How to Thwart the Growing Menace of Cargo Theft

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While piracy on the high seas regularly makes headlines, the inland version – cargo theft – has quietly been on the rise for years. One needs to look no further than the FBI, which began tracking cargo theft statistics a few years ago after recognizing its impact on the economy – and realizing it also posed a threat to national security. The problem is even worse in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and parts of Europe.

TransRussia 2015

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Venue: IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia. The TransRussia exhibition is a major marketplace for transport services, each year attracting leading professionals from Russia, the CIS and Baltics. Being focused primarily on cargo transportation services, the TransRussia exhibition demonstrates the full range of industry solutions – from transport and forwarding services to software and equipment for cargo handling. TransRussia 2015. Date: 21-24 April 2015.

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Etihad Cargo launches freighter flights to Moscow

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New service capitalises on growing trade between Russia & the UAE

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UPS Remains Positive on Asia Opportunities

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UPS notes that this hub serves as a transfer point for shipments within the region and includes separate sorting and handling facilities for express and cargo shipments, a specific area for China Inspection and Quarantine clearance for import commodities and a dedicated 150,000 square meter ramp with 13 aircraft parking positions. Air Cargo Asia Pacific Express UPS APACAs global trade expectations are revised downward to 2.6% for 2019 from 3.0%

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AirBridgeCargo Airlines tonnage up 16% in 2015 so far

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Between January and May 2015, the cargo airline transported 180,605 tonnes across its global route network linking Europe, Asia and the USA via Russia

Shipping Prospects Heat Up in the Arctic


While relatively little cargo currently passes through the Arctic, traffic through the region is likely to increase over the next decade as shippers take advantage of freshly-thawed routes. Russia has also demonstrated its resolve to capitalize on newly-liberated shipping lanes.

The Silk Railway: freight train from China pulls up in Madrid

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En route it passed through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France before arriving at the Abroñigal freight terminal in Madrid. It consisted of 30 containers carrying 1,400 tonnes of cargo – mostly toys, stationery and other items for sale over Christmas across Europe. However, the cargo had to be transferred three times during the journey as a result of incompatible rail gauges.

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6 Emerging Trends In Supply Chain and A Deeper Look into Driverless Vehicles


This means that the world has opened up to countries like China, India, Brazil and Russia open for business. Stagnation of Air Cargo and Sea Freight Rates. Air cargo rates will also remain static. However there is good news at the moment because of the drop in jet fuel costs, improving the financial performance of the air cargo companies. Financial risk mitigation at UPS comes in the form of in-transit financing and cargo insurance that is provided by UPS Capital.

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Supply Chain Goals: Gracefully Overcoming the Hurdles of Global Sports Events

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer championship has drawn millions of sports enthusiasts to Russia. Many of the deliveries to Russia span thousands of kilometers from origin to destination.

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The Belt and Road Initiative: Rail Service between Europe and Asia

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As reported by OSW studies , China determined that rail service between western China, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Europe would best serve the unique needs of these manufacturers. Cargo insurance. Have you ever considered changing your traditional mode of transportation?

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Sochi chalet runs out of traditional Swiss raclette melting cheese

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Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. Sochi, Russia (Reuters) - The House of Switzerland chalet has become one of the main attractions in Sochis Olympic Park, offering takeaway food, a sit-down restaurant, and parties well into the night. ” New supplies of the cheese should have already arrived in Sochi as the caterers ordered a further 800 kg to be transported by truck from Switzerland to Russia through Ukraine as soon as they noticed the stocks dwindling.

COVID-19 Airfreight Business Strong

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Workers at Russia’s Kazan International Airport disinfect a Boeing 747 freighter operated by Volga-Dnepr Airlines. Cargo carriers added to their plane orders last month even as the aircraft manufacturer registered more cancellations of passenger jets, the WSJ’s Doug Cameron reports, signaling the resilience of expedited shipping demand despite the coronavirus-driven collapse in airline passenger business. But IATA expects cargo revenues to rise 8.2%

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Two Important Questions About the Future of Freight Moves

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Take cargo airships, for example. House of Representatives set up the bipartisan Cargo Airship Caucus, with the goal of accelerating development. In recent years, the aerospace heavyweights Boeing and Northrop Grumman have developed airships; Russia, Brazil, and China have built or conceived prototypes, and Canada has designs for a few of them, including the Solar Ship, which looks like a bloated stealth bomber, with solar panels spread across the top of helium-filled wings.

Logistics Execs Split on Outcome of NAFTA Talks

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The Index, in its ninth year, ranks 50 emerging markets countries by factors that make them attractive to logistics providers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, air cargo carriers and distributors. Russia climbs three spots to No. Executives in a new survey, 2018 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, are divided about whether a new pact would help Mexico (24.3%); hurt Mexico (21.8%); or leave trade unchanged (25.7%).

Doing Business in the Netherlands


The Netherlands has a total of 29 airports, five of which are considered major airports, and two of which have paved runways capable of handling cargo planes. and Russia. The Netherlands is a modern and highly industrialized country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium, Germany and the North Sea. The Netherlands was one of the founding countries of both the EU and NATO, showing that it is a nation of progressive and forward-thinking people.

