Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

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Earlier this week, the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus rose to over 1,000 people, invoking memories of the 2003 SARS outbreak. While the human aspect of this outbreak is clearly the biggest story, the virus is causing major disruptions in global supply chains as well.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Effective Federal Highway Tax Revenues Continue to Fall

Supply Chain Digest

Despite Continued Rise in Vehicle Miles Travelled, Federal Fuel Tax Revenues are Down Since 2003


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Supply Chain Coordination with Contracts

SCM Research

Today I would like to talk about Supply Chain Coordination with Contracts , a chapter written by Cachon (2003). 2003). It has become the standard reference when it comes to teaching some key supply chain models. Coordination between the members of a supply chain is certainly very relevant but also challenging. Because the members of a supply chain are typically concerned with optimizing their own objectives, their actions might not lead to optimal supply chain performance.

Supply Chain News on John Hill Unplugged Part 2, 12 Years Later

Supply Chain Digest

Dan Gilmore Catches Up for s Second Interview with the Legendary John Hill, After the First One in 2003

Supply Chain Operating Networks are Finally Beginning to Emerge

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC prefers the term “supply chain operating network,” which we have been writing about since 2003. The concept of a network of networks – a network that rides on top of other networks and leverages those other network’s data – has been in existence for a while. While the terms are in use, what has not been present is an actual working example of a supply chain operating network. That may be about to change. […].

Freight Brokers: Disintermediated or Growth Opportunity by Incorporating Technology?


Back in 2003, when RFID commercialization was accelerating out of MIT, major retailers announced an initiative that required all suppliers to tag pallet deliveries with RFID. Given the current capacity crunch, and the huge amounts of investment capital pouring into transportation and logistics technology, there is tremendous discussion on how technology innovation will impact the industry and, more specifically, 3PLs. What will be the impact of digital freight on freight brokers?

Paris 2021 – EN – Eric Bouret


In 2003, he joined Norpac (Lille) as Purchasing Manager, then took in charge the purchasing department of QUILLE Construction in Rouen in 2006. Eric Bouret CPO. Eric Bouret holds a Master’s degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University. He began his purchasing career in Bouygues in 1998 at GFC Construction (Lyon).

Design for Postponement

SCM Research

Today, I would like to draw your attention to one of my favorite articles in the field of supply chain management: Design for Postponement by Swaminathan & Lee (2003). 2003). The article identifies three key postponement enablers: First, process standardization, where the initial steps of a process are standardized across a product line and distinct personalities are added at a later stage (e.g., localized manuals or power supply modules of a printer).

Has Blockchain Reached its RFID Moment?

MIT Supply Chain

In 2003 Walmart told suppliers they were required to affix radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to pallets and cases within three years. This month Walmart announced that it has asked suppliers of leafy greens to have systems in place within a year that can trace their product all the way back to the farm using […].

SYNOPSlS: Unlocking Greater Value in Your Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Samsung Roundtable Presented by LogiSYM. Held Last January 27, 2022. This roundtable was presented by LogiSYM, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. On the ground and in person with supply chain industry professionals networking and learning in a safe environment.

RoHS exemptions may expire in July


Adopted in 2003, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive has prohibited the use of six different hazardous substances in electronics manufacturing since it took effect in Europe in 2006.

Europe 109

Showing Creativity in SCM Research

SCM Research

A colleague recently recommended the following article to me: Mansfield (2003): Spatializing Globalization: A “Geography of Quality” in the Seafood Industry. Herein, the author takes a look at the quality of products in that industry.

SCM 110

Next Level Apparel® Takes its Demand and Inventory Planning to the Next Level with the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


Founded in 2003, Next Level Apparel is a design innovator, industry leader and top supplier of premium blank apparel. based supplier of fashion blanks transforms its demand and inventory management with Logility. ATLANTA – April 26, 2022 – Logility, Inc.,

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on A Check on US Inventory Trends

Supply Chain Digest

The US Inventory to Sales Ratio Now Back Where It was in 2003

Make-A-Wish partners with UPS, Macy’s to grant boy’s wish

The Supply Chain Journal

Since 2003, Macy’s has donated more than $135 million to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is partnering with Macy’s ( NYSE:M ) and UPS ( NYSE:UPS ) to make a young boy’s wish to be a delivery person come true. Mateo, 6, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017.

Brokerage M&A continues: Cheema adds Walker Logistics to portfolio

The Supply Chain Journal

Founded in 2003, Missoula, Montana-based Walker Logistics brokers dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, expedited and partial truckloads in the U.S. Cheema Logistics announced the acquisition of 3PL provider Walker Logistics on Tuesday.

RFID in the Supply Chain: Fizzling Technology or the Future of Effective SCM?


In 2003, Walmart announced that all of its suppliers would need to have Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on all pallets and cases by 2006. Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman oversaw the implementation of the retailer’s first electronic product code (EPC) compliance program in 2003, and by the end of 2006, Wal-Mart had deployed RFID chips on pallets for its top 100 vendors and suppliers.

SCM 151

Viral Disruption in the Supply Chain: COVID-19 vs SARS

Logistics Bureau

Because the 2003 outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), originated in China, as COVID-19 did last December, comparisons are not only inevitable but also useful. percent of global GDP in 2003.

