How a Site Survey Benefits You


What is a site survey? The site survey is the first step in our Solutions Process. Our site surveys are more than us walking around your facility, we’re on a mission. Site surveys are beneficial because they provide the following: Our engineers do the heavy lifting.

Survey Finds Significant Success in the 3PL Industry Across the Supply Chain Industry


This post is from a press release sent to us regarding the recent survey of the 3PL industry. This survey continues to point towards the success 3PLs are having for their clients. There are some 3PLs who perform niche tasks, like Cerasis does with transportation management for over the road modes like LTL, Truckload, and small package. Survey Points to Continued Success of Shippers and the 3PL Industry. An encapsulation of key survey findings follows.

3PL 243

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What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.


We Surveyed the Transplace Network. Last week, we surveyed Transplace’s network of customers of $9+ billion of freight under management to reveal the impacts of the pandemic. Of those surveyed: 81% use Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS).

Survey: How E-Commerce Trends Impact Final Mile


The post Survey: How E-Commerce Trends Impact Final Mile appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. E-commerce shows excellent promise and growth, and its impact will resound throughout the logistics industry.

Survey 187

A Transportation Management System or Managed Transportation Services? Why Not Both?

Logistics Viewpoints

Last year the ARC Advisory Group did a study on the ROI a shipper would get by having their transportation managed by a third party logistics firm. In a managed transportation services (MTS) arrangement, a shipper contracts with a third party to plan and execute the shipper’s moves. Survey results indicate that MTS relationships are generally successful from both freight savings and service level perspectives. We’ve done similar research on transportation systems (TMSs).

Transportation, Planning, and Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Talking Logistics

But when PwC asked CEOs in a recent survey ( Global Retail and Consumer Goods CEO Survey: The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Imperative ) what areas most needed their additional attention to achieve omni-channel fulfillment, 88 percent said it is their transportation and logistics operations.

Show Me the Money: MH&L’s 2018 Salary Survey

Material Handling & Logistics

Our annual salary survey reveals that the typical material handling and logistics professional earns $93,697. corporate/executive manager with a transportation/warehousing company with 36-40 years of experience, living in the North Central region and earning $137,000. “My

4 Challenges in Global Transportation Management


There are 4 fundamental areas where global transportation is challenged. Three of these challenges are variants on traditional transportation challenges and the last is relatively new but growing in importance. Transportation Cost Management. Transportation Cost Management.

How to Prepare Transportation for Holiday Returns

PLS Logistics

Supply chain managers will face more complexity during the holiday season, Pitney Bowes 2015 Holiday Shipping Survey shows. The holiday season is upon us, and retailers must be prepared to avoid seasonal challenges. One major obstacle facing retailers: the rising number of e-commerce returns.

Have You Missed the Most Valuable Aspect of Your Transportation Management System (TMS)?

Talking Logistics

Transportation cost savings is usually cited as the number one reason companies invest in a transportation management system (TMS), but does the value go beyond that? Chris goes on to explain that in addition to cost savings, which management expects, supporting growth and customer service goals are key drivers of investment in transportation management systems today. Transportation benchmark studies. Sharing transportation information.

Brief Survey: Delivering Supply Chain Know-How That Matters to YOU

BluJay Solutions

Our key goal here on the Kewill blog is to deliver you the most relevant information on multimodal transportation. Today we’re issuing a brief survey that will help us deliver information on your industry’s biggest trends and tips that will help you do your job better.

Survey 101

Transportation Business Intelligence: Drowning in Data or Winning with Insights?

Talking Logistics

This is especially true in transportation management, as companies work across many modes, many geographies, and many sources of data, including from GPS and mobile devices. Today you can ask and get fast answers to really complicated questions, like ‘What is the average transportation cost for shipping widget X by less-than-truckload this year to date?’ — questions that in the past required a lot of time and data crunching to answer.”.

Eighth UPS Pain in the Chain Survey Snapshot

Supply Chain 24/7

Healthcare logistics decision makers have improved their success levels in addressing issues across the supply chain in the past year, and they continue to struggle with managing logistics, warehousing, and transportation costs

Transportation Management System ROI: What Other Business Areas Can Benefit?


Unless your organization has been absent from the takeover of TMS in the conversations of online and print media, you have likely encountered plenty of reasons why a transportation management system (TMS) benefits shippers. Let’s take a closer look at how Transportation Management System ROI actively strengthens supply chains. Transportation Management System ROI: What Other Business Areas Can Benefit? appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

The Transportation Revolution: Takeaways from CLX Logistics’ 6th Annual Customer Conference

Talking Logistics

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Transportation Revolution: In It Together” — an appropriate theme considering all of the forces impacting the transportation industry today (everything from new technologies to new regulations to ever-present challenges such as driver shortage) and how shippers, logistics service providers, and consignees need to work more collaboratively together to succeed.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Market Update: Transportation Industry News. In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. Which transportation indicators or topics are most relevant to your interests?

