How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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California, for example, passed the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 , which went into effect in January 2012.

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

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Last week, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), a leading international body representing purchasing and supply management professionals, issued a press release highlighting findings from a survey it conducted showing that relatively few companies are ready to comply with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act , which was passed in March 2015 with enforcement set to begin on April 1, 2016. Compliance with a similar law passed in California back in 2010 is equally poor.

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Paving the Way for Sustainable Public Procurement


Sustainable public procurement can also be beneficial from the economic perspective: It can generate income, reduce costs and promote innovation among domestic producers. National Procurement Standards. state of California has recently passed the Buy Clean California Act.

Why The Time Is Now for Sustainable Procurement


Earth Day (April 22nd) is a celebration of commitment to creating a safer, healthier and cleaner world, making it a natural time to reflect on the power and value of sustainable procurement programs. Procurement teams are in a unique and important position to drive such initiatives forward as these improvements are only possible through actions taken in the supply chain. Procurement at the pivot point. Clear steps to sustainable procurement.

2012: California Transparency in Supply Chains Act comes into effect


The Act was originally adopted by the State of California in 2010 and it requires impacted companies to disclose their efforts, if any, to ensure their direct supply chains are free from slave labor and human trafficking. Such modern slavery dilemmas are exactly what the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act aims to elude. Chief Procurement Officers, procurement professionals, etc.) HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

5 Key Sustainable Procurement Trends


Do you hear more and more companies talking about Sustainable Procurement? The “California Transparency Act” is also active since January 2012 and in the UK the UK Bribery Act in 2010. Going beyond Social Compliance : In the past Sustainable Procurement Initiatives, were largely focusing on social audits, but more and more companies realise that they need to cover the complete Sustainability agenda , including environmental, product stewardship, fair business practices issues.

Sustainable Procurement: Want change? The first step is to create urgency


When new clients come to us they often have many questions about the right steps to take in order to ensure effective implementation of their sustainable procurement program. Procurement professionals are an extraordinarily busy breed and are especially bogged down with supplier data on cost, quality, delivery, price, etc. So, what are those realities for sustainable procurement? implementing sustainable procurement business processes).

Changing SRM Behaviors in a Period of $70/bbl Oil

Supply Chain View from the Field

I was in Houston yesterday evening, speaking to a large group of procurement executives at a roundtable held by KPMG’s Procurement Advisory Group, at the fabulous Brennan’s restaurant on Smith Street. The event was sponsored by Coupa, one of the leading providers of software, and several of the Coupa executives from the Houston area and from California were present.

Client Case Study Video Interview


We recently went to visit one of our clients in the local San Francisco Bay area here in California called Lucid Motors. Clearly you can see the system was designed by a team of people who are really expert in purchasing and procurement. E-Procurement Software

Sustainable Supply Chains Requires Effective Supply Management Capabilities!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Further attention was drawn to sustainable supply management as a result of the California Transparency Act in 2010. This legislation established regulatory mandates on manufacturers and retailers operating in California with annual global sales exceeding $100 million to disclose efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chain. Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Procurement Sustainability Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Sustainability

How Cape Town Was Saved From Running Out of Water

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In 2016, average daily per capita use in California was 321 litres.) Food & Beverage All Technology SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Middle East/Africa Home Page Latest NewsThe government announced “day zero” — a moment when dam levels would be so low that they would turn off the taps in Cape Town and send people to communal water collection points.

Case Study – CodeFour


Recently we went to visit with them to see their business first hand at their very impressive new facility in Huntingdon Beach, California to understand how Eyvo have helped them manage the many different parts of their business. E-Procurement SoftwareCase Study - CodeFour Media Group.

Unique Problems Require Unique Solutions


Enormous, complex, global enterprises use procurement technology to manage their spend, suppliers, contracts and bids every day without seeming to run into the same stumbling blocks as the public sector, which operates on a smaller and more localized basis. An example of what often happens is that a state that wants to streamline and standardize their procurement processes and technology. e-Procurement Public Sector

How This Plastic-Free Town Became Britain's First

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The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in California and the University of Georgia have estimated that up to 10m tonnes of plastic enter oceans each year. Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain Management Regulation and Compliance Sustainability Consumer Packaged Goods Retail Food & Beverage All Technology SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM

From Materials to Practices: Sustainable Purchasing Groundswell At The SPLC Summit 2019


Read more in this Guidebook on Integrating Ratings into Sustainable Public Procurement. While the University of California considers banning single use packaging, a decision to do so will not be immediate, and nor will it include all plastics.

SAP to Expand Cloud Presence with Acquisition of Ariba

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The acquisition will also significantly boost SAP’s cloud applications portfolio with the addition of Ariba’s leading cloud-based procurement solutions. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Ariba has approximately 2,600 employees. Industry experts estimate the cloud-based enterprise network and procurement segment at a current size of $5 billion in revenue. SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and Ariba, Inc. Nasdaq: ARBA) today announced that SAP’s subsidiary, SAP America, Inc.,

“Too Big to Fail”: 10 Things you Need to Know About El Niño


It will probably alleviate California’s drought. El Niño is set to bring copious amounts of precipitation to California and the Southern United States. will see a wet winter while California is preparing for storms that will bring floods and mudslides.