How Can Life Sciences Supply Chains Navigate a Disrupted World?


Back in 2003, an entrepreneur named Patrick McGinnis coined the phrase FOMO — Fear of Missing Out — and it quickly entered the cultural lexicon. As the U.S.

A Conversation with Vittorio Favati, TVS Supply Chain Solutions GFS

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

As part of LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022, we had the opportunity to chat with Vittorio Favati, Chief Executive Officer – TVS Supply Chain Solutions GFS. In this exclusive interview, Vittorio shared interesting perspectives and highlights of an global career that has spanned many decades.

What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Global Supply Chains


Although initially compared to the SARS outbreak, Coronavirus seems to be hitting much harder and much more quickly than the 2003 epidemic. More industries are dependent on China than ever before, especially when compared to how the global picture looked in 2003.

DroneWaves: Delivering everywhere with drones

The Supply Chain Journal

He founded Eland Technologies, which he sold in 2003 to FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: The capabilities and economics of drone delivery. DETAILS: A discussion on drone delivery and the economics of the new frontier of transportation.

Shipper Pain Points with Brad Forester

The Logistics of Logistics

With functional expertise in Global TMS Programs, Change Management, Organizational Design, and Systems Integration, he has been leveraging these skills to benefit clients since he founded JBF in 2003. Shipper Pain Points with Brad Forester.

The hidden cost of buy-back programs

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

   In 2003, when Airbus and Boeing were competing for the order from Iberia in Spain, it became clear that Boeing 777 can be a dominate choice because of two underlying reasons.    Second, Boeing’s 777 is cheaper to operate (Michaels (2003)).     Airbus’ buy-back program helped seal the deal as Iberia ordered more A340s in 2003.  By Christopher S. Tang (UCLA).

2021 : The year of Supply Chain Planning


A study (2003) from the Cranfield University describes the Supply chain vulnerability as “an exposure to serious disturbance, arising from risks within the supply chain as well as risks external to the supply chain ”.

How the Term “Supply Chain Management” Was Coined

SCM Research

Interestingly, in a 2003 strategy+business article , Oliver has revealed that, looking for a catchy phrase, his consulting team originally proposed the term “integrated inventory management” (I2M). It is widely known that the term “supply chain management” was popularized by Keith Oliver, among others, in the early 1980s.

Early ‘Internet of Things’ Pilots Proved Supply Chain Benefits of RFID Pallets

Supply Chain Network

Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through end to end ‘Internet of Things’ supply chain implementations.

Two Important Questions About the Future of Freight Moves

Talking Logistics

Adjusted for inflation, federal purchases have fallen by about 19 percent since 2003, while purchases by states and localities have fallen by about 5 percent. Freight tons moving on the nation’s transportation network will grow 40 percent in the next three decades while the value of the freight will almost double, increasing by 92 percent, according to the latest projections by the U.S.

Intelligent IBP – a new role for supply chain planners

Supply Chain Trend

Palmatier and Crum (2002), Coldrick, Ling, and Turner (2003) and Bob Stahl (2009) all assert that S&OP is first and foremost an executive decision-making process.

CN to conduct strategic review of non-rail assets

The Supply Chain Journal

CN’s non-rail assets include TransX, which is acquired in 2019 , and the Great Lakes vessels and other assets that it acquired in 2003, as well as some transloading operations, CN executives said.

The Network Effect in Supply Chain and Logistics

Talking Logistics

I first wrote about SCONs in 2003, and over the past decade we’ve seen the rise of network providers such as Ariba, Descartes, GT Nexus, Elemica, E2open, LeanLogistics, One Network, and others that are the Facebook equivalents in the supply chain and logistics world. Supply Chain Operating Network Model (as depicted in 2003).

Ooh, Scary Stuff, Kids. Tales from the Supply Chain Crypt.


On June 11, 2003, Walmart CIO announced that the company would require its 100 top suppliers to implement radio-frequency identification (RFID) – technology that promised fast-tracking of items and, ultimately, a more efficient supply chain. by Teresa Chiykowski Warning: This blog post isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, I should include a PG-13 rating on it. Just kidding, although, for those involved, the scare factor must’ve been pretty high at times. Halloween is big business.

Supply chain in control with coronavirus

Supply Chain Movement

During the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, I was an expat in Taiwan. Slowly but surely, everyone is realizing that supplies from China are stagnating as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Containers are stuck at the ports in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

This Week in Logistics News (October 10 – 16)

Logistics Viewpoints

This series also marked the first time since 2003 that the Cubs have won a post-season series at all. Cubs win! Cub win! And for the first time in the 100 years the Cubs have been playing at Wrigley Field, they clinched a post-season series at home. As Jason Stark pointed out, this was the 7,907th game played at Wrigley – and they finally clinched a series at home. As a life-long Red Sox fan, […]. This Week in News Baidu diesel Instacart trucking UBER UPS

Responsible Jewelry = Traceable Jewelry


When the Kimberley Scheme for conflict-free diamonds was introduced in 2003, it was one of the earliest traceability programs in ethical sourcing. But bagging and tagging rough stones is no longer the best practice: today some producers laser-etch polished stones with unique serial numbers. What about rough and colored stones? Old-fashioned record-keeping is still the norm for much of the jewelry industry: paper ledgers, spreadsheets, proprietary databases.