Is a 3PL Service Provider Right for Your Company? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


He will complete his MBA from the University of New Hampshire in 2015. He lives with his wife, Betsy, in Dover, New Hampshire and they are expecting their first child in June.

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How Do We Know National Network for Manufacturing Innovation is Working? Because China is Copying It.


China’s new manufacturing policy roadmap, unveiled in 2015 and called Made in China 2025, includes numerous policy initiatives designed to create an advantage for China in 10 key advanced-technology industries. Senator Ayotte said, "We have so much potential for growth, and this bill will allow the [New Hampshire] MEP to create partnerships with local universities to start apprenticeship programs.

Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


Other poor performers alongside Rhode Island in both reports include Maine, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Connecticut, Mississippi, and, surprisingly, Massachusetts, all of which came in the bottom 10 in both reports. New Mexico. New York. #28. New Mexico. #31.

Most Important U.S. Infrastructure to Build is within its Borders

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On the other end of the spectrum, the study found the following ten states falling woefully short in maintaining their infrastructure: Mississippi, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.[4] 6] The Deloitte study concluded, “Governments will need to coordinate with the private sector and explore new financing strategies to get infrastructure projects off the ground.”

This Week in Logistics News (November 10-14, 2014)

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This week, FedEx Freight drivers voted against the union in Newark, New Jersey , and Con-way Freight employees did the same in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Apple: Still a Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

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Bankruptcy Court District of New Hampshire. A January 2012 article published in The New York Times , for example, focused on many topics, including the poor working conditions at Foxconn, but here is the excerpt that caught my attention the most: Apple typically asks suppliers to specify how much every part costs, how many workers are needed and the size of their salaries.

Big Hero 6 and Minecraft Teaching STEM & Creating Future Makers & Manufacturing Interest


It began in a New Hampshire high school’s gym, with only 26 teams, and has grown over the years to over 32,000 teams, and more than 350,000 students. Superhero Cool from Big Hero 6 by Jill Worth of the Rodon Group. This past weekend I took my son to see the movie Big Hero 6.

Do Freight Shipping Prices Vary by State?

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The cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans see a significant amount of traffic back and forth. New Hampshire. New Hampshire is home to many roads, railways and ports, making it an affordable state for freight shipping. New Jersey. New Mexico. Spring and summer months tend to be more cost-effective for inbound freight shippers in New Mexico. New York. The state of New York imports quite a bit, causing inbound freight rates to be pricey.

Last-Minute Christmas Freight Boosts Truckload Volume

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And if a bigger fleet accepted any new loads on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, most of those would be short hauls and local deliveries, to get the drivers home for Christmas. I am guessing that most people are less sensitive about working on New Year's Eve than on Christmas Eve.