TOC Europe 2015

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TOC Europe 2015. TOC Europe – Your Global Container Supply Chain Event. The TOC Europe is the global meeting place for ports, terminals, shipping lines, 3PLs & shippers. Any bottle necks or delays that happen at the quayside or port hinterland, dramatically affect the time it takes for cargo to arrive at its destination. Ports therefore need to process cargo in a timely and cost effective manner using the latest technology on the market to do so.

Multimodal Europe – 2015

Supply Chain Movement

Multimodal Europe – 2015. Poland, due to its geographical location is becoming a transshipment centre for entire Europe. Presently the economical situation (lack of drivers, legislative issues, difficulties in road transport occurring in many countries) is forcing the entrepreneurs to look for alternative ways of carrying cargo. Observation of cargo in organizing mixed transport. Air cargo – development or stagnation? Date: 19 March 2015.

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China-Europe rail freight up 47%


Intercontinental freight travelling between China and Europe has increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19 disruptions. Blank sailings by major cargo lines to support fragile shipping rates and a mass cull of air freight capacity, as commercial airlines stopped flying, created major headaches for many supply chains, particularly for those trying to ship time-sensitive loads.

Logistics Responses to Europe’s Migrant Crisis


The flood of migrants into Europe that began in 2015 continues to be a major international issue in 2016. An estimated one million refugees and migrants fled to Europe in 2015 [1]. Overall, however, the situation in Europe remains volatile and difficult to predict. A less visible consequence is that more red tape at the borders could exacerbate the shortage of truck drivers in Europe as workers find it increasingly difficult to move freely between countries.

Alibaba versus Amazon in Europe

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A battle between Alibaba and Amazon for global e-commerce dominance is brewing and Europe is the focal point. To support the necessary logistics in its European network, Alibaba’s logistics subsidiary, Cainiao, is building out a European network connecting Asia to Europe to the final mile.

The Belt and Road Initiative: Rail Service between Europe and Asia

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For example, you might be surprised how beneficial rail service between Europe and Asia can be for your business today. . As such, by 2011, the first regular rail connections from China to Europe opened between Chengdu-?ód?, Cargo insurance.

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3 Ideas for Finding Air Capacity in the Transatlantic Lane

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According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air cargo demands grew at double the rate of capacity in 2017. The growth of ecommerce is expected to add continued momentum in the air cargo business worldwide in 2018.

Is the European Air Cargo Market Cause for Worry?

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There are worrisome economic signals coming from Europe as airports and airlines across the continent report dismal February volumes. Air Cargo air freight Europe Air freightBy Cathy Morrow Roberson. Coupled with declines in new orders, and new export orders from the largest European economies (France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom), recession fears are growing. To read the rest of our Freightwaves article, click here.

Top Five Air Cargo Carriers

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Top Five Air Cargo Carriers. The top five air cargo carriers by weight, according to the IATA , are: Fedex. As the biggest air cargo carrier by weight, Fedex had a revenue of $44.3 To support its air cargo business, Fedex has 634 aircraft and services 375 airports. This is a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia. million tons of cargo in the 2012-2013 financial year, earning $2.8

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Pharma Market Remains Attractive But Can it Save the Air Cargo Market?

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As the air cargo market continues to experience downward pressures, carriers, airports, and air freight forwarders are once again turning towards niche industry solutions to help not only jumpstart declining volumes but also revenues. The pharmaceutical industry has been of particular interest to the air cargo market for years. In regards to air cargo, WorldACD noted that while overall air cargo volumes declined during May, pharma and temperature-controlled goods increased 9.9%.

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Aboard a Cargo Colossus

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New York Times reports : “As companies look for more efficient ways to move freight from factories in China to consumers in Europe, the Mary is among the newest giants, known as the Triple-E’s. Owned and operated by A.P. Møller – Mærsk of Denmark, the world’s largest container shipping company, the Triple-E’s went into service last year, muscling their way into the $210 billion container industry.” ” Watch the video from the article. Practice Logistics Video

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How to Thwart the Growing Menace of Cargo Theft

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While piracy on the high seas regularly makes headlines, the inland version – cargo theft – has quietly been on the rise for years. One needs to look no further than the FBI, which began tracking cargo theft statistics a few years ago after recognizing its impact on the economy – and realizing it also posed a threat to national security. The problem is even worse in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and parts of Europe.

