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What Is Demand Sensing and Why Supply Chain Executives Need to Know More

Veridian Solutions

Understanding more about the needs and wants of customers can help supply chain leaders make informed decisions, improve inventory management, and increase profitability. In recent months, conversations about how to improve forecasting in the supply chain have focused on a subject: demand sensing.

Business Transformation for the Digital Age

Enterra Insights

Twenty-five hundred years ago the philosopher Heraclitus, wrote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” ” It’s a lesson the business world constantly learns even as some sectors resist change. The most apparent changes today have to do with digitization. There is no denying we live in the digital age and the lifeblood of the age is data.

Impact of Brexit on Warehousing

The Network Effect

We’re all sick of hearing about it, but for business leaders and supply chain managers, Brexit is posing tough questions. The post Impact of Brexit on Warehousing appeared first on The Network Effect. Distribution Warehousing Brexit global trade

FDA Making Drug Supply Chain More Secure

Material Handling & Logistics

"Using new innovations, we believe we can improve the overall security of our closed system and improve our ability to prevent the introduction of illegitimate products," says FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

How does your demand forecasting compare to your peers?

Demand forecasts are becoming increasingly more difficult to predict and less accurate. How are supply chain professionals dealing with this? What kind of technology are they using to deal with this shift? How is their approach to forecasting evolving? Take this assessment to find out how your demand forecasting process stacks up against others. It’s also a handy resource to identify improvement areas for your team. It only takes a few minutes and you get instant feedback.

Have You Given Your Planner Love Today?

Supply Chain Shaman

As I write this blog, Valentine cards scatter my desk. This is the week for love: a time to send cards and letters to those that we appreciate. I am in the middle of sending the cards to my grandchildren. It is in this spirit, that I write this post.

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5 Ways Big Data is Redefining Supply Chain

River Logic

Big data incorporates data-sets on the order of terabytes and petabytes. Self-correcting and self-monitoring, big data systems make outlier data more noticeable and allow development of statistical models and trends.

[On-demand webinar] Slide into a new supply chain planning experience


by Alexa Cheater. Let’s face it. Managing a global supply chain is no easy feat. You constantly have to solve complex problems and manage shifting situations driven by things like regulation changes, growing consumer expectation and geo-political unrest.

Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

JDA software

It wasn’t that long ago that integrating all the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of your end-to-end supply chain was considered a pipe dream. Times sure have changed!

How Well Does Your TMS Support Cross-Docking Automation?

Supply Chain Collaborator

Cross-docking is not a new practice for shippers, but it is one that is increasingly being relied upon in the age of just-in-time supply chain management. Here are some of the factors driving increased use of cross docking as a logistics practice and the ways today’s TMS platforms are making the process easier and more efficient in driving performance and cost savings.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

7 Inventory Control Practices That Save You Money


Not only will effective inventory control save you money, but it can also improve cash flow in other ways. It’s important to factor inventory stock into your cashflow management because it represents money spent that won’t generate cash until your inventory has been sold. The longer inventory sits on your shelves, the more it costs, tying up cash reserves and occupying valuable space. Implementing inventory control techniques will improve inventory turns and save you valuable time and money.

Ocean Freight Rates Increased Ahead of Lunar New Year — But Not By Much

American Global Logistics

Supply Chain Dive —Dive Brief: • Ocean shipping rates ticked up ahead of the Lunar New Year. Rates from China to the U.S. West Coast rose to $2,061.50 in January 2019 — a 5% increase over the previous month and a 51% increase over January 2018. Rates from China to the U.S. East Coast also […].

China 52

Full Truckload Trends to Watch in 2019


Shippers face great uncertainty regarding the full truckload industry for 2019. Capacity is still wasted, reports Satish Patel via , yet new apps and technologies are changing the way shippers tender and schedule freight.

Trends 244

Prescriptive Analytics Use Cases for Sales and Marketing

River Logic

As the flood of customer information continues to pour in through an ever increasing number of digital touchpoints, b ig data use cases for sales and marketing have grown exponentially. The growth of predictive analytics has, in turn, also been driven by customer-focused use cases.

The 2018 Supply Chain Software Buyer's Guide

Learn which supply chain applications are the best for your organization.

