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Importance of Digitalisation to Improve Supply Chains: Helping Businesses Navigate Through Supply Chain Disruptions

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Importance of Digitalisation to Improve Supply Chains: Helping Businesses Navigate Through Supply Chain Disruptions. is adopted in more and more industries and companies, the supply chain industry is starting to implement these disruptive technologies to adapt to the ongoing challenges and obstacles.

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How Cargo Theft Stole Christmas

Logistics Viewpoints

Cargo theft continues to be a problem, especially around the holidays. And I don’t just mean the winter holidays; cargo theft typically spikes during any holiday season where businesses may be closed for an extra day or two. But what exactly is cargo theft? Cargo theft comes in many shapes and sizes.

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Driving Sustainability in the Age of Supply Chain Disruption

Logistics Viewpoints

AI and machine learning provides more accurate information during the transportation planning process; using IoT to monitor shipments, cargo conditions, and yard management have allowed companies to make quick adjustments when disruptions occur; and mobile digital assistants provide feedback and instant visibility into shipments and inventory.

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Protect Your Shipments From Cargo Theft


The alarming rise in cargo theft across the United States is becoming a significant concern for businesses, logistics providers, and consumers alike. Understanding the Reasons Behind the Surge Economic Pressures Inflation and supply chain disruptions have inadvertently presented an attractive opportunity for thieves.

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Global Supply Chain Disruptions: Covid-19’s Ripple Effect Continues + 5 Changes Needed for 2022


Global Trade Authority Rob Garrison, CEO and Co-Founder of Mercado Labs, shares insights from over 30 years of supply chain experience working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Here, he explains what caused current global supply chain disruptions, and shares the five steps needed to overcome today’s supply chain issues.

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Resilinc’s Q1 2023 Supply Chain Disruption Data


Resilinc’s supply chain disruption data for Q1 2023 is here — while overall disruptions are leveling off, there are some new risk types experiencing major shifts. Out of those disruptions, four major risk areas emerged: financial risks, labor risks, shortages, and recalls.

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How a Fractional CFO Can Address Supply Chain Disruptions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

However, this article will focus on how a fractional CFO can manage supply chain disruptions. How Can Fractional CFOs Solve Supply Chain Disruptions? A wide range of things causes supply chain disruptions. An example of a transitional disruption is the recent Covid-19 pandemic.