3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


3 Key Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance Beyond Cost Reduction. Inventory measurement is critical and it is money after all in that it took a capital expense to procure. The goal is to keep inventory levels at a minimum to meet customer needs.

Lora Cecere on Supply Chain Metrics that Matter


Interview with Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights and Author of Supply Chain Metrics that Matter ( published December 2014 ). Metrics that Matter became a three year research project. I realized that many organizations are very confused about metrics.

Is Inventory Waste or an Asset?

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It is Labor Day weekend in the United States, and the plane is full. We feel so strongly about this that we do not have an inventory planning role.” His feeling was that inventory is an asset to manage. Inventory is both.

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


Companies can then prioritize their mitigation efforts based on parameters such as value-at-risk, customer importance, and field inventory. Walgreens uses in-store sensors to monitor each of its 8,300 locations in the United States.

Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

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When I was a small child growing up in the mountains of West Virginia in the United States, on snowy days, my family would gather around the kitchen table and play board games. Focus on Multi-Tier Inventory Management.

An Inventory Audit Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors


However, we shall soon see why an inventory audit is critical for businesses dealing with physical stock. You shouldn’t confuse an inventory audit with two popular means of tallying your stock: physical stock takes and cycle counting. What is an Inventory Audit.

Transportation Management


Think about all the cars we have in the United States that have been shipped from different countries all over the world. Transportation, like inventory, is necessary activity within logistics. About $600 billion is spent each year on transportation in the United States alone.

Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015


The new year will then bring series on trends and on the state of some of the business functions and technology used in proper transportation and logistics management. The Benefits of Evolved Vendor Managed Inventory Model Led by Web-Based VMI. When I was Materials Manager at Maricopa County, Arizona, the second largest county in the country, I introduced Vendor Managed Inventory. There was a signed contract with agreed upon inventory levels.

Supply Chain Professionals Are Not Boring

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” He explains, “Like archaeologists digging on a remote hillside, business researchers have unearthed an important segment of the United States economy all but hidden from traditional innovation policy, yet accounting for tens of millions of jobs crucial to America’s ability to produce goods and services. Other supply chain areas, like purchasing and inventory control, operated in separate and distinct silos, so communication and resulting strategy were sparse at best.

KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Inventory stock turns in Days. Inventory management. Inventory levels. The most common cause is a state of confusion about what really constitutes a KPI. A KPI is a metric… but not just any metric. Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones!

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Throwback Thursday

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This week, as the east coast of the United States was deluged with rain, I basked in beautiful San Diego sun while attending the Logimed USA event. This was WBR’s first event in the United States targeted for the Medical Device Supply Chain Leader. Current State.


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It sits until the gel forms a semisolid state. In the United States, we lick it up with maple syrup or molasses, while in Eastern Europe it is served cold. As a result, the metrics have to be viewed together as a pattern over time.

7 Ways to Create Perfect Agile Supply Chain Machine

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Agile Supply Chain Agile Supply Chain is based on the concept of "Agility" which was developed at Lehigh University in the United States. Agile Supply Chain concept has been discussed widely but the definition can be a bit vague.

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Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Inventories can become obsolete or exceed the anticipated demand. So this section will explain some characteristics of Apple Supply Chain through various metrics and compare them with Amazon Supply Chain. Inventory Turnover. Inventory Turnover of Amazon vs Apple Inc.

Time for Value Chain 4.0?

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Their answer to the fall in growth and decline in productivity is so much more attractive to me than United States politicians’ promises. Stuck today, nine out of ten companies struggle to improve performance at the intersection of operating margin and inventory turns.

Groundhog Day

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The largest Groundhog Day in the United States is in s Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania , with Punxsutawney Phil. . We believe that supply chain excellence is driving improvement while averaging a higher level of performance in the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter.

Why It Matters

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billion company, located in the southern portion of the United States. As I write my new book, Metrics That Matter, I am studying the patterns of corporate performance based on choices in supply chain program execution. It cannot be about singular metrics.

Gartner: The Supply Chain is Getting Harder


The opening keynote, which included presentations from Jane Barrett, group vice president, Gartner, and Dana Stiffler, managing vice president, Gartner, connected the United States’ goal of going to the moon with today’s supply chain challenges. What is your moon?

Unilever and Colgate: Two Bookends?

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If the definition is the balancing of costs and inventory, the winner is Colgate. However, what is now clear to me is that whatever the evaluative metric, Unilever is at the bottom of the CPG peer group and should never be seen as a supply chain leader.