Steady air cargo growth between Europe & Middle East

Logistics Middle East

Europe is the Middle East''s largest air trade partner

AIT Worldwide Logistics acquires UK-based freight forwarder ConneXion World Cargo


Supply chain solutions leader AIT Worldwide Logistics announced the expansion of its global footprint with the acquisition of ConneXion World Cargo, a freight forwarder headquartered in London with five additional locations in Asia, Europe and North America. He said, "AIT has many customers in the UK with consistently high cargo volume and the company's aspiration to expand there has intensified in recent years.

Is Amazon’s Prime Air expanding European operations?

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Air Cargo Amazon EuropeIn our Freightwaves article we look at Amazon’s Prime Air’s European operations.

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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On March 16th-18th, I will be on a book tour in Europe discussing the concepts of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. Uncategorized cargo global trade inventory ports supply chain visibility This morning, my mailbox was bombarded with the news of tentative agreement of the settlement of the nine-month labor conflict between the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

Airfreight Forwarders and Carriers Prepare for Holiday Season

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Panalpina has procured extra flights for its charter operation while DHL Global Forwarding announced earlier this year that it would deploy a second dedicated Boeing 747-400F — ACMI-leased through Atlas Air — to connect the US, Europe and Asia. Air Cargo air freight airfreight

Who said supply chains are boring?: Using GPS to track cargo.

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Using GPS to track cargo containers. Many months ago I blogged about some new services that were being created to help shippers track cargo using wireless technologies. They are an innovative producer of high quality sweeteners, breath mints and semi-pharmaceutical products, has begun working with arviem to improve its global supply chain visibility for trade lanes between China and Europe. Who said supply chains are boring?

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China Exports Rebound Even as Western Markets Face Lockdown

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The huge build-up of containers at China’s docks has created a major ocean freight imbalance, with a shortage of cargo in US and European ports and a shortfall in boxes needed by Western exporters to ship products to other parts of the world. percent slump in exports from Europe.

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Supply Chain by the Numbers for Aug. 20, 2020

Supply Chain Digest

Lowes Spending Big to Revamp Distribution Network, Company Finding Success with Reusable Containers for Consumer Goods, US Manufacturing Recovering, Fat Growth in China to Europe Rail Cargo

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


Ocean Cargo Updates. Cargo flows and ship calls are rebounding in China as the situation normalizes. According to Alphaliner, 30 to 60 % of the weekly outbound capacity has been withdrawn from the Asia-Europe and Trans-Pacific trades over the past three weeks, as well as from the intra-Asia routes. The reopening of factories in China would see a gradual return of demand, but Alphaliner noted in a recent newsletter that cargo volume recovery was expected to take a few weeks.

U-Freight Adds Second Consolidation Hub for China-Europe Rail Freight Service

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U-Freight Group has added a second consolidation centre in the People’s Republic in response to increasing volumes of LCL cargo on its LCL and FCL rail freight services between China and Europe

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Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Cargo flows and ship calls are rebounding in China. According to Alphaliner, 30 to 60% of weekly outbound capacity has been withdrawn from the Asia-Europe and trans-Pacific trades over the past three weeks, as well as from the intra-Asia routes. Savannah / Brunswick are predicting import cargo decrease by 40% in March and April from 2019 levels. Port of Virginia estimates cargo lost in February thru April at 44,000 ctrs ~11% decline.

Georgia’s Life Sciences Industry to Benefit from Agreement Between Atlanta and Amsterdam Airports

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Air Cargo Pharmaceuticals Europe Life Sciences U.S.This week’s Freightwaves article looks at the recent agreement between Atlanta’s airport and Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport. Based on data from USA Trade Online, the state of Georgia’s life science industry could be big winners.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 23, 2020


Port of Virginia’s cargo volumes are down ~ 9% YoY. Inactive container ship capacity chart 2000 – 2020 from Alphaliner : Europe. IHS Markit economists are forecasting a severe eurozone recession, there is little chance of a rapid recovery in volume that could underpin any rate recovery on the Asia-Europe trades. Letter from the CEO: Market Update April 23, 2020. By: Frank McGuigan, CEO, Transplace.

