7 Ways to Strategically Elevate Freight Procurement

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In the last decade, many companies, especially those with manufacturing operations, have evolved direct materials sourcing from an administrative function to a strategic procurement process. The embodiment of this transformation is the chief procurement officer, an increasingly common title for executives that strategically source goods and services. As a strategic process, transportation procurement may still seem very tedious and challenging.

Modern Slavery in Today’s Supply Chains


Through the supply chain. Modern slavery is one of the supply chain industry’s dirty little secrets, but thankfully, governments in the US and UK are attempting to wash it clean, working to put a stop to a problem that should never have been allowed to exist in the first place. The new provision, which is part of the broader Modern Slavery Act enacted in March, will impact more than 12,000 UK companies whose global revenues each total more than 36 million pounds.

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Podcast: VC Brian Aoaeh on the Future of Supply Chain Investment


Venture capital (VC) investor, columnist and educator Brian Aoaeh is part of the new generation of investors who are unlocking the opportunities in supply chain. Steeped in the investment world since 2008, Brian decided very early on to focus on supply chain and operations investment. Supply Chain Next · 013 – Brian Aoaeh, CFA. It was during that process that I honed in on supply chain.

Bring Out the Best in Your Supply Chain


by Kevin McGowan A recent article in Fleetowner shed some light on the human aspects of supply chain management. Professor of Supply Chain Procurement at Rutgers University), the article discusses some key traits held by the best supply chain managers. But the article alludes to something more: the collaborative human efforts in the supply chain, especially in difficult times. Inventory management Miscellanea Supply chain management

NeoGrid to attend Argyle’s 2016 Leadership in Supply Chain Management & Procurement Forum

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NeoGrid, a global technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, is the Senior Supporter Partner of the Argyle Executive Forum's 2016 Leadership in Supply Chain Management & Procurement Forum on Nov. 16, 2016 at The Fitzpatrick Grand Central in New York City

Why investors are looking at supply chain technologies in 2020


Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold earlier in 2020, supply chain has become a household word. Investors, like the public, have woken up to the fact that supply chains are the engine driving economic prosperity. Supply chain, it seems, is ripe for disruption.

Ivalua and Axbility Consulting partner to help companies create value through successful procurement transformation


Axbility Consulting, a subsidiary of Ivalua European partner Axys Consultants, reinforces Ivalua’s capabilities to empower today’s Procurement & Supply Chain Leaders. Axbility Consulting, headquartered in New York City, is the North American subsidiary of Axys Consultants, a major player in management consulting with 215 consultants with an annual turnover of $31 million.

The 5 Levels of Supply Chain Transparency!

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As the story goes, the meatpacking districts of Chicago were one of the first recorded drivers, towards the need, for supply chain transparency. One could even argue supply chain transparency?—?at Still, today, supply chain transparency holds a prominent position in concerns for consumer and business, alike. As mentioned the definition of supply chain transparency has undergone a shift, and that shift has brought elasticity to the terminology.

Getting that “Swing” in Supply Chain Management

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Author’s Note: Below is an excerpt from Moving Up the Supply Chain Maturity Curve: The Process Industry Executive Agenda for 2016 and Beyond , a white paper recently published by Elemica with research conducted by Adelante SCM. Although the research focused on the process industry, the content and recommendations we make apply to companies across all industries that want to make their supply chains more flexible and responsive.

Re-thinking supply chain risk: Protection at any cost?

Supply Chain View from the Field

I have been having a number of fascinating interviews with Chief Procurement Officers this past week on the subject of procurement analytics and supply management risk. Supply chain risk management brings up a whole host of issues – and as one executive pointed out, is rather a sophisticated concept. A really interesting supply chain scenario at a large oil and gas company involved the procurement of large haul trucks.

Corporate Sustainability: Why Procurement Should Pave the Way


According to a recent New York Times article , 181 CEOs jointly released a statement on “the purpose of a corporation.” Procurement is at the core of many companies’ efforts to increase green practices. According to our partner EcoVadis’s Global CSR Risk and Performance Index report , depending on their industry, 50% to 80% of a company’s sustainability impact is in their supply chain. Supplier Management Supply Chain

Smart Supply Chains Adapt to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

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Almost 75 percent of US companies are experiencing capacity shortfalls in their supply chains, due to Coronavirus-linked transport disruptions , a new study has shown. With some 5 million companies impacted by China’s supply chain woes, the picture is similar in other parts of the world. Those that look for new marketing opportunities despite the brittle trading conditions. Companies That See Supply Chain Disruptions as Challenges.

