Editor’s Pick: Why Supply Chain Talent Management Needs to Be a Top Priority

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Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Pick ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. Robinson , where she shares five reasons why supply chain professionals at all levels need to be diligent talent managers. Companies have always needed smart, motivated professionals to design, build, and manage their supply chains.

Supply chain talent management remains a priority at Lenovo

Supply Chain View from the Field

I recently interviewed John Zapko at Lenovo, who talked to me about some of the issues Lenovo is facing globally around supply chain talent management. As we drive in this complex world, having that level of talent is really critical for us, and it is clearly the biggest challenge we have. How do you create talent and why is it so important in a complex world? Why is talent so important in procurement as you work these issues?


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Availability of Part Two Research Report- Your Workforce: The Most Critical Link in Supply Chain Capability

Supply Chain Matters

There remains a growing belief that existing supply chain and talent management processes need a rethink. Talent recruitment challenges already existed in many industry areas prior to the global pandemic and have since grown more concerning. Management skills.

Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 17- Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent from the Lens of Technology.

Supply Chain Matters

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of the Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 17- Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent from the Lens of Technology.

Recognizing International Women’s Day 2022

Supply Chain Matters

This Editor thought it appropriate for Supply Chain Matters to share perspectives relative to women in supply chain management and businesses generally. Copyright 2022, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters® blog.

Supply Chain Talent: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Talking Logistics

In the supply chain and logistics world, we often talk about the importance of people, process, and technology. The reality is that developing and retaining supply chain talent is more important than ever.

Why Supply Chain Talent Management Needs to Be a Top Priority

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Why Supply Chain Talent Management Needs to Be a Top Priority | Transportfolio. The well-known business adage that people are a company’s most important asset has taken on new significance in the supply chain industry over recent years. Companies have always needed smart, motivated professionals to design, build, and manage their supply chains. Compelling Reasons to Focus on Talent Management.

Upcoming Supply Chain matters Podcast: Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters would like to call reader attention to a soon to be published added podcast episode. There is a growing belief that existing supply chain and talent management processes and technology need a rethink.

Report Indicates Workers at Samsung Electronics Seek Pay Bumps in Line with Company Financial Performance

Supply Chain Matters

In late January , we announced availability of the first research advisory in this series , providing a focus on supply chain operational workforce challenges. Copyright 2022, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters® blog.

Talent Management in Logistics: Why It’s More Important than Ever

Talking Logistics

We often talk about the importance of people, process, and technology in Supply Chain Management, but many times the people dimension gets the short end of the stick, especially when most of the headlines today are about cool technology trends like blockchain, artificial intelligence and driverless trucks. Talent management is more important than ever, however. What are some of the key factors companies need to consider in talent management?

Looking for a supply chain job? You need to know what people are looking for.

Supply Chain View from the Field

A r ecent report by Sofrware Advice provides insights into what a group of executives surveyed is looking for from supply chain job listings. Software Advice analyzed 200 job listings to find out what it really takes to be a supply chain manager. On average, employers want a supply chain manager with 7 years of experience. 37% of employers wanted a supply chain manager with a professional certification.

SCM 81

Interview: Get ready for Supply Chain Outlook conference!

Supply Chain View from the Field

The Supply Chain Management Review, one of the leading practitioner journals in the field of supply chain, is hosting their first ever conference in November at the Rosemount Hilton at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The conference, titled Supply Chain Outlook promises to be an exciting event, with many leading speakers and academics attending.

What Recruiters are Looking For in Supply Chain Students….

Supply Chain View from the Field

This is a guest post from Director Clyde Crider of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, based on an MBA panel he sat in on yesterday at NC State’s Poole College of Management. Question: What key attributes are you looking for in graduates being recruited to become future supply chain leaders in your company? (In A passion for supply chain, a passion to win.

#15 in 15 years ….not bad! NC State breaks into the Gartner Supply Chain Program Rankings

Supply Chain View from the Field

A new Gartner 2014 Top US Supply Chain MBA Program Rankings report of top supply chain MBA programs within the United States came out yesterday – with the NC State Jenkins MBA and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative making the list for the first time ever! This is great news, considering that NC State’s business program is only 20 years old, and its supply chain program even younger (the SCRC was founded in early 2000).

