Van freight gears up for the holidays

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The threatened strike by UPS Freight (LTL) may already be causing shippers to divert their cargo to other channels. Los Angeles to Denver also increased 14¢ to $3.21/mile. The West Coast continued to drive spot market demand last week. Load-to-truck ratios in Los Angeles hit 12.2 on Friday, even stronger than the prior Friday when it was just over 10. Los Angeles outbound rates rose last week, which is in contrast to declining rates in most of the remainder of the country.

30 Supply Chain Leaders Under 30—Class of 2018

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Rhiana Gallen, Denver Water. Content Summary: Rhiana Gallen, age 23, is a contract specialist with Denver Water. Content Summary: Lauren Sylvester, age 29, is manager, cargo air acquisitions, with the U.S. An up-close look at the the young people who embody the best traits of the new Supply Chain Generation. While the ratio of male-to-female managers in the supply chain field has hovered around 9:1 for an uncomfortably long time, that trend may slowly but finally be changing.

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Asian imports turn up the heat for vans on the West Coast

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Ships arrived late, and containers were unloaded and drayed to warehouses late, so that cargo is finally heading east and north. to Chicago , Dallas , Phoenix , and Denver. Some shippers preferred to deliver cargo there by sea, bypassing the Los Angeles-area ports altogether. Apart from Los Angeles, the biggest increase last week on a lane-by-lane basis was actually out of Denver. Denver to Dallas paid 18¢ more, but the average is still only $1.34/mile.

Uber Freight: Another “Uber-for-Trucking”?


Cargo Chief. Acquiring an autonomous trucking company was another clear indicator, as was the 2015 Uber Cargo test runs in Hong Kong. There’s a huge potential for vastly lower-priced (and more efficient) autonomous trucks, as well as autonomous cargo planes. Experiments for consumer cargo fulfillment in Hong Kong were unsuccessful – Uber Cargo launched in January 2015 , but ended operations in August 2016. Uber Freight: Another “Uber-for-Trucking”?

How to Protect Shipments from Freezing Temperatures

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If you ship regularly during the freeze protection season, it’s worth asking the question of whether or not freeze protection services would be beneficial for your cargo. Take into consideration all the locations your freight cargo will travel through during transit, not just the pickup and delivery destinations. For example, if you shipped your freight from Miami to Los Angeles, it may pass through a blizzard in Denver while in transit.

Rates Rise Unexpectedly in Early August

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Those lanes are associated with retail, and the cargo may include last-minute merchandise for the back-to-school season. NOT SO HOT – The Denver market is always a tough place to find a load, and outbound rates dropped even further there last week. The Mile-High City may be the origin of this week’s Worst Lane in America: Denver to L.A., If you really, really have to go to Denver, you'll want to get top dollar on the way in.

Here's How Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Have Affected Van Freight

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That doesn’t mean that everything is the same as before – some cargo is not moving at all, and other types of freight are moving in higher volume because of pent-up demand. Trucks have been delivering FEMA loads and other emergency relief cargo to the area, and then they were leaving empty or sticking around to find a load out. Denver to Houston also dropped 31¢ to $1.35

Freight Abounds, but Rates Return to July Levels

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The decline is a normal seasonal trend, reflecting a change in the mix of cargo and lanes. The exceptions were Denver and Philadelphia , where rates edged up a couple of pennies. Denver tends to improve when rates decline everywhere else, because it’s almost entirely a backhaul market. We expected the sizzling hot freight market to cool off a little, and it did.