Do You Have Hidden Freight Costs?

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Having come from a company wherein we were selling Freight management services I was curious about Freight spend at this new company. “How much were we spending on Freight?” Hidden Freight Costs. Hidden Freight Costs In The Piece Price. Subscribe Here!

How Freight & Transportation Data Can Trim Your Transportation Spend


When you want to drive down your logistics and transportation spend, the very first thing that you need is freight and transportation data. Accurate freight and transportation data is particularly important. Identify factors that impact your freight shipping costs.

Revenue Management for Rail Freight Profitability

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The current outlook for the rail freight industry is, at best, mixed. Where rail freight once was the price-competitive transport mode of choice, low fuel prices and increased availability of trucks in the spot market have resulted in low freight rates that are expected to remain low¹.

How to Protect Your Freight From Cargo Thieves

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Freight Against Cargo Thieves. Protecting freight is one of the responsibilities you have to your clients. Failure to exercise reasonable care in preventing accidents or incidents could result in you having to pay for the damages.

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3 Air Freight Trends to Watch for in 2018

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The air freight landscape has experienced some dramatic shifts in recent years. In fact, those events seem likely to produce some headwinds for air freight shippers in 2018 in locating available air capacity, especially during peak seasons. 3 Air Freight Trends to Watch for in 2018.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Become a Freight Broker: Your Ultimate Guide


It’s a great time to be in the freight brokering business, and there are plenty of reasons to consider starting your own brokerage now. What you need to know before you become a freight broker. Essentially, freight brokers keep the economy running. What does a freight broker do?

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Distribution Network Optimization: Modeling Tools Won’t Give You the Answer

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Warehouse optimization modeling exercises examine the upside of being closer to customers versus the downside of carrying more inventory in more locations. Supply Chain Challenges Logistics Systems Warehouse Operations 3PL Outsourcing Freight Transportation

FedEx Freight Direct Expands Across the United States

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FedEx Freight Direct was created to be a “white glove” delivery experience, in which online shoppers could feel comfortable purchasing large items that once seemed unreasonable to buy online, knowing that they won’t have to worry about lugging an unreasonably heavy piece of furniture or equipment into their home. This is a huge innovation for eCommerce, especially those retailers that sell large items like furniture, big-screen televisions, and exercise equipment.

Ocean Rate Management – Avoiding the Icebergs

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As ocean freight continues to experience over-capacity on many routes, with spot market rates fluctuating accordingly, the lack of transparency in contract negotiation remains an increasingly thorny issue for the global supply chain.

Going Beyond Brokerage: How North American Capacity Solutions Can Go to Work for You

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Don’t view procurement as a tactical, routine annual exercise that must be completed quickly in order to meet your current customer demand at the lowest possible cost. Your organization needs to be agile and resilient to take on the challenges of an ever-evolving industry – instead of simply moving freight at the cheapest price. In contrast, a 3PL partner will constantly look for matches within their own dense freight network.

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Starting this blog itself has been a phenomenal learning exercise. SupplyChain #Leadership #supplychainmanagement #procurement #purchasing #logistics #freight. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Every day there are individuals and teams all around the world who are making a difference.

Trucker Health and Work-Life Balance

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Cats and dogs are common sights in the passenger seats or dashboards of freight trucks and offer a cure for loneliness when drivers are away from home for a long time. Rest stops, truck loading phases and being around friends and loved ones at home are opportunities to take time to relax, exercise and keep the body and mind strong to endure long road voyages. Blog Freight Shipping Truck Driver HealthTruckers don’t just drive trucks, they drive the economy forward.

Top Five Tips for 3PLs to Gain a Competitive Advantage in 2015

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Preparing for the year ahead is an exercise just about every business undergoes this time of the year. Despite advances in technology, many freight forwarders continue to rely on costly manpower to re-key information for each shipment.

The 5 Point Last Minute Black Friday Supply Chain Checklist!

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Contingency plans including backup databases and alternative hosting services should be reviewed to help in case you need to exercise these options. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Check out Black Friday is Almost Here! Last Minute Supply Chain Preparation! Black Friday is almost here!

Is it time to integrate your supply chain design with execution?

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its transportation management and how well it continually procures, plans, executes and monitors freight. It wasn’t that long ago that integrating all the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of your end-to-end supply chain was considered a pipe dream. Times sure have changed!

Checklist for Transport Spend Management

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For many companies, transportation spending is a perennial target of budget-cutting exercises and a large, multi-faceted cost centre; some may spend three to six percent of their materials costs on transportation. In order to do this, it is important to connect all partners across modalities and regions, and to not only focus on the tender exercise but also to ensure that the agreements are fulfilled. Therefore, analysing and automating true freight spend is a priority.

How Bad Weather Can Take Supply Chains by Storm—and How You Can Prepare

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Conduct a procurement exercise at the same time of year, every year. But before you choose, measure how much freight your carriers are actually hauling, compared to what they promised. Can they step in and move additional freight volumes in a pinch?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Supply Chain Planning: 4 Essential Year End Questions to Ask Yourself


We will also include a bonus portion of the post to include what is the outlook for the freight marketplace in 2016 and what to consider as you start to plan for better transportation management in 2016. . BONUS: Freight and Transportation Costs Must be Considered in Supply Chain Planning.