Top Logistics Articles of 2015


State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase. The costs of logistics and inventory are decreasing, contract renewal rate for logistics outsourcing remains good, and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, drone delivery and augmented reality is opening up a wide vista of opportunities. The Most Important Distribution Center Metrics to Track and Understand.

L’Oreal: A Beautiful Supply Chain

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We wanted to see which companies were driving the fastest rate of improvement on the supply chain metrics that matter. Note that they are pushing progress faster than their peer group and outperforming in all areas except inventory turns.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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As I look below, I see field after field of United States farmland. High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. For the record, let me state a few facts that I strongly believe.

Gartner: The Supply Chain is Getting Harder


The opening keynote, which included presentations from Jane Barrett, group vice president, Gartner, and Dana Stiffler, managing vice president, Gartner, connected the United States’ goal of going to the moon with today’s supply chain challenges. Specifically she points out demand sensing and shaping, end-to-end supply chain planning, inventory optimization, segmentation, network design, and appropriate functional and cross-functional KPIs and metrics.

Nine Myths of S&OP Technology Selection

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In addition, 85% of the vendors in the multi-tier inventory optimization market that I wrote about in 1995, are now part of larger platforms. To do S&OP well, which leads to cost savings, improved customer service and better inventory, the company must effectively model supply.

S&OP 392

E-commerce and the Digital Path to Purchase

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The number of online shoppers in the United States reached 209.6 ”[1] The fact is the digital path to purchase is growing globally — not just in the United States. By every big-picture metric, social media and ecommerce should be a match made in heaven. … Attempting to unite channels without properly setting up and maintaining inventory and order management is futile.”

Changing Mental Models

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There are new challenges: With managed care, in the United States, the hospital will bear the costs of infections from hospital stays. This cannot be about process mapping and improvement of the current state. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: Driving Reliability in Margins.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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As I look below, I see field after field of United States farmland. High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. For the record, let me state a few facts that I strongly believe.

Trends 2019: Retail

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Douglas Pitassi ( @DouglasPitassi ) explains, “[During the first part of the 21st century,] thousands of stores were opened across the United States, but in more recent years, the advancement and popularity of the internet have taken these stores into a roller coaster of competition, where it truly has become survival of the fittest.”[1] Omnichannel operations only succeed when inventory amounts and locations are known.

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And I thought last year’s Top 25 Supply Chain was a surprise


I am bolder on Samsung, simply because they had the highest 2016 Inventory Turns aside from McDonalds. All data aside, this new category was primarily to remove Apple and P&G, so the words “we have a new #1” could be stated. 42 nd President of the United States.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018

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I will be wrong again,” I stated last year before making my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2017 , and I was right. Mexico and Canada are heading into 2018 with no clear plan for saving the North American Free Trade Agreement,” states a Bloomberg article published on December 15.

Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

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Coca-Cola doesn''t really have many stock keeping units when compared with other companies in the same industry. The answer is that they use the multi-echelon inventory model to solve the problem. Wal-Mart has one of the largest private fleet in the United States.

Countdown to Black Friday: It’s the Final Countdown, So Get Your Shipments Up in the Air

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It adds efficiency and flexibility to your supply chain and better equips you to quickly replenish inventory throughout the holiday shopping season as consumers sweep through aisles or fill their online shopping carts. Understand the metrics of air cargo: time and money.

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Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

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In our online course “Professional Purchasing Project Management,” we teach four techniques for accelerating progress on a procurement project: increasing resource units, finding ways to reduce the projected duration of tasks, adding resources and modifying working hours. Subscribe Here!

#15 in 15 years ….not bad! NC State breaks into the Gartner Supply Chain Program Rankings

Supply Chain View from the Field

A new Gartner 2014 Top US Supply Chain MBA Program Rankings report of top supply chain MBA programs within the United States came out yesterday – with the NC State Jenkins MBA and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative making the list for the first time ever! NC State came in at #15, not only breaking into the list, but also achieving a very respectable ranking. This most certainly applies to NC State.

Raise a Toast to Digital Business!

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It is the week before Thanksgiving in the United States; and as a good Yank, I am reflective. Only 57% of retailers have a perpetual inventory signal, and too few companies (22%) have invested in mining channel data through the use of a Demand Signal Repository (DSR).

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

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When there are leakages in your supply chain, those units typically end up on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay and are sold at prices lower than authorized retailers. To avoid skyrocketing inventory expenditure, you need to keep accurate inventory count.

What Going Digital Can Mean for Your Warehouse Operation


In turn this ultimately will reduce logistics and transportation costs and further drive inventory control measures to new levels. Furthermore, many performance metrics can be implemented in to leading platforms to help organizations achieve goals from the ground-up.