This Week in Logistics News (July 4-8, 2016)

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Air cargo firms feel the pressure from plunge in freight prices (Reuters). Adorable self-driving robots will start making deliveries in Europe this month (Quartz). A similar situation exists in the air cargo market, as reported by Reuters: Following a sharp fall in freight prices air cargo companies are set to trim their fleets and jobs further to battle overcapacity while looking for new partnerships and products to carry, industry executives and analysts say.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020


Majority of countries are re-opening gradually and cargo flows are re-emerging as shippers and manufacturers increase activities. At least 20 sailings between Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Europe. There is little chance of a rapid recovery in volume that could underpin any rate recovery on the Asia-Europe trades. Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020. By: Frank McGuigan, CEO, Transplace.

EV Cargo Targets Further Growth With Launch Of New Solutions Division

EV Cargo Technology

Global logistics and technology business EV Cargo is targeting accelerated growth after expanding and strengthening its service offering with the creation of a new business division. EV Cargo Solutions will offer a range of flexible and on-demand services by combining and integrating the global capabilities across all EV Cargo business divisions. The post EV Cargo Targets Further Growth With Launch Of New Solutions Division appeared first on EV Cargo Technology.

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Desperate Refugees

Global Trade Management

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. Is it morally defensible to write about African refugees to actually advertise a commercial cargo monitoring service? Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to cross the Mediterranean from the North African coast to Europe. They know they are putting their lives at risk in the hope of a better life in Europe. arviem’s cargo monitoring services help to address such issues.

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REPORT: Cargo theft reaches 5 year high in EMEA region

Logistics Middle East

The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region saw reported cargo thefts hit a high not seen in half a decade last year

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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come in, the provider calculates the dates for cargo to be picked up and continues to verify as the delivery dates approach. In Europe, three of the most common programs are: • Combined Program.

Fighting for Enhanced Supply Chain Security

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By Stefan Reidy Cargo theft has been around for centuries; unfortunately, though the crime has evolved together with transportation methods. Cargo theft is a global problem affecting manufacturers, logistics providers as well as customers. Continued Terrorism Threats Are Targeted Towards more and more industries in Europe and Globally In 2015, 319 supply chain terrorism attacks were recorded by BSI.

Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update W2


China-US East Coast lags by 24%, China-US Europe by 29%, and China-US West Coast rates are a jaw-dropping 33% down on last year.”. Following disruptions caused by bad weather in US and Europe two weeks ago, last week airport operations quickly returned to normal, and cleared any cargo backlogs. China-Europe. Europe-US East Coast. Europe-South America Atlantic. Europe-South America Pacific.

China 235

A Look Ahead to UPS’ Second Quarter Earnings – Air Volumes

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and to a lesser extent from Europe to the U.S. To manage costs associated with increased volumes due primarily to COVID-19, UPS implemented temporary peak surcharges on volumes originating in Europe, China, and Hong Kong to the U.S. and Europe effective April 5. Air Cargo Parcels UPS Air VolumesUPS announces its much anticipated second-quarter earnings on July 30th. Ground volumes will likely be strong with much of it still B2C related as many consumers remained home.

Consultant Insight: Mixed results from Memphis and Louisville express hubs

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(Originally published in Air Cargo World ). Cathy Roberson, Contributing Editor, Cargo Facts ConsultingApril 24, 2020 Airports, ExpressCathy Roberson, Cargo Facts Consulting senior consultant and Air Cargo World columnist. In terms of domestic total freight — parcel, cargo, and mail — FedEx domestic volumes in pounds have declined 7.6% and Europe. Meanwhile, as of October 2019, Cargo Facts notes that UPS took delivery of 10 planes for the year.