FMCG Manufacturing, Sourcing and the Ukraine-Russia Unrest

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One recent escalation has been to ban the sale of EU goods inside Russia which is rather a throw-back to Cold War days when the same rule applied to iconic western branded goods like Coke and Wrangler jeans. In Cold War times big brand name FMCG consumption behind the iron curtain was probably driven by the efficiency of the black market and wider Russia was probably just a tempting white spot on the corporate globe.

Bo Andersson’s Supply Strategy Collides With Vladimir Putin’s Russia: The Performance Triangle Collapses


A story in the Wall Street Journal revealed that Bo Andersson, the current CEO of Russia’s largest car maker AvtoVAZ, plans to step down. Discontent trickled up to the highest echelons of Russia’s political elite and prompted a warning shot last spring from an ally of President Vladimir Putin. “You’re Not so much in Russia at the moment. Automotive news seems to be coming up a lot lately.


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The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally. When considering where to purchase from, the prevailing idea seems to be that domestic sourcing allows for better control and shorter lead time, but international sourcing is more cost-effective. Let’s compare the strengths and weaknesses of both international and domestic sourcing options. International Sourcing. Reaping the benefits of international sourcing.

Sorting out Risk in FinTech Source Chains


But emerging technology is now beginning to create new ways to think about sourcing risk, which in the past has been a very manual, encumbered process. This has caused banks to look at the flow of activities in the “source chain”, which refers to the way that third parties use bank data for different opreations. Today, this end to end sourcing process has literally hundreds of different steps in the process. Let’s examine the source chain in more detail.

Supply Chain Movement 16 – Consultancy

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Some companies try to work round the blockades, such as the tomato producers who export to Russia via Turkey. A commitment to halving its environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gases, water use, waste packaging and increasing sustainable sourcing has a huge impact on the supply chain. at Uyguroglu duties export Greg Javor innovation international supply chains Jungheinrich Russia Starbucks Supply Chain Movement Unilever warehousing

What CEOs are Saying About the EMEA Marketplace


SCN: In the PwC survey, the CEOs indicated that Germany and Russia were two areas where they expect significant growth. Russia, similarly, almost escaped the recession. Russia did have a dip, but they rebounded very fast. Russia’s performance is even more impressive. This might be through International expansion, or diversification of store formats, or new international sourcing locations.

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The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Europe’s gas flow

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Europe imports around one third of its gas requirement from Russia with about half of it transiting through Ukraine. Wood Mackenzie’s analysis showed that North Western Europe would feel minimal effects, as Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline supplies much of its gas demand. Source images: Wood Mackenzie. Trends Aimms analysis energy gas flow Ian Moran impact Liquefied Natural Gas LNG modeling Russia Ukraine Wood Mackenzie

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Summer Barbecue Threat: U.K. Meat Packers and Beer Makers Are Facing a Carbon Dioxide Shortage

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The shortages come as many prepare to party while they follow England’s progress in the football World Cup in Russia. All Technology Forecasting & Demand Planning SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Retail Supply Chain VisibilityThe British Retail Consortium has written to major retailers informing them that drinks and meat supplies could be affected as at least one U.K. gas supplier has had to ration orders.

How Procter & Gamble is thriving on supply chain complexity


Source: Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. Next it implemented in Russia, followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also exchanges data with various distributor ERP systems, P&G’s SAP ERP system, spreadsheets and other sources. Procter & Gamble (P&G) is known for best-in-class supply chain planning.

Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste

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trailed both Saudi Arabia and Russia in oil production, and it trailed Russia in natural gas production. Source: “The Future of Natural Gas: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study,” [link]. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”. For the past few years I’ve been using that phrase, which you typically find in investment literature, when making the case for innovation in supply chain management.

A time of transition: 3 key trends for oil & gas in 2018

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Natural gas is a suitable source of energy to fuel the need for heat and the power, making it an influential player on the market. The current top seven exporters of LNG in the world are Qatar, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria and Russia. Low carbon sources and natural gas meet 85% of the increase in global demand. Sources: Information from presentations IP Week (International Petroleum 2018).