NC State’s Poole College of Management JUMPS in the rankings – and we need your support!

Supply Chain View from the Field

I would encourage anyone familiar with the Poole College of Management, Jenkins MBA, or the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, to participate in the SCM survey of top 20 providers of supply chain talent by selecting their top three (hopefully, one of which will be yours truly, NC State). Respondents were given a drop-down menu comprising 191 universities known to have supply chain offerings within their business programmes.

Five Predictions (About Prediction) that Every Procurement Professional Should Consider

Supply Chain View from the Field

Most spend management looks at historical spending – which is interesting, but doesn’t tell you where the puck is going! Other indicators included data pulled from the Federal Reserve economic database, the Producer Price Index, the Purchasing Managers Index, as well as internal metrics such as the size of the company’s own sales force. As we’ve noted in prior posts, talent is the key to procurement organizations.

Review of “Procurement Value Proposition” misses the point…ISO “Mr. Impossible”!

Supply Chain View from the Field

If we are not up to the task, and can’t bring the best talent into a role that has responsibility for over 50% of an organizations costs (in most modern enterprises), then perhaps the leadership team doesn’t have their priorities in the right place! In my mind, they need to invest in a talent management strategy, beginning by partnering with targeted universities to help shape and develop the people that they need to fulfill these roles.

For supply chain managers to become a trusted advisor, talent management is key

Supply Chain View from the Field

To move towards this vision, organizations will need to re-think their approach on talent management. Some believe that talent management is “too important” to be left to HR managers alone, who may not understand the critical needs of front-line supply chain managers, and the complex situations they are facing. MBA Supply Chain Programs Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Talent Supply Chain Talent Management

Winning Student Posters Focus on Visibility, Total Cost of Ownership, and Procurement Processes

Supply Chain View from the Field

John Deere – Supply Chain Visibility – MBA Team: Jessica Newsome, Nithin Seshandri, Delia Smith, Bo Zhang – Project Sponsor: Mark Burton, John Deere. Strategic Sourcing Manager – Tires, Wheels, and Mounting Systems. John Deere World Headquarters – Enterprise Supply Management. We had another great set of student projects during our Spring SCRC student poster session.

Procurement needs to follow in the steps of marketing

Supply Chain View from the Field

A recent interview I conducted with a former Chief Procurement Officer who has worked for over 25 years in procurement in various industries captures what I believe is the true opportunity that exists for supply management executives. We need to back away from the standard 2 X 2 matrix approach, and recognize the importance and magnitude of the risk that needs to be documented in the supply chain.

“Procurement at a Crossroads”: Spot On and Makes You Think


They delineate the groups of procurement talent as traditional buyers, Generation Net, and second career professionals. The importance of social media as an indicator of supply market changes is also explored, and the emergence of cloud-based procurement as the new standard technology. Book Reviews Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Supply chain Relationships Supply Chain Talent Management Supply Market Intelligence

The Digital Supply Chain Will Change Everything… Ask Gary Kasparov!


A lot of blogs and writers are discussing the role of machines vs. humans and their relationship, especially in the context of supply chain management. These insights suggest that change management is not just option, but truly imperative in a period when so many new technologies are coming on-line. How to reward people who go the extra mile, and using smart contracts through emerging technologies such as block chain?

Creating the Right Team Culture for Transparent Supply Chains: Storytelling as a Core Capability


A core element in the LIVING supply chain is the concept around the “Anti-Control Tower”, of what has been called a “data democracy”. As we move into a connected, LIVING supply chain, the people who will be the most productive in this environment will be uniquely adept at building mental models around data. Very few managers teach their direct reports how to do this, and it is certainly not taught in most university analytics and supply chain classes.

A “Swiss Army Knife” of Supply Chain Talent Requirements: Views from a Former Wolfpack Student


He started in supply planning, overseeing over $100M of spend in batteries and other categories. Marsh did not have centralized approach to supply chain management. But because of their less mature supply chain organization, the net income percentage was in the low single digits. Stuart discussed the need for a supply chain Swiss Army knife skill set.

