise.

Flatbed Demand Soars, Boosting Rates 11¢

DAT Solutions

Rock Island, IL to Indianapolis was 41¢ lower, at $3.26/mile. The number of flatbed load posts increased 11% last week while truck posts dipped 1%, boosting the load-to-truck ratio to a whopping 88.5 loads per truck. That's crazy high even for flatbeds, which typically have higher ratios than vans or reefers.

Van rates drop to 16-month low

DAT Solutions

Memphis to Indianapolis dipped 16¢ to $2.01/mile. Last week the national average van rate dropped 4¢ to $1.97/mile. The last time the average van rate was below $2 per mile was 16 months ago, in September 2017. There’s the normal seasonal slowdown that occurs around this time each year, but falling fuel surcharges and increased capacity in the spot market are adding to downward pressure on rates. We've seen the same trend play out for reefers and flatbeds.

Partial loads: A slow season secret weapon?

DAT Solutions

My favorite lane is the roundtrip between Lexington, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. I try my best to avoid markets where demand is low, but that gets difficult at this time of year. It's tough to get to a hot market at a decent rate per mile right now, but before giving in to a less desirable price – or waiting until the market changes – try looking for partial loads.

Chad 110

Where to Find Loads This Week: 7 Hot Markets and 2 TriHauls

DAT Solutions

If you’re in the neighborhood, look for loads here: Columbus to Memphis and Memphis to Indianapolis. High-paying loads are also available from Indianapolis to Columbus , so this could be a TriHaul option.). Van load availability edged up 0.5% last week on the spot market, but truck posts added 3.7%, so the load-to-truck ratio declined 3.1%. Volume trended up last week in Los Angeles and Memphis , where load-to-truck ratios of about 2.0 are hovering above the national average.

Pursuing Your Passions


I moved to Indianapolis about 22 years ago where I met my husband, Greg we’ll be married for 19 years in August – and we have a nice, quiet home on the north side of Indianapolis. At a young age, Julie Papagiannis knew she wanted to pursue a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Customer Spotlight: Integrity Electric

Freight Center

Integrity Electric is a national seller of electrical & industrial equipment based out of Indianapolis, IN. Founded in 2011, Integrity removes electrical equipment from commercial buildings and then cleans, repairs and sells it. Removing and repurposing the equipment helps avoid tossing it in a landfill. It’s a win-win for everyone. As a result of their green practices, they’ve achieved accelerated growth and reduced the amount of materials in our landfills.

Demand and Fulfillment Blocking & Tackling: Part 5 – Knowledge Is Power


A good example of that would be two games played by the New England Patriots against the Indianapolis Colts during the last season. Ask any supply chain professional: what is the first thing you need to make better decisions? I’ll bet the answer will be: more information. But what makes us so curious about data? Why do we need to know detailed information analyzed from several angles and layers? I’ll tell you why: because in the supply chain universe mistakes cost you money.

Flatbed ratio reverses 10-week decline

DAT Solutions

Rock Island, IL to Indianapolis fell 55¢ to $3.30/mile, which is still a solid rate. The load-to-truck ratio for flatbeds rebounded last week to 28.4 loads per truck, after losing traction for ten straight weeks. The national average flatbed rate dropped 1¢ to $2.66/mile, but it may trend up again before the month ends on Friday. Rates rose last week on half of the top flatbed lanes, while the other half went down, so we haven't hit bottom yet.

Summer freight: Calm before the storm?

DAT Solutions

Memphis rates also fell sharply, with the lane to Indianapolis down 21¢ to $2.59/mile. Brokers and shippers have had an easier time finding trucks in recent weeks, at least when compared to the frantic first half of the year. That extra capacity has taken some of the pressure off of pricing. Freight rates have steadily declined since the Fourth of July, but they're still high.

Top 10 Markets for Van Loads in First Half of 2018

DAT Solutions

Allentown, PA, and Richmond, VA, replaced Indianapolis and Buffalo, NY, in the top 10. It's been an unprecedented year on the spot market so far. In 2018, we've seen record volumes and record prices, with the national average rates for each trailer type setting all-time highs in June. Red-hot demand and tight truck load capacity has led to a super-charged spot market.

Van Rates Close Q2 With a Bang

DAT Solutions

Memphis to Indianapolis climbed 37¢ to an average of $3.34/mile. As expected, June went into the books with the highest spot market rates on record. The national averages for all three major equipment types were the highest ever recorded in DAT Trendlines , and the spot market averages for flatbed and reefer rates were higher than the average shipper contract rates for each segment. The average spot van rate was equal to the average contract van rate.

Cold Calling on Steroids with Brad Seaman

The Logistics of Logistics

I am Brad Seaman, founder and CEO of MonsterConnect, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I grew up in Indianapolis. [00:44] Tell us a little bit about you and your company. MonsterConnect is sales enablement / lead generation service that help sales teams become 6-8 times more productive. [01:14] 01:14] Tell us a little bit about your background. I went to Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois near Chicago to be a youth pastor.

September Van and Reefer Trends Stay Strong After Labor Day

DAT Solutions

Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Joliet, IL , were all in the top 10 for load posts on DAT Load Boards last week. Volumes and rates got a boost heading into the Labor Day weekend, and those prices mostly held steady last week. Demand was up, but there weren’t many big changes on the top 100 van lanes.

Southern States are Red-Hot for Vans

DAT Solutions

Likewise, Memphis to Indianapolis rates moved up 17¢, to $2.32. Freight volume continues to be strong for vans, especially in the South, where some rough weather disrupted freight movements last week, and produce harvests occupied the reefers that might have hauled dry van freight in the off-season. Van rates are holding steady at a national average of $1.79 per mile, even though fuel surcharges are declining.