Supply Chain Goals: Gracefully Overcoming the Hurdles of Global Sports Events

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer championship has drawn millions of sports enthusiasts to Russia. If supply chain is the ultimate team sport, the world championship in Russia and other large events are mega-examples of how logistics teams up and down the supply chain must all play a role and work efficiently to deliver the goal. Many of the deliveries to Russia span thousands of kilometers from origin to destination. Source: [link].

Sochi chalet runs out of traditional Swiss raclette melting cheese

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By having many service providers involved, which among each other are often not connected, the friction in moving goods from source to destination are very high. Sochi, Russia (Reuters) - The House of Switzerland chalet has become one of the main attractions in Sochis Olympic Park, offering takeaway food, a sit-down restaurant, and parties well into the night. Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. International trade is the engine of global prosperity today.

New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

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There appears to be considerable upheaval in Europe as a result of the political unrest between Russia and Ukraine. The level of job creation in the automotive industry in this region was less extreme due to new factories or expansions in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey and above all Russia. Haex concedes that the EU’s economic boycott of Russia has definite consequences for the supply chain sector. Slight shift in European networks.

The Urgency To Transform Vietnam Cold Chain Logistics


Currently, Vietnam is one of the five largest fruit and vegetable exporting countries in the world thanks to strong growth in markets such as China, Japan, the USA, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Korea (2). The lack of transport facilities. ,, Image Source.

Supply Chain Movement Q4: Cross-border

Supply Chain Movement

Partly thanks to emerging economies such as Russia, Brazil and South Africa, companies will increasingly be trading with partners outside of the European Union, which means that local customs and tax legislation and regulations will have an ever greater influence on business operations. As two rapidly expanding economies, Russia and Turkey are large enough to warrant local production activities. Theme: Cross-border. 6 | News & Background. 8 | Profile Allison Thomas, PepsiCo.

Trends 2021: Megatrends, Part Two

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Most analysts believe the future looks bright for renewable energy sources. This means that ever-more of our energy system can become less reliant on traditional sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas, thereby reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”[3] ” Other energy trends include improvements in storage capacity to provide around-the-clock energy from renewable sources and advances in smart grid technology.

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Why Energy Supply Chains are Transitioning to Renewables


The rise in remote work has led to a drop in demand, not to mention the small matter of a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Despite the persistance of some strong fundamentals , 2020 may signal the true turning point in the shift to renewable sources for energy companies.

This Week in Logistics News (August 4-8, 2014)

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The bodega and building as it appears today (source: Google Maps). Boeing, United Technologies stock up titanium parts from Russia ( Reuters ). At the top of my family tree, the one planted here after my parents arrived from Cuba, youll find a small bodega nestled in the branches.

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Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


And while each market can be unique, we found a few repeating themes in our own experience and from sources including Gartner and our customers Procter and Gamble (P&G) and Cipla Medpro. P&G initiated its new cloud-based, SaaS-deployed system with an eight-month pilot project in one of its most challenging markets, followed by Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Supply chain planning in emerging markets is different.

How to Speedily Adapt your Business for Online Order Delivery

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The figures for other countries are also impressive—42 percent in Spain, 41 percent in German, 39 percent in Russia, and 36 percent in France, as revealed by a recent study. Covid 19 Global SourcingHow to Adapt Your Business for Online Order Delivery—Quickly. According to research, the COVID-19 pandemic will make a substantial percentage of consumers turn to online shopping. For example, in South Korea, 70 percent of consumers say they plan to shop online.

Doing Business in Poland


Poland’s bordering countries include Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Primary import partners were Germany, China, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. The corporate tax rate is 19%, calculated on global corporate income from all sources if the company is headquartered in Poland.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China. Nick formed a tight-knit implementation group with business users, and technologists used the backbone of SAP ERP to source master data and transactional flows from SAP and into Orchestr8. Nick Lynch is the Global Excellence Manager at Shell Lubricants, a division of Shell Global.

