Why You Should Start a Business in Detroit

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Why You Should Start a Business in Detroit by Matt Magpantay, Marketing Associate, Evans Distribution Systems The fall of Detroit in 2013 was unfathomable to many at that time. Detroit Matt Magpantay Michigan

Top Supply Chain and Logistics Automation Trends to Watch for in 2019


Robotics in the Warehouse and Loading Docks Will Streamline Order Fulfillment and Reduce Delays The use of robots in the warehouse and unloading docks will help a company streamline order fulfillment as well.

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3PL Best Practices

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For 3PL’s, measurable metrics allow the companies to benchmark themselves against... The post 3PL Best Practices appeared first on 3PL Insights - Warehousing, Transportation, and Logistics.

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Partnering with A 3PL for Value Added Services

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Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2017

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LLamasoft : SummerCon 2017 , June 12-16, Detroit, MI. Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) Conference , April 30 – May 3, Fort Worth, TX.

Supply Chain Management in a VUCA World

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Yet all of the functions that we now associate with Supply Chain have been around for a very long time: Planning, Inventory Management, Logistics, Procurement and Purchasing, Warehousing and many more.”[2] Anyone who has served in the armed forces knows the military loves its acronyms.

Stanislaus and Evans: Meeting High Expectations Every Day

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9 years ago, Stanislaus began its search for supply chain partner in the Detroit area to provide flexible warehousing and distribution services. A family-owned tomato products company, Stanislaus Food Products creates superior quality tomato-based food.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


The trade-offs are especially critical for destinations in a “battleground” region that stretches from Detroit in the north to Houston in the south. New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS.Connect by TMC.

Then to Now: 90 Years of Logistics History

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The company started off as Central Detroit Warehouse Company (CDW) and opened its first warehouse in the heart of downtown Detroit. CDW outgrew their warehouse and moved to its current location in Melvindale, MI.

Spring Starts Slowly


Looking for a warehouse? Worth, Chicago, the Inland Empire around Los Angeles in California, Atlanta, and Detroit. . Retail Sales . . households cut back on purchasing autos in March contributing to the weak GDP performance in the first quarter.

Overcoming Automotive Logistics Challenges – Part II

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By looking more broadly than just how can we reduce the transportation or warehousing costs, they will find the big savings, the billion dollar savings. Yiakoumi: Our conference in Detroit in September had a very positive feel and there was a lot about the continuing growth in North America and what it means for the supply chain. Supply Chain Nation recently sat down with Automotive Logistics Group Publisher, Louis Yiakoumi, about the hot topics in this industry.