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. Once cargo has shipped, there are no “backsies.” Everything from custom duties to cargo inspections can create bottlenecks within the supply chain. Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations. By Ali Hasan Raza. Published October 25, 2019 in Global Trade Magazine. Even at some of the world’s best supply chains, redirecting chemicals and other products is a Herculean effort.

This Week in Logistics News (February 17-21, 2014)

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FedEx Re-Opens B2C Service To Russia. Government to import or export cargo. I went downhill skiing for the first time in 15 years yesterday. A lot has changed since then, especially the lift ticket prices. The good news is that the lift ticket price for kids 5 and younger was only $5. The bad news is that “I ski like a 5 year old” didn’t get me the discount. Nonetheless, the day was a complete success.

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How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

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The 9 th annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit is being held in Xiamen September 3-5, 2017 (the summit location rotates between its member countries). The major impact will be to hazardous cargo (majority of classes), with a hold on Xiamen port from August 1st to September 7th, including imports to Xiamen, exports from Xiamen, and transfers via Xiamen. Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway.


Alibaba versus Amazon in Europe

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Spain is Alibaba’s fourth market by turnover volume, after China, the United States, and Russia and is the focus of this article. The Liege Airport is already handling e-commerce shipments from the Cainiao network from such airlines as Air China Cargo.

Logistics Services Providers Shift Investment Focus Outside BRIC Markets

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The emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China that make up the ‘BRIC’ acronym continue to forge ahead. All of these factors point to much greater near term investment by logistics services providers in terms of development of distribution centres, and air/road/sea freight cargo facilities along with the establishment of local partnerships and regional networks, particularly where trade restrictions prevent direct investment or operations by foreign companies.


How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

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The 9 th annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit is being held in Xiamen September 3-5, 2017 (the summit location rotates between its member countries). The major impact will be to hazardous cargo (majority of classes), with a hold on Xiamen port from August 1st to September 7th, including imports to Xiamen, exports from Xiamen, and transfers via Xiamen. Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway.


Shipping by Road or Rail: Pros & Cons


Road transport is the most commonly used mode of transport for the movement of goods connecting customers to cargo and vice versa. Road freight is widely used for the distribution and delivery of retail and other forms of cargo from and to various DCs (Distribution Centre). Rail transport is a commonly used mode of transport especially in countries and continents with long transit such as across China, Russia, USA and parts of Europe.

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Doing Business in the United States


For comparison, this makes the country about half the size of Russia or South America, and more than twice the size of the European Union. has 5,054 airports, most of which have paved runways long enough to handle large jets and cargo planes. Cargo transportation in the U.S. has nine container ports, 11 cargo ports and 11 liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. In 1776, 13 British colonies declared their independence and formed the United States.

Biggest Supply Chain Risk From US Metal Import Tariffs Is Retaliation

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For aluminum, Trump’s options also include a higher tariff, of 23.6%, on five major suppliers including China and Russia. In January, China boosted its shipments of the lightweight metal for a third month, as domestic supplies spill overseas, while steel cargoes shrank to the lowest in nearly five years as strong domestic growth mops up production and environmental curbs trim capacity. China, the main target of the proposals, said that the U.S.

Outlook on U.S. Exports: Forecasting the “Perfect Storm” or Something Else?

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export commodity base is a diverse mix of goods and is well balanced across many commodity segments and cargo values. The diversity of commodities and cargo values alone creates a solid foundation for export growth while minimizing volatility when other market factors, such as currency, geopolitical shocks to the market, and fuel prices, can adversely impact the growth of U.S. Outlook on U.S. Exports – Forecasting the “perfect storm” or something else? Transportfolio.

Year Ends On A High – Air Freights Stay High, Ocean Rates Rise: Freight Rate Update W51

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growth in world cargo volumes for 2017, air freight rates have been dramatically up this peak season. Russia’s AirBridgeCargo and China Southern Airlines have also posted flight schedule cancellations on the China-US route. Given that cargo space on this route is still quite tight, these cancellations are pushing rates back up. Year Ends On A High – Air Freights Stay High, Ocean Rates Rise: Freight Rate Update Wk 51. By John Edmonds, Research & Marketing, Freightos.

Beijing-Hamburg freight service completes maiden journey

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Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. The "Beijing-Hamburg Container Express" left the Chinese capital on January 9 with its cargo of shoes, toys and electronic goods and covered the distance of 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) in 15 days, Germanys state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn said. At the same time, we are considerably cheaper than air freight for many types of cargo." arviem real-time cargo monitoring.

A Green Future For Freight: Eric Beckwitt at COP22


This actually was almost by accident installed in Eastern Russia before the revolution. In terms of actual marine transport, there are multiple companies that are working on hybrid electric and purely solar electric vehicles that are both cargo vessels, tankers and car carriers. Full transcript of the video: My name is Eric Beckwitt. I’m the Founder and CEO of Freightera.