Thu.Oct 19, 2017

Do Not Get Trapped by Traditional Holiday Product Forecasting Methods This Year

Supply Chain Matters

Earlier this month, the National Retail Federation (NRF) released a rather optimistic forecast of expected holiday retail sales for the months of November and December. Supply Chain Matters however, advises some prudent caution and here is why we take such a view.

How Slotting Optimization Technology Fosters Strategic Improvement for Distribution Centers


The days of re-slotting and warehouse at the time of its creation have ended. Today, warehouse managers face an endless battle with a growing number of products and limited storage capacity, and among distribution center managers, the challenge of warehouse slotting is even more difficult.

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Blockchain’s Garbage In, Garbage Out Challenge

Supply Chain @ MIT

Any information system is only as good as the quality of its data; the well-known garbage in, garbage out conundrum. Blockchains are distributed ledgers that are subject to this principle, but more so than conventional systems since the entries are supposed to be unalterable. Is data integrity the Achilles Heel of blockchain technology, especially in […].

Podcast: Amazon and Whole Foods: What’s Next?

Supply Chain Nation

Following Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, prices have fallen and foot traffic is up at Whole Foods Market locations. What’s next for Amazon and Whole Foods? How will the acquisition impact the competitive landscape? And will Amazon use Whole Foods to bring new technologies and staffing approaches to the retail world?

What is a Good Level of Forecast Accuracy?

Download a complimentary copy of this RELEX eBook and learn why this common question might not be the right one to ask.

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Digital Supply Chain Conference 2018

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Adapting to a Digital World - Agile, Collaborative and Innovative Supply Chain Management Taking place on the 30-31 January, 2018, in Amsterdam, the conference has been designed to deliver insight from international experts on how they are developing enhanced, agile and connected supply chains through digital technology

The Benefits of Establishing a Centralized Transportation Department


By Kirk Graves | Senior Manager, Transportation | Chainalytics | Don’t know where your product is? Having trouble estimating your transportation spend? Using carriers that are not authorized or contracted? Is your company growing and your transportation organization cannot keep up?

Preparing for ELDs: Changes Shippers Can Make Today


The holidays aren’t the only thing looming on the horizon. For many in our industry, electronic logging devices (ELDs) are a hot topic because there is not consensus on the magnitude of impact implementation will have on capacity.

Iowa 20

Masters of the Future

Inbound Logistics

IL Editor Felecia Stratton was lucky to get an annual glimpse into the future of the logistics workforce—and can say with confidence that we’ll be just fine

Tech -Driven Supply Chains: How Innovations Are Transforming the Trucking Industry

Trucking may be notoriously conservative and slow to change, but all signs point to a major technological shift. This report explores this transformation, with an eye on what's coming down the pike in the near and long term.

4 Tips to Ensure On-time Shipping for Small Businesses

PLS Logistics

On time delivery is a crucial in any industry. This final touchpoint in the supply chain represents your ability to fulfill your customer’s needs competently. It’s especially important for small businesses to delivery products on-time, as a good reputation is essential to their bottom-line.

Holding the Middle


They once had a contest in Canada’s national newspaper on ‘Defining a Canadian’. There were some memorable entries. A Canadian is someone who apologizes to an Instant Bank machine.

Business Continuity Affects All Your Supply Chain

Logistics Bureau

The old slogan for the Timex watch of “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’” sums up business continuity nicely. Watches are already complicated. In supply chain, the complexity can be far greater. Business continuity management seeks to keep a supply chain working in the event of a problem.

Retail Vendor Performance Management News Round Up for October, 2017

Supply Chain Digest

New RSR Benchmark Report on Supply Chain Execution, Straight Talk from Retailers on RFID, Was 2017 the Inflection Point in Managing Vendor Variability

The Value of Supply Chain Planning in Process Manufacturing

Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is enormously important to those process manufacturers that aspire to differentiated performance -- not just large enterprise businesses but companies of all sizes.

Sustain Compliance & Drive Efficiencies in Med Device Labeling - Learn How at QAD Event


QAD users will gather for the QAD West Coast User Group's (WeCUG) 2017 annual meeting on October 23-24 in Santa Barbara, CA. Many topics will be covered but if you're attending, one you won't want to miss the presentation on Medical Device Labeling offered by Loftware's Pierre Heymann. Labeling

Shaping the next generation of the manufacturing industry

Value Unchained

Earlier this month, our team in Brno, Czech Republic hosted an industry panel and discussion featuring representatives from the American Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Embassy in Prague, McKinsey & Company and a variety of leading manufacturing companies in the region.

A Look at Retail Inventory Performance in 2016

Supply Chain Digest

We Rank More than a Dozen Retailer Sectors by Inventory Turn Performance

Compliance Networks Corner on BOPIS to the Rescue Part 2 and the Role of Visibility

Supply Chain Digest

Visibility is Key to Virtually Every Aspect of Buy OnLine, Pick Up in Store Success


Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?