Tue.May 17, 2022

Respond to Volatile Supply Conditions with “What-if” Scenario Planning  


Supply variability today. Where are we at? It’s tempting to think of supply variability as a recent phenomenon caused by COVID-19. Supply chain professionals know better. Supply disruptions are as old as trade itself. But the disruptive power of the pandemic was off the charts, as they say.

The 2022 Chlorine Shortage: Another Year of Poolmageddon


Temperatures are rising and people are getting sweaty. We’re inching toward the time of year when sweltering heat can only be quenched by one experience–a dunk in a cool, crisp, clean swimming pool.


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What’s the Difference between S&OP and Integrated Business Planning?

DELMIA Quintiq

Many organizations are still struggling to understand and implement basic Sales and Operations Planning processes to cope with supply chain disruption. Thanks to constant industry innovation, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is now also becoming a common topic of conversation.

S&OP 156

Supply Chain Network Design Tools: What’s changed since the COVID-19 pandemic?


The post Supply Chain Network Design Tools: What’s changed since the COVID-19 pandemic? appeared first on AIMMS


Gartner on Choosing the Right Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Your Business

Supply Chain Visibility is critical to success in today’s market, but how do you ensure that you choose the right platform? Gartner rates 11 visibility platforms on 100+ capabilities to help you make the best decision for your business. Download the report!

Intelligent IBP – a new role for supply chain planners

Supply Chain Trend

Preview – Most IBP cycles around the world are based on a 20-year-old process definition supported by 20-year-old planning concepts. This traditional IBP is not set up for a fast-changing world, where speed of decision making confers a competitive advantage. Intelligent automation will change this.

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The Future of Logistics with Courtney Muller

The Logistics of Logistics

The logistics industry is changing fast. On today’s episode of The Logistics of Logistics Podcast, host Joe Lynch sits down with Courtney Muller.

Protect Your Supply Chain This Hurricane Season

Zipline Logistics

Colorado State University’s annual Forecast of Atlantic Hurricane Season Activity has been released. Using historical records and averages, CSU has forecasted that the this season will see “above-normal activity” and record four major (category 3-5) hurricanes.

Seeing is Foreseeing: Managing Delivery Exceptions Before They Occur


With increased customer demand for online orders, operation managers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and logistics managers are pushed to achieve higher delivery targets with tight deadlines.

The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain! Which Will Prevail?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Confessions of a High Priced Expediter! Anyone who has worked in Supply Chain knows that problems will arise anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

How to Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions: An Action Plan for Supply Chain Leaders

To achieve sustainability, many firms set lofty net-zero emissions goals. However, meeting them is easier said than done. This GEP whitepaper shows why supply shain leaders should take steps now, and offers an action plan for moving forward.

Quality makes a difference when choosing AMRs

IT Supply Chain

By Frazer Watson (pictured). UK – Ireland Country Manager at iFollow. The post Quality makes a difference when choosing AMRs appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

How manufacturers and distributors can use Cloud ERP to overcome supply chain disruptions


Manufacturers and distributors can leverage Cloud ERP to revolutionize the way they do business and manage disruption as the impact of the global pandemic, regional instabilities, and natural disasters continues to cause supply chain volatility.

Extreme weather is risky business for supply chains


Climate change and the extreme weather events it causes are becoming larger concerns for supply chain managers, their C-suite bosses, corporate boards, and major investors. And for OEMs in virtually every manufacturing industry, supply chains are where much of their climate change risk lies.

U.S., European Firms Rethink China Investment After Lockdowns

Supply Chain Brain

and European businesses are reconsidering their investments in China after the lockdown in Shanghai and restrictions in other cities caused major disruption to their operations

China 86

Using Technology & Strategy to Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

Speaker: Tom Coughlin, President at Coughlin Associates, Inc.

The pandemic has made companies acutely aware of the interdependence of supply chains, with reliance on multiple suppliers to produce crucial components of finished products. One of the consequences will be the growth of more local content in products, and that will require the use of new technologies. In this webinar, learn how to navigate the ways technology working with humans will transform the way products are made and distributed.

5 Steps to a Global Collaborative Demand Planning Process


Every business can benefit from having a proper demand plan. A pivotal part in this process is collaboration. 5 Steps to a Global Collaborative Demand Planning Process was first posted on May 17, 2022 at 10:09 am. ©2017

Hospitals Ration CT Scans, Awaiting Dye From Shanghai GE Plant

Supply Chain Brain

Hospitals around the U.S. are postponing CT scans and rationing care while waiting on shipments of medical dye made in a Shanghai plant that just restarted production amid the city’s lockdown

Troubling Signs for Retail Supply Chains- Walmart Badly Misses on Profitability

Supply Chain Matters

Global retailer Walmart reported Q1-2022 financial performance this week and described the current retail business profitability environment as unexpected and unusual. Business media headlines note a big earnings miss as higher supply chain related costs are taking a toll.

Biden Invokes Emergency Powers to Try to Ease Formula Shortage

Supply Chain Brain

President Biden invoked emergency powers under the Defense Production Act to try and boost production of baby formula, while ordering the use of government planes for imports to alleviate shortages

Gartner's Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

The data analytics and intelligence markets are evolving, and supply chain leaders are struggling to keep up. This research offers an overview of the market conditions and provides a list of representative vendors with platform-based solutions for supply chain.

What is Sourcing Strategy and Why is it Important?


• Strategic sourcing is a combination of activities aimed at aligning a company’s procurement spend with its overall objectives. • It’s about spending money in the wisest ways rather than just angling for the lowest prices of items.

How to Optimize Your Global Supply Chain

EC Sourcing Group

Global supply chain optimization is simply taking a closer look at and revamping your current supply chain to operate at its best. Your supply chain is the backbone of your business, no matter what role you play in purchasing and procurement.

Implementing New Supply Chain Technology (Part 2)

Demand Driven Technologies

In last week’s post, we introduced some of the lessons we’ve learned about implementing new supply chain technology. This week, we’ll take a look at some case studies from companies in Russia to the countries of the Central Asian region.

5 Risks Associated With Traditional Freight Bill Payment Practices

Intelligent Audit

Just as spring signals a time full of blossoms and allergenic sneezes, changing seasons can cause people to reflect on traditions. While many traditions produce warm memories, some belong in the past.

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

10 TMS Capabilities for Usability and Best Supply Chain Visibility


Not every transportation management system platform provides true visibility and usability across every supply chain operation. Without sufficient TMS capabilities, transportation network partners struggle to maintain awareness and execute activities across a freight shipment’s life cycle.

How To Improve Transparency & Reduce Supply Chain Risks When Working With Suppliers

HICX Solutions

The shift from cost-savings to supply chain resilience has reshaped the order of the list of top priorities for many organizations.

How Final Mile TMS Helps You Control Costs, Capacity, Carbon, and Customer Delivery Experiences

Supply Chain Brain

Final mile delivery volumes continue to increase with parcel shipments expected to double by 2026. Meanwhile, carrier rates are rising because of constrained carrier capacity, driver shortages, and higher fuel costs

Supply Chain and Logistics Firms well Populate CNBC List of the Top 50 Disruptors

Supply Chain Digest

Three of Top 10, including Number 1, are Supply Chain Technology Providers

8 Questions to Rate Supply Chain Platform Needs and Capabilities

There have been many investments in supply chain technologies, but the ability of vendors to enable orchestration differs, making the buying decision complex. TadaNow offers critical questions to ask when evaluating supply chain platforms.