Supplier Diversity Reporting in Utility Industry

Infosys Supply Chain Management

The client was from utility industry located in Las Vegas & had a customer base of approximately 2 million including residential, commercial and industrial customers.They provided natural gas service to parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. Utility companies operating in the West/South West USA and serving any part of California are regulated by CPUC. The primary goal of this program is to ensure that each of the participating utilities procure at least 21.5%

ivalua - Untitled Article


The Ivalua team is looking forward to attending the California State Association of Counties Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting theme is “Connecting California’s Communities”. Be sure to stop by and learn how you can accelerate your digital transformation through Ivalua’s purpose-built Procurement software solution for the Public Sector. ——————–. The CSAC will be celebrating their 125th year anniversary as an association and we look forward to being a part of it! .

Expert Research, What Happened with IMO 2020 Fuel Prices?

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As factories have struggled to ramp back up (or even open up), obviously the volume of imports to the US is down significantly-especially into California. May 15th also marks the beginning of produce season in California which typically stretches reefer capacity on its own.

Modern Slavery in Today’s Supply Chains


It’s based on California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act, which was passed in 2010. by Alexa Cheater I used to think slavery was, for the most part, a thing of the past.

Global Sourcing and Human Rights Go Hand in Hand


Recent laws passed by the UK, Australia, and states like California are now requiring human labor policies as laws that impact corporate purchasing policies.

El Niño May Have Your Supply Chain Partying Like It’s 1997


A massive El Niño occurred in 1997-1998, unleashing record rains in California, deadly tornados in Florida, and a brutal drought in Indonesia, thus landing the term firmly on the radar (no pun intended) of millions of people around the globe.

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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I find that in this world of the global multi-national that procurement processes have become convoluted and increasingly complex. (In In my opinion, we have made procurement increasingly complex without adding value.

Illuminating the Way Toward Sustainable Supply Chains


Bateman also emphasized the differences between visibility, transparency, and traceability and urged procurement executives to prioritize each concept accordingly.

From “Rules of Thumb” to Non-Linear Algorithmic Optimization


While head deep in this struggle to build a business case for supply chain process, structure and technology improvements I came across a little blue book edited and compiled by Dick Morreale and published by the Council of Logistics Management Southern California Roundtable.

Spreadsheets – A Look Back


In fact, the concept of a spreadsheet on a computer goes back to 1961, when Professor Richard Mattessich, from the University of California at Berkeley, pioneered the development of computerized spreadsheets for use solely in business accounting.

eBook 208

Ivalua Continues Global Expansion with New Office in Sydney, Australia


REDWOOD CITY, California , May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ivalua, a leading provider of global Spend Management Cloud solutions, today announced that it has opened an office in Sydney, Australia to support its rapid growth and increased presence in the Asia Pacific region. ” Eric said: “ Australia and New Zealand are mature markets with increasing competition when it comes to Procurement. Ivalua is the Procurement empowerment platform.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


There are seven counties in Northern California where people have been asked to stay home: The railroads and dray carriers are exempt from this at this time. Delays in Northern California and Seattle are limited at this time. Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update.

Bristlecone Launches SAP Ariba Cloud Connection for Informatica Cloud Data Integration


The new connector will simplify data integration, helping reduce complexity in the procurement process and improve the efficiency of supply chain operations for Informatica customers. SAN JOSE, Calif.

How to Manage Risk and Boost Transparency in the Raw Material Supply Chain


A recent Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) conference in Santa Clara, California, discussed the latest developments in the field as well as possible solutions and international initiatives aimed at minimizing risks associated with using resources extracted in conflict areas.

Duty of Care Law: French Constitutional Council gives the green light


Sustainable procurement programs on the rise, still face challenges: EcoVadis Barometer results

Ivalua Continues Global Expansion with New Office in Sydney, Australia


REDWOOD CITY, California , May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ivalua, a leading provider of global Spend Management Cloud solutions, today announced that it has opened an office in Sydney, Australia to support its rapid growth and increased presence in the Asia Pacific region. ” Eric said: “ Australia and New Zealand are mature markets with increasing competition when it comes to Procurement. Ivalua is the Procurement empowerment platform.

Tradeshift, Bristlecone Partner to Advance the Future of Supply Chains


Bristlecone’s supply chain, procurement and analytics solutions help businesses achieve true antifragility, empowering them with the ability to forecast accurately, maximize savings, ensure positive customer experiences and improve overall corporate health.

Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli on What your Supply Chain is Missing


Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli also has extensive experience working with supply chains, and he gave me his insights into what links all the most successful procurement teams: Supplier relationships. There’s a strong link between design and procurement.

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