Expectations in Freight Transportation (2017 Edition)

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In the US Freight Transportation Forecast to 2027 , between 2016 and 2027, overall freight tonnage will grow a total of 35%. The latest American Trucking Association (ATA) report predicts freight volumes and the amount of goods moved by truck will grow.

3D printing as a means for supply chain optimization: learnings from NS, Eurostar and the Dutch Ground Forces


billion by 2027. Besides this, almost half of the parts they purchase end up in a warehouse, contributing to inventory costs. Customers Spare parts Supply chain optimization Virtual inventory

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Debunking the 6 most common myths about industrial 3D printing and its impact on supply chains


billion by 2027 , disrupting the $T12 manufacturing sector. Managing that extra inventory is expensive if you consider storage, handling, write offs, and ultimately scrapping costs. Others are required by law or company policy to retain spare parts in their inventory.

Manufacturing And Cloud Reluctance: What We Learned


By comparison, 2/3rds of distribution companies said in 2013 that mobile devices were in the mix to assist with their inventory management. For example, your inventory levels can be updated and alert the shop floor that the missing part they needed to complete a job has arrived.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #7

Supply Chain Trend

The S&OP processes eventually contributed to the division’s sales growth and all-time records for both customer service levels and inventory turns. Introduction. In the last 30 years S&OP improved performance in many businesses.

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