2019 Transportation Industry Trends

GTG Technology Group

6 Transportation Industry Trends to Look for in 2019. 2018 has ended and 2019 is here! New opportunities in the transportation industry are thriving. Transportation professionals seeking to stay on top of trends in the industry look to implementing these trends.

Predictions from Supply Chain Gurus for 2019 Full Text Version Part 1

Supply Chain Digest

Complete Predictions from Mike Regan, Gene Tyndall, and Dr. Chris Gopal, with Part 2 Next Week

New Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi Highlights our LIVING Supply Chain Book


I recently learned that the new incoming CEO of Flex, one of the largest global contract manufacturers in the world, has highlighted the book I wrote with Tom Linton last year called the “LIVING Supply Chain: The Imperative of Operating in Real Time” The CEO, Revathi Advaithi, noted in one of her opening messages to shareholders and the public, that real time data is essential for delivering supply chain accuracy.

Maximizing Financial Flow vs Capacity Discipline — Cuz That's Where the Money Is!

River Logic

What is Capacity Discipline? When the infamous bank robber, Willie Sutton , was asked why he'd robbed banks, he purportedly said, "Cause that's where the money is!"

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Logistics Outsourcing: Is It Still a One-Way Street?

Talking Logistics

According to a report in the The Press-Enterprise , Walmart is bringing operations at two California warehouses, which it had outsourced to Schneider Logistics for the past 13 years, back in-house.

Five Key Questions a Successful S&OP Process Strategy Should Ask

River Logic

Sales and operations planning has been around for decades. At the time it was created, the emphasis was on setting up a process that would facilitate collaboration between the commercial departments (e.g., sales, marketing) and operations (e.g., manufacturing, procurement, inventory, distribution).

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Banyan Technology partners with Pierbridge to share logistics capabilities


Banyan will offer its live connectivity platform and Pierbridge its Transtream Parcel TMS enterprise shipping software with the aim of expanding their service provision to 3PLs. Leveraging Banyan's connectivity platform Pierbridge TMS users will have access to data sharing and automation features, including Banyan's new Local Carrier mode.

11 Software Requirements for Stochastic Optimization

River Logic

This is the first part of a two-part series on stochastic optimization, defined in Wikipedia as “optimization methods that generate and use random variables.

Navigating the Road to Successful Automation - A Process Driven Approach

Speaker: Jon Leposky, Director of Operations and Logistics, Z Customization

Automation can be an incredibly powerful tool to lower costs, increase capabilities, and enable scaling. However the road to implementing automation can be long and challenging even when all the proper steps are taken. Being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of common pitfalls when implementing automation can make the difference between a show stopping disaster and seamless success.

Fixing the Major Issue of Detention Time for Truckers

Zipline Logistics

First off, what is truck detention and what is detention pay for truckers? When shipments aren’t ready to be loaded, even if a truck driver arrives on time, the trucker is “detained” and must wait for freight (and its paperwork) to be prepped.

We Want to Hear from OR Professionals!

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INFORMS 2015 is right around the corner — as is a new year in OR — and we want to hear your thoughts on " The State of Operations Research.". Whether you're an academic, a consultant, a software developer or even a student, we'd love to snag 3 minutes of your time to complete our survey.

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New England Motor Freight Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition

Aborn and Co.

New England Motor Freight Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition

Traditional Cost Modeling is Failing. Here's What You Can Do.

River Logic

Businesses, non-profits, and even government organizations need cost models to support decision making. Without cost and profitability models, financial planning — much less financial optimization — would be almost impossible. Financial Planning Finance

Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Organizations need to focus on demand driven supply planning, utilizing real time information on customer orders from all marketplaces (e-commence, Amazon - or other online retailers, and point of sale data from brick and mortar). Focusing on this information once per month during the S&OP meeting is too late for all business units to align. Companies should have seamless integration between order entry, inventory management, forecasting and supply planning models and purchase order status to sense risk, pull levers to mitigate potential risk, and communicate within and outside the organization. This is especially important for new product releases, in store programs or promotions (sales, end caps, PDQ. etc) or online promotions (company run or 3rd party). Depending on total supply chain lead time, not having real time visibility and analysis of this information can significantly affect sales and the bottom line.