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Three top Apple suppliers to commit $900 million to India smartphone incentive plan – sources. Russia’s top shipping company Sovcomflot plans to sell a 15.5%-17% The need to know from Reuters global network of journalists.

Reducing Food Waste


It would also have the second largest land mass behind Russia, with about 5.4 Many developing countries still lack sufficient access to cold chain technology, processing facilities, and stable energy sources. Last weekend was one of the country's biggest BBQ blowouts, and you can bet that a lot of that food will go to waste. But it's not just national pig-outs that lead to large amounts of food eventually hitting the landfills. Food waste is a year-round problem.

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Reducing Food Waste


It would also have the second largest land mass behind Russia, with about 5.4 Many developing countries still lack sufficient access to cold chain technology, processing facilities, and stable energy sources. One-third of edible food worldwide goes to waste, amounting to about 1.3 billion tons every year. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases next to China and the U.S.

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The Urgency To Transform Vietnam's Cold Chain Logistics


Currently, Vietnam is one of the five largest fruit and vegetable exporting countries in the world thanks to strong growth in markets such as China, Japan, the USA, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Korea (2). The lack of transport facilities. ,, Image Source.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

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I also worked with a team of leading thinkers in developing the Future of Procurement Report (published by KPMG) , as well as publish the BVL International Global Logistics Trends and Strategies report with a team of leading academics and executives in Europe, China, North and South America, Russia, and India. The globalization of organizational supply chains will continue to expand, as organizations seek growth markets in the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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Exclusive: Walmart's Flipkart eyes overseas listing as early as 2021: sources v. Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart is preparing for an initial public offering overseas as early as 2021, which could value the firm up to $50 billion, sources familiar with the company's plans told Reuters.

Nearshoring & Reshoring Will Continue to Increase Thanks to these Main Benefits


Russia is continually testing the international waters of potential warfare, and terrorist activity has frightened the entire country lately. manufacturers' decisions to reassess where they are producing or sourcing. Take a moment to think about offshoring. Offshoring is basically when a company moves manufacturing to a foreign country in an attempt to save money. For a time, this model of manufacturing seemed to be the paragon of effective business.

Two Important Questions About the Future of Freight Moves

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The projections are from BTS’ and FHWA’s latest version of the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) , “which integrates data from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive picture of freight movement among states and major metropolitan areas by all modes of transportation.”.

The New Silk Road: Have You Evaluated Your Freight Options?


suppliers of frozen chicken to Kazakhstan began shipping product via the Black Sea and onward through Georgia, Azerbaijan, and across the Caspian Sea, to bypass trade restrictions imposed by Russia. Source: World Economic Forum, [link]. Various macro forces are redrawing the global trade map, and one of them is China’s revival of the ancient Silk Road trade route.

Overview of European supply chain events 2016

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3rd S&OP in Russia and CIS. Sourcing 2016 – Messe & Kongress für Indirekten Einkauf und Technischen Handel. Sourcing. Did not have or make enough time to attend any events this past year? Time is scarce, but to take one step away from reality every now and then is healthy for your helicopter view and development of your vision. So mark your calendar with the relevant supply chain conferences.

Why the Outlook for the Oil and Gas Market is Brighter than You Think


The genesis for this scenario lay in a confluence of events, including the coronavirus lockdown, which had drastically reduced demand, and the conflict over production levels between Saudi Arabia and Russia, which led to both countries flooding the market with low-cost oil. In this article: What’s changing in oil and gas (in asset sales and beyond), and why the long-term outlook for the industry is positive. How supply chain has changed over the years.

Collaboration: The New Battle Cry of Supply Chain

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In fact, all of the BRIC countries are now in the top 10 economies, with Brazil at 9, Russia at 6, India at 4 and China 2nd. New strategies and tactics must be employed to efficiently serve these markets, whether with goods and services within the country or through global sourcing and logistics. The company sources the majority of its products from contract manufacturers in the Far East.