Mitigating the Impact of the Coronavirus on Supply Chains with Machine Learning and Real-Time Visibility

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A New York Times article from August 2019 highlights how much artificial intelligence (AI) is indebted to humans. Blue Yonder understands the need for data to help our customers plan and respond to the supply chain not only in routine times, but also in times of crisis, such as now with the exponential spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The outbreak has a threefold impact on the global supply chain.

[WHITE PAPER REPORT] Revenue Growth At The Hand Of Improved Digital Supply Chains


In this blog, Kristen discusses how revenue growth is tied to digital supply chains. The Center for Global Enterprise releases new research suggesting revenue growth at the hand of improved digital supply chains. The paper presents evidence from 24 top executives running the world’s largest supply chains. These industry leaders believe enterprise supply chains could be the most important transformation for companies over the next five years.

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The American Revolution and the Supply Chain

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Few people, however, think about the war for independence and the vital role played by the supply chain. Once the revolution commenced, trade and the supply chain continued to play an important role. ” We now commonly hear the aphorism, “An army marches on its stomach” — meaning an army not well supplied soon grinds to a halt. The British supply line stretched nearly 3000 miles across an often tempestuous ocean.

How The Coronavirus Epidemic is Throttling Global Supply Chains

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Containers are piling up in ports, international shipping has been hammered, Western companies are battling to source products from traditional suppliers, and disruptions are being experienced throughout the global supply chain. Once China was hit by a Coronavirus epidemic and factories ordered closed, it was inevitable that global supply chains would be affected. COVID-19 Impact on Procurement.

Real Estate: A Massive Working Capital Opportunity in Organizational Supply Chains

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But the facilities group also represents an important cog in the supply chain, in that they also are involved in capital asset budgeting, planning, and development decisions. In organizations like ours there is a newly discovered appetite and willingness to attack working capital, and this is new because in the past people were not rewarded for challenging the status quo, because it was comfortable.” ” More to come on the subject of real estate supply chains!

Supply Chain Alone Can’t Solve Sustainability But it Has a Part to Play!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy. climate summit convened in New York. It saw leaders from around the world pledging new initiatives to address the ongoing climate crisis, including a $60 Billion renewable energy commitment from Germany, and 15 countries including Britain, Norway and Costa Rica pledging to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. appeared first on Supply Chain Game Changer™.

Coronavirus Supply Chain Response: Near-Term Actions to Take Today


For example, in Brazil, where oil, machinery, and metals are among top exports , the death toll may climb to 125,000 as soon as August, according to the New York Times. Download the COVID-19: Your Ten-Point Procurement Response Guide here. As global companies continue to feel the impacts, procurement is at the center of it all. Tasked with reducing spend and keeping the business functioning, procurement leaders need clear steps for managing the crisis.

Influential management thinker Adam Grant revealed as Kinexions ’18 featured keynote


While we cannot unequivocally guarantee Kinexions ’18 will be a pumpkin spice free zone (after all, there are venues at the Gaylord Hotel at which one may procure hot, caffeinated, assumingly seasonally themed beverages), we can let you in on the identity of secret keynote speaker we’ve kept under wraps until now — Adam Grant. Renowned TED Talk presenter, top-rated professor, #1 New York Times best-selling author.

“One Word – Are you Listening? – Plastics”: A Critical Bottleneck to COVID Testing


This famous line from “The Graduate” describes one of the major bottlenecks that exists in the PCR testing supply chain, as we learned in our research interviews this week.

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Illuminating the Way Toward Sustainable Supply Chains


Nearly 100 professionals in procurement, supply chain and sustainability gathered together for EcoVadis’ first North American Sustainable Procurement and Finance Roundtable Series to learn more about how to proactively and efficiently leverage sustainable procurement best practices and discover untapped value opportunities throughout the supply chain. . New York.

Procurement Digitization: The Key To Price Transparency And Healthcare Transformation


For example, approximately 85 percent of upstate New York hospitals operate at a loss. The initiative included the deployment of an innovative e-procurement platform to enable full digitization of their supply chain processes, transforming their procurement and account payable processes into virtually paperless operations. Bottom line, changing its approach and transforming its supply chain enabled Baylor to improve its operating margin from 3.2

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


I had an opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects this past year, and in the process, spent a lot of time talking about digital supply chains with a lot of really informed people. Here are a few of the big stories that I wrote about this past year that I believe define some of the big shifts in the supply chain ecosystem we witnessed in 2017, and the predictions for 2018.

