Mon.Feb 19, 2024

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20 Years of Outsourcing Come Back to Haunt Boeing

Logistics Viewpoints

Alaska Airlines Door Blows Out in Flight For 20 years, Boeing has engaged in collaborative product development with a significant number of suppliers. The outsourced R&D, in turn, supported outsourced manufacturing with over 50 key suppliers. These suppliers, in turn, outsourced various parts of the modules they produced to their suppliers. Historically, Boeing was vertically integrated – the great majority of product development was done in-house.

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The Five Most Dangerous Supply Chain Attacks in The Last Five Years

Supply Chain Brain

Equipped with automated tools, hackers can hunt through cloud-native applications, public code repositories, unprotected networks and more, without even paying much attention to their computers.


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Why Business Insurance is a Must-Have for Startups

IT Supply Chain

By Allen Brown (pictured) Content Writer The post Why Business Insurance is a Must-Have for Startups appeared first on IT Supply Chain.

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Supply Chain Ethical and Compliance Issue- Volkswagen

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters highlights report that Volkswagen luxury branded vehicles were impounded by U.S. Customs because the vehicles contained a part made by a forced labor sanctioned supplier. Background Supply chain ethical and social responsibility, that which umbrellas ESG conformance, have increasingly become a concern for businesses, large and small, along with their procurement organizations.

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Scaling Logistics for Success: A White Claw Story

Speaker: Scott Campbell and Molly Feller

As the demand for your products skyrockets 🚀, you're likely experiencing logistical challenges that are preventing you from scaling your business. The sudden surge in demand can be exciting, but it can also put a strain on your supply chain and logistics operations. In this webinar, join Scott Campbell, Vice President, Logistics & Demand at Mark Anthony Services and Molly Feller, VP Logistics as a Service Operations at e2open, as they explore the challenges that arise when companies expe

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Making More Possible for Your Cold Chain With Complete, Tailored Solutions


Americold’s cold chain experts will be onsite at the 2024 AFFI CON event in San Diego, CA., from February 24-27. Meet with us about your temperature-controlled supply chain challenges and learn how we streamline activities to reduce transit time and cost while maintaining an unbroken cold chain.

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Retail Non-Compliance Costs with Tony Altman

The Logistics of Logistics

Tony Altman and Joe Lynch discuss retail non-compliance costs. Tony is the President and CEO of Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services , a leading omnichannel 3PL based in Southern California. About Tony Altman As President and CEO of Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services, Tony Altman brings a remarkable blend of hands-on experience, entrepreneurial vision, and a profound commitment to excellence.

Retail 211
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Global Supply Chain News o nChina Dominates Ship Building, with the US, Europe almost Irrelevant

Supply Chain Digest

Huge Numbers of Commercial and Naval Ships being Built, often as Same Yards

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The new procurement journey of Wittur


Wittur, tra i leader nel mondo nel settore dei componenti per ascensori,presenta la nuova piattaforma internazionale di gestione dei fornitori,basata su tecnologia JAGGAEWittur, one of the leading international groups in elevator components,has unveiled a new international supplier management platform, powered by JAGGAER

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Volkswagen Plans to Supply EV Parts, Cells to India’s Mahindra

Supply Chain Brain

Mahindra will equip some of its five planned electric sport utility vehicles with components from Volkswagen’s MEB platform and unified cells, the carmaker said in an exchange filing February 16.

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2024 Annual T&L M&A Report

Tenney Group, an industry specialized M&A Advisory firm in the T&L space, produced the 2024 Annual M&A Report. The report contains an in depth overview of 2023 notable deals and the market, while also providing the outlook for 2024 M&A.

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What is LIFO? How the Last In First Out Method Works + Example


LIFO (last-in, first-out) is a method used by businesses to measure and account for the value of inventory goods. Although it can be a practical way of managing your inventory, there are many countries in which the practice of LIFO is banned. This article explains what the LIFO costing method is, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and examples of LIFO being applied to real-life scenarios.

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Supplier Portals: Best Practice in Supplier Onboarding and Enablement

HICX Solutions

This session will highlight best practices related to supplier onboarding and enablement including the use of supplier portals. Hackett research has shown that supplier onboarding is becoming more of a critical development area for companies particularly as organizations place a greater focus on managing supply base risks. Through a combination of technology, governance, and end-to-end alignment; companies are streamlining the supplier onboarding process to the delight of business stakeholders w

Metrics 52
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Savant Talks: Seb Bardin on the passion for eCommerce and Digital

Savant Events

Curious about the journey to becoming a leader in eCommerce and digital business? Read below as Seb Bardin, Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Leader from The Coca Cola Company, shares insights into their career path and why they’re speaking at Savant eCommerce London 2024. Tell us about your career so far. How did you get to the eCommerce & Digital business Digital wasn’t just a calling for me; it was a spark that ignited a career.

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Connecting the Dots: The Role of the Modern-Day Warehouse Execution System

Supply Chain Brain

While new technologies can often take time to reach full adoption, the warehouse execution system has seen a quicker acceptance curve than its predecessors.

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.

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Lean Six Sigma for SMEs: A Path to Continuous Improvement


In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the quest for continuous improvement has become imperative for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive. Over the years, various methodologies have emerged to address this need, including lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and the integration of both known as Lean Six Sigma (LSS). In this blog, we’ll delve into the integrated Lean Six Sigma approach, exploring its benefits, deployment models, moreover the implications for SME

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Arizona Company Planning $344M Solar Panel Recycling Factory in Georgia

Supply Chain Brain

Solarcycle said that it would hire over 600 employees to work at the Cedartown, Georgia-based facility, which is set to open in 2026.

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Beyond the Aisles: A Roadmap for the “End-to-End” Era in Grocery Retail


As grocery retail value chains have innovated past new challenges, increased value chain integration asks a relevant and timely question: is it time for retail value chains to behave and operate as one single ecosystem ? Given the sheer logistics and pressures involved in balancing consumer expectations for speed and optionality with margin resilience and operational precision, an “ ecosystem ” approach seems fitting.