Find the Money – How a Transportation Spend Diagram Can Help

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A strategic assessment or solution design is an exercise that helps define the current state of a transportation operation. The assessment needs to be data-driven, so start by collecting freight data. Transportation professionals should be trained to “find the money.”

5 Supply Chain Mistakes that Handicap Business Performance

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Strange as it may seem, many business leaders don’t have the answers to these questions , because they’ve never conducted an exercise to understand the costs involved with supplying their customers. A Lack of Freight-cost Knowledge. Reduce freight costs.

Have you Heard About ‘’Chain of Responsibility’’ in the Supply Chain and Transportation?


As explained in the International Transport Forum’s report titled “ Moving Freight with Better Trucks ”, ‘’For many breaches of road transport law, the party directly responsible is the driver. appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis.

16½ Supply Chain Predictions for 2016

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We probably don’t really need to explain this exercise, but we will anyway. Chuck McArthur [Parcel/TMS Expert]: Road freight capacity in the United States will continue to be constrained because of a steady increase in consumer demand for goods.

How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


These rates will have natural implications for smaller shippers seeking to lower overall transportation and freight spend, and paired with a “blurred lines between peak shipping and shopping seasons,” shippers will experience increasing trouble when trying to procure full truckload capacity. Decreasing capacity and increasing full truckload rates are expected to increase throughout 2018, reports Freight Waves. Conducting annual procurement exercises.

Have you Seen These Tricks with KPIs?


KPIs must not be allowed to be doctored to shore up the numbers, lest they become meaningless exercise in data collection and analysis. Image: Column 3PL/Logistics Freight Transport General Supply Chain freight transportation KPIs Vivek Sood Features & Opinion

2012: a year of weather extremes and logistics nightmares

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Dealing with major extremes in weather conditions is an exercise in risk mitigation. Customs Compliance (Software) Freight Forwarding (Software) Kewill Logistics Logistics (Software) Supply Chain Supply Chain (software

This Week in Logistics News (January 7-11, 2019)

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The full 29 percent would be exercised if Amazon orders up to 300 million euros ($346 million) of Balyo’s enabled products.”. Moreover, logistics service providers (LSPs) can give their shipper customers a clear view of the location of their freight.

Combating Intermodal Market Challenges & Costs

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Due to the restrictions placed upon carriers by ELDs, the farthest freight from the ramp is being scrutinized in the drayage community, and these carriers are exercising choice when it comes to longer haul lengths. Additionally, carrier preference has swung toward local freight (i.e.

RILA Urges Congressional Action to Avert National Railroad Shutdown

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We urge Congress to exercise their power to step in to keep the flow of goods moving and avert an avoidable economic catastrophe. Freight rail is a crucial to the movement of retail goods and any disruptions in that link would be destructive to the retail industry’s ability to deliver their goods in a “just in time” fashion. “A Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation News & Info Security Supply Chain Risk

Key Points for You to Consider in the TMS Procurement Process


Common supply chain challenges that lead to a TMS purchase include procurement and transportation operations living as two separate functions, lack of visibility to freight movement, and limited control of freight from inbound suppliers. Procuring a TMS suite is not a trivial exercise.

Key Points for You to Consider in the TMS Procurement Process


Common supply chain challenges that lead to a TMS purchase include procurement and transportation operations living as two separate functions, lack of visibility to freight movement, and limited control of freight from inbound suppliers. Procuring a TMS suite is not a trivial exercise.

How Shippers Can Plot a Course Through the Choppy Economic Waters Ahead

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The Loadstar — After a volatile first quarter, ocean freight is heading into a more stable pricing environment, but uncertainty over fuel costs and trade politics still make for difficult steering, warns American Global Logistics (AGL).

US Imports and Exports Law Regulations: Getting Upper Management Support


Under both US Imports and Exports Law and Regulation, the importer/exporter is required to “exercise reasonable care” or perform “due diligence”. The post US Imports and Exports Law Regulations: Getting Upper Management Support appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis.

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


This exercise prompted Whirlpool to question whether having a single logistics provider was the best structure to exceed customer expectations and maximize cost savings.

Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015

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Simply put, I admit upfront that my supply chain and logistics predictions below are biased and flawed, but I make them anyway because it’s a fun exercise, and also because I hope it generates some thoughtful conversations and ideas.

3PL 268

Change the Game: Take a Portfolio Management Approach to Transportation Optimization

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Changing the game” means taking a portfolio management approach to transportation optimization, which Brooks describes as follows: It’s taking a holistic view of transportation — not as trucks and planes and boats and trains, but as a network of capacity that is available to move freight, and as a network of freight that is available to be moved.

Next-Gen Supply Chain Management

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You need to plan well and expend the effort, resources, and money necessary to do a comprehensive process-mapping and blueprint design exercise. Doing so in a workshop format rather trying to replicate the Spanish Inquisition will make the exercise beneficial for all parties in working toward a more powerful solution that can be operationalized with the least amount of disruption and pain.

Inventory Management


This stratification exercise will enable a supply chain professional to optimize an inventory management strategy to further enable same-day delivery, while minimizing the cost of carrying inventory on SKU’s that will not allow for it.