Transportation Management Study - Supply Chain Insights


Lora Cecere, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, is taking a deeper look at the role of transportation process maturity in supply chain excellence. As part of this research project, she has developed a brief survey to better understand today’s transportation planning priorities.

Study 141

Square for the Transportation Industry

Aborn and Co.

According to a World Pay survey, 46% of global buyers will transition from a credit card to a digital wallet by 2021, but in the world of freight, most still operate via cash and fleet checks.

From Transactional to Transformational: Successfully Adding Managed Transportation Services

Talking Logistics

As part of a natural evolution of their existing offerings, many carriers and brokers are looking to managed transportation services (MTS) to provide greater value for their customers and growth for their organization. Shippers buying MTS don’t just buy transportation – they buy simplicity.

Are You a Buyer of Logistics Services? Take the 3PL Survey


Editor's Note: Our friend, Jim Bierfeldt with , came up with a 3PL Survey for buyers of logistics services. Take the survey below. Over the past few years, we have surveyed about 350 different buyers of logistics services. Take the 3PL Survey Here .

Survey 181

The results are in for the Quintiq Road Logistics Survey 2015

DELMIA Quintiq

Quintiq’s first annual road logistics survey aims to discover the primary drivers of change in the road logistics business in 2015. This year’s survey asked business leaders where they are focusing their efforts and attention, and what tools they are using to effect change.

Survey 235

7 Distribution Operations Issues Highlighted in Industrial Distribution’s 68th Annual Survey


The results have been tabulated for the 68th annual Survey of Distribution Operations. This year the trend continues, as 83% of the surveyed group reports as MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) carriers.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

CH Robinson Transportfolio

In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) survey found that median truck driver pay is higher than $46,000, and rising.

Transportation TIP List: Week of February 24th, 2019


Transportation TIP List: Week of February 24 th , 2019. To try to get us into the spirit of spring, this week’s TIP List includes a plethora of bright trends impacting the future of transportation such as the impact of technology on the supply chain and the current state of the economy.

How Cummins Power Generation Used Lean Six Sigma to Achieve Significant Transportation Savings

Talking Logistics

Although applied throughout the organization, Cummins identified the elimination of transportation waste as an area that would have a significant impact. A market survey by Transplace indicated that significant opportunity existed to reduce Cummins’ effective rate per laden mile. By measuring the variability of the process and their impact on the effective rate, Cummins was able to determine how to address each X variable in order to reduce transportation costs.

From Hurricanes to Overthrown Governments to Potholes: Transportation and Supply Chain Resilience

Talking Logistics

We know transportation plays an important role in the supply chain – it’s the line in a flow diagram between the little buildings and smoke stacks – and transportation disruptions happen on a daily basis. Some of the strategies companies use to minimize the impacts of hurricanes and floods on their supply chain can be applied to transportation disruptions as well.

Survey says: Non-asset sector a leading battleground in search for faster growth, healthier margins

Logistics Viewpoints

Asset-based transportation firms continue to aggressively diversify their businesses, according to the recently completed 2014 TMW Transportation and Logistics Study. Guest Commentary Logistics Outsourcing Transportation Transportation Management Systems

Survey 227

Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Why have so few companies adopted a TMS (Transportation Management System) solution? We had a tremendous amount of spend leverage globally, a seasoned team, great supplier relationships, very strong processes, and an excellent Transportation Management System (TMS). Subscribe Here!

Share Your View! Take the Distributed Logistics Survey and Learn More!

Supply Chain Network

Interested in learning about and sharing your views on how Distributed Logistics can assist you in driving increased sales, reducing last mile transportation costs, improving sustainability AND dramatically improving Customer Experience?

4 Valuable Benefits of a Transportation Management System (TMS)


A Transportation Management System (TMS) aids enterprises to move products from one destination to another in a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable manner. Let’s explore the 4 Valuable Benefits of a Transportation Management System for enterprises below.

13 Reasons Why You Need a Global Transportation Management System (TMS)


In today’s turbulent trading environment, strong global transportation management capabilities deliver exceptional benefits and value. In 2014, a Supply Chain Council survey found that managing global supply chain complexity was among the top 5 major issues.

Transport Drones & Autonomous Vehicles: The Transportation Mode Dance Card is Getting Full


A little more than a year ago, Audi created a parody of transport drones in the sUVA commercial, but the ideas behind these “Terminator-like” actions actually represent very real possibilities for how extensive the network of drones will grow in 2016. Transportation Modes Will Expand.

Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Why have so few companies adopted a Transportation Management System (TMS) solution? We had a tremendous amount of spend leverage globally, a seasoned team, great supplier relationships, very strong processes, and an excellent Transportation Management System (TMS). Subscribe Here!

Five Benefits of Upgrading Your Transportation Management Software

GTG Technology Group

Delaying Upgrades Is Holding Back Your Transportation Company. That future is within your grasp if you keep your transportation management software upgraded to take advantage of innovations. Learn how updated transportation management systems (TMS) make your company goals attainable.

Benefits of CCTV on public transport revealed in survey

Logistics Middle East

International survey shows strong interest in CCTV footage for real-time prevention of crimes