Future of Procurement Study Available

Supply Chain View from the Field

The earliest traces of this can be linked to materials management. i] By 1866, the Pennsylvania Railroad had given the purchasing function departmental status, under the title of Supplying Department. The purchasing function was such a major contributor to the performance of the organization that the chief purchasing manager had top managerial status. [ii]. I recently completed a study of 25 CPO’s, each providing their view of what procurement will look like in 2025.

Interview on Buyer’s Meeting Point BlogTalk Radio: Creating Procurement Value is a Lot of Work!


The issue around managing people was a strong theme – as was the need to think about adopting analytics into the core abilities that help build a business case that allows people to influence and drive change within their stakeholder community. Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Talent Supply Chain Talent Management

Procurement Leaders Blog Post: Cross-Functional Teaming is Easier Said Then Done


In particular, management will often say “Oh yeah – we use cross-functional teams.” ” These insights left a lot for people in the audience with new ideas to take back to their jobs next week… Change Management MBA Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Supply chain Relationships Supply Chain Talent Supply Chain Talent Management

Miami 40

Boston Procurement Leaders part 3: Talent Management Challenges

Supply Chain View from the Field

One of the most interesting panels from the Boston Procurement Leaders conference was focused on Talent Management. We heard from a number of speakers on the subject of how the need for talent is shifting dramatically in the years ahead. He shared with us what is happening in the procurement talent space: “What I was hiring for 10 years ago is very different for what I am hiring for now. The Vendor Management team are starting to sound like banking regulators.

MBA Supply Management Class Prepares Exciting New Set of Projects for Fall 2016


As in past years, we have been collecting these projects from our partner companies, and they reflect the on-going set of strategic challenges faced by these organizations as they work on building their supply chain capabilities. Benchmarking Supply Management salaries : Understand what the ‘going rate’ is for key roles in Supply Management, so it can better develop its ‘employee value proposition’ to more effectively attract, develop and retain key staff.

SCM is smoking hot!….Why students should consider NC State for a supply chain major.


An article published in the Wall Street Journal identifies what I have been saying for years now… Supply chain talent is a hot commodity! Many of the skills that we’ve identified in prior posts on this site have discussed the key skills and knowledge that recruiters are looking for in supply chain students. In fact, Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, came directly out of their supply chain organization.

Easy steps for supply chain students to ensure they remain unemployed…

Supply Chain View from the Field

I recently visited with a large services company, and learned a few things talking to their supply chain recruiters that provided some great insights for students to think about. First, the managers I spoke with talked about things every student who is serious about finding a job should do before an interview: - Be prepared – know what our business is! That is a critical skill that is necessary for survival in today’s global supply chain environment.

Lean 60

Insights From Procurement Leaders Conference Part 1 – Making HR Your Friend!

Supply Chain View from the Field

There were hundreds of brilliant individuals in the room and in the space of two minutes, I had run into two fellow Wolfpackers: the Chief Procurement Officer of DeutscheBank, Ken Litton (an NC State engineer) as well as one of my former NC State research assistants, Chandra Kujinthapam, who now works as a supply manager at RJ Reynolds. Today’s knowledge forum focused on Talent Management and featured one speaker who really inspired me.

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


I had an opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects this past year, and in the process, spent a lot of time talking about digital supply chains with a lot of really informed people. Here are a few of the big stories that I wrote about this past year that I believe define some of the big shifts in the supply chain ecosystem we witnessed in 2017, and the predictions for 2018.

The State of the Retail Supply Chain

SCM Research

When we talk about supply chain management, we often intuitively take the perspective of the manufacturing industry. However, if the ultimate business objective of supply chain management is to satisfy the final consumer, it becomes clear that we should not forget about the special and major role the retail industry has in achieving this objective and, thus, consider their perspective. Practice Report Retail Supply Chain Management Trend

Have you Given your Supply Chain Planner Some Love Today?

Supply Chain Shaman

The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is a week away. We are currently tabulating the results to publish the report, “Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire.” Supply chain leaders that make the biggest difference build supply chain potential and make small, incremental progress over time. A Closer Look at Supply Chain Talent. For most, supply chain talent management is challenging.