Balance and Segmentation – What the Election Can Teach Supply Chain


In my opinion, these are factors that led to the pollsters being so far off on the 2016 US election, and how supply chain practitioners can help these pollsters to improve. Balance is also critical for supply chains. We must have an ability to monitor the supply chain, and detect when it goes out of balance. I say mature, as most supply chains can detect the cost based – unit demand vs unit supply imbalance.

Can Blockchain become the solution for anti-counterfeiting and chain of custody?


Recent articles in the New York Times and in the I nternational Business Times highlight the emerging role of blockchain as a key enabler of improved integration between parties in the extended global supply chain. He began with a history of block chain, dating back to 1989 and a paper was released by Timothy Berners-Lee, called “ Information Management: A Proposal “ Which laid out the basis for the WWW.

The Strategic National Stockpile that Failed Us


i] As the virus spread more quickly in Washington State, New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans, the administration quickly realized that the coronavirus would not be “magically going away.” ii] We observed an intense and immediate response by the Joint Acquisition Task Force to rapidly source supplies and quickly institute a robust vendor risk assessment process. The LIVING Supply Chain: The Evolving Imperative of Operating in Real Time.

Klabin Partners with EcoVadis to Advance Supply Chain Sustainability Leadership and Performance in Latin America


New partnership will drive a higher standard for sustainable practices within the global pulp and paper supply chain. . PARIS/NEW YORK – (December 11, 2019) — EcoVadis , the world’s leading provider of sustainability ratings, today announces its sustainable procurement partnership with Klabin , Brazil’s largest paper and board producer and exporter.

SCRC Research on Drug Shortages: Lawsuits, Low Cost Countries, and Litigation


Not surprisingly, these are often related to supply chains – a topic that I have written extensively about in my books on Pharmaceutical Distribution and on Network Integration in the Life Sciences. The story focused on the growing number of drug recalls that are occurring due to quality problems that are happening in outsourced drug supply chains. Shortages all comes back to the supply chain!

Automation in the supply chain to get major boost in 2019


A new report and industry survey from eyefortransport finds that automation is the top investment priority for retailers and manufacturers in 2019, particularly within the warehouse. Exactly half of respondents said that automating aspects of their supply chain was either an immediate or an advanced priority. Interviews with multiple supply chain experts from multiple angles. Himanshu Rautela, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Planning, Walmart.

Emerging technologies impacting contract management in the Financial sector


A meeting of financial supply management executives, faculty, and IACCM thought leaders took place on January 26, 2018 in New York. A number of different topics were discussed during this session, and the agenda was kept fairly open in discussing how emerging technologies would impact the supply management and contracting space. New technologies will have a big impact in the future landscape of financial flows in the supply chain. Block Chain.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

6 River Systems

The world of supply chain and logistics is changing every day. With how quickly new technology, tips and warehouse management techniques are emerging, wouldn’t it be nice to take a page from someone else’s book? Each one is featured as having done something unique to reinvent their supply chain and logistics. The new facility will allow the company to offer two-day shipping to most (about 90%) of the U.S.

Procurement Digitization: The Key To Price Transparency And Healthcare Transformation


For example, approximately 85 percent of upstate New York hospitals operate at a loss. The initiative included the deployment of an innovative e-procurement platform to enable full digitization of their supply chain processes, transforming their procurement and account payable processes into virtually paperless operations. Bottom line, changing its approach and transforming its supply chain enabled Baylor to improve its operating margin from 3.2

CSR Leaders Work With UNGC To Drive Corporate Attention On Supply Chain Sustainability


Before the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York City June 22, a pre-conference roundtable session on supply chain sustainability was held at the UN Headquarters. This workshop brought together Global Compact LEAD companies and other members convened to define and bring urgency to sustainable procurement, and to discuss how they can motivate and mobilize their companies to address this next frontier in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) progress.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


40’ containers: Due to the lack of imports, this equipment is in limited supply across the country. The supply of 40’ equipment across the U.S. Packaging and CPG supply chains appear to be oversold in many places and transportation demand is strong from those sectors. Retail supply chains are slowing as customers are staying home in many areas of the country which will affect